Jesse St. James inayopendelewa Jesse St. James quote on S02E21 - Funeral? (Full nukuu on comments)

Pick one:
I don’t think I need to do much tricking to get wewe to do something stupid Finn
wewe kind of sing and dance like a zombie who has to poop
...dies during a performance? They use them as a prop, like Weekend At Bernie's
so I’m totally ready to give feedback that’s both blistering and unhelpful
...You're doing a great job, I really think wewe should maoni more. Don't be shy
That's sweet; wewe remembered the masculine click of my designer boots
...Mercedes I alisema it twice and I'll say it again: lazy b-o-n-e-s
I can’t practice reality onyesha judging without a camera It's like practicing...
Rock and Roll
Well that's what my parents told me, in front of my siblings
once we get to nationals, I'll have them willing to kill each other for that solo
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