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posted by MetalNazo
The main reasons and opinions on why I think Jetix should come back.

One of the reasons is because with its replacement Disney XD there has been a large drop in cartoons. And they have added a lot of live action shows that aren't to good for the most part, especially inayofuata to older live action shows.

After they removed almost all of the anime shows and removed TRON Upraising from Disney XD the only onyesha with some great interest that's left at this point is zaidi au less Ultimate buibui Man.

When Jetix was on TV it had an equal level of both cartoons and live action shows which made it loved kwa so many people of various ages (not just little kids were into those shows).

When Disney decided to remove Jetix and put Disney XD in I thought at first that it would be a decent somewhat improvement on what was in Jetix but over the last couple of years Disney has shown that the replacement has zaidi au less ruined what made the channel so great.

I mean come on first they get the idea people are no longer interested in old school cartoons so they decided to add in Jetix to Toon Disney which if wewe ask me help improved Toon Disney because it had balance between old cartoons and modern siku cartoons at the time as well as some live action shows.

Since they removed Jetix and Toon Disney they have just been going a bit down kilima with Disney XD as it currently is.

The people at Disney should bring back Jetix because of all the fun so many people around the world had just kwa watching the shows on Jetix because the theme that Jetix had made it interesting and kept people coming back to it and desiring to see something new au old on it, wewe didn't always know back then what was going to be on Jetix au Toon Disney where it was moved to but people everywhere just enjoyed it.

If anyone asks me they should either songesha Jetix back onto TV as part of Disney XD au make a new channel just for Jetix as well as maybe a new channel for Toon Disney.

There are very few new shows in the past few years on any of the Disney Channels that are worth watching, which is why I think that if Jetix returns and that it should return in order for people to not only enjoy watching the shows they fell in upendo with back then but also to help people believe Disney is a good company and that they still make good decisions with what they should on TV.

To sum it all up, Jetix should be put back on the air and someone at Disney needs to look back over the entire Jetix project and bring it back and if they want to put in some modern stuff they can as long as they make sure original stuff heck just the old stuff is on and I'm sure I'm not the only person in the entire world who thinks that Jetix should coem back.

We all upendo Jetix!
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