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Now Trending on Twitter is #WeWantChustinBack.
Chaz Tweeted "Selena is only using wewe for your fame and money!!!" on twitter. But, justin tweeted #realfriends Ryan Butler & Jaden Smith. When Chaz tweeted that Selena was only using him Justin tweeted back #getreal! Now, mashabiki are saying #WeWantChustinBack!!! Will Chaz & Justin Make Up? au will Selena say dating Justin is too much? If wewe have a twitter wewe might wanna go to discover and type in #WeWantChustinBack! wewe will see all the mashabiki that want Justin and Chaz to make up. This might cause Selena and Justin to say JUST friends. If wewe agree that Justin and Chaz were great Marafiki wewe might wanna continue Trending #WeWantChustinBack! We know Selena wouldnt use Justin just for his fame & money! au would she?
Thats Right Guys, Selena Is Starring In A Brand New Movie Called "The Sky Is Everywhere". There Is Also Going To Be A Book About The Movie kwa Jandy Nelson. Selena Will Be Starring In The Roll Of 17 mwaka Old, Lennie Walker, Who Is A Nerd And Band Geek In The Book And Movie. She Lives In The Shadow Of Her Outgoing Older Sister, Bailey, Who Suddenly Dies. Lennie Has To Take Care Of Herself And Deal With The Loss, And Has To Look Over Bailey's Grieving Boyfriend. What Will Happen Next? Be Sure To See The Movie, And Read The Book.
Staying true to his homeland, Baby singer Justin Bieber has revealed that when the time comes, he’d like to return to his nyumbani country of Canada to raise a family.

“I think it would be cool to get a condo out here. But eventually I’m going to want to songesha back to Canada. Yeah, and raise my family up there. I’m Canadian and I want my kids to be Canadian, eh!” Justin alisema in a hivi karibuni interview.

Justin is currently dating fellow teen nyota Selena Gomez who was spotted in Toronto, Canada this week as she continues to tour with her band
The family of Justin Bieber is concerned: the upendo story with Selena Gomez did grow fast? Read!

June 10, 2011

It 'obvious to all: Justin Bieber has completely Lost his head to his beautiful Selena Gomez: Just look at how the eyes light up whenever she talks about! They also noted his parents and one which reported a chanzo close to the family are not very happy to see Justin so taken kwa his upendo story: their disapproval has created tensions in the family?
Justin and Selena are inseparable, and this worries the parents because they think that Justin is growing too fast since he started dating...
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posted by maritina12345
zaidi picha OF SEL & JUSTIN

Ah, young loveAnd so Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's romance continues with cute picha of the couple hanging out.

A shabiki Twitter account (@AdorableJelena) ilitumwa a picha of Justin sitting on a kitanda rubbing Gomez's feet! Hmmm, how'd they get this photo?

The picture of the cute couple was reportedly snapped in Sel's house.

The shabiki tweeted, "New jelena pic and is justin rubbing selena's feet? xD."

Since the couple appeared a the Billboard Awards, where Justin planted a kiss on his girlfriend after winning Best New Artist, the couple has been to Hawaii, where they were snapped kissing on the beach, pwani and now this! Look serious!

Sel should enjoy that foot massage while she still can, because soon she'll be on tour for When the Sun Goes Down, all around the USA.
 The pictures of the statue have been finished on all the gossip magazines, not only because it is quite strange to see the statue of two young teen nyota
The pictures of the statue have been finished on all the gossip magazines, not only because it is quite strange to see the statue of two young teen star
Daniel Edwards, a quite famous sculptor, decided to pay homage to the upendo story of the most famous watu mashuhuri of the moment and chat and that's how it started, "Justin & Selena as One", a sculpture depicting Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fused together as one, single person.

The pictures of the statue have been finished on all the gossip magazines, not only because it is quite strange to see the statue of two young teen star, but also because the sculptor chose to depict nudity, au rather, covered only kwa a starlet (for her ) and a mitini, mtini leaf (for him) placed on the private parts.

It 'clear...
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posted by QueenAnnelise
My mouth agape for 20 minutes...THAT is how I reacted to the pictures from OK magazine.

Let me set the scene...look to the front and wewe will see sparkling sea water...look to the back and there is a relaxing area but look closely at the sea again and wewe will notice a young boy wanting publicity and an 18yr old promoting her new movie kwa making out and basically ruining her image as a positive role model.
Before the arguments begin... I know that most 18yr olds do this often (heck, even 14yr olds too) BUT this case is WAAY different. She works at Disney channel! I mean unless wewe distance yourself...
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posted by maritina12345
 The 19-year-old starlet announced Dec. 2 she will be performing at MTV’s New Years Eve bash in New York City, which is where Justin will be working too!
The 19-year-old starlet announced Dec. 2 she will be performing at MTV’s New Years Eve bash in New York City, which is where Justin will be working too!
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez both have crazy holiday schedules, but it looks like they might get to spend New Years together anyway!

Both of them are performing at special New Years events in New York City. Selena's going to hit the stage for MTV'S NYE Party, while Justin is imba at Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve.

Odds are looking good Selena Gomez will be ringing in 2012 with a midnight kiss — au close to it — from her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. The 19-year-old starlet announced Dec. 2 she will be performing at MTV’s New Years Eve bash in New York City, which is where Justin...
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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have just experienced their first Internet break up rumor as a couple, after stories swept through gossip sites this weekend. Is it true? And how did the rumors start?

On the first question, it appears for the moment that the rumor may be zaidi fiction than truth.

As to how they got started, well there are two likely sources.

The first chanzo appears to be London’s gossip tabloid The Sun, which has a reputation for stretching the news, if not outright fabrication.

The London tabloids are notorious for making wild assertions in news articles.

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Thats Right Guys! In 2012, Selena Will nyota In The Hit Movie, Spring Breakers With Movie Stars Like Vanessa Hudgens And Emma Roberts. This Movie Will Be Directed kwa Harmony Korine, Who Helmed The 1995 Movie "Kids".
The Movie Will Be About A Group Of Girls That Rob A Restaraunt In Order To Go On Their Spring Break Trip. The Ladies Then Get Involved With A Drug Dealer, Who Bails Them Out Of Jail.
Selena Says "Its A Different Character Than I Have Ever Played Before, Its A Different Kind Of Vibe I Think Than zaidi People Are Used To Seeing Me In. What Your Going To See Is zaidi Raw, I Think. Its Going To Be Raw And zaidi About Acting."
Sprung Breakers Does Not Have A Release tarehe Yet.. So What Do wewe Think? What Will They Do When They Meet The Drug Dealer? Gues We Are Gonna Have To Find Out In The Movie!
JUSTIN Bieber and Selena Gomez have adopted a dog together.

The couple 00 who have been dating since March 00 visited Winnipeg animal rescue centre D’Arcy’s ARC and fell in upendo with a 10-week-old husky puppy that they later named Baylor.

Selena 00 who owns five rescue mbwa and has publicly spoke out in support of animal rescue shelters in the past 00 decided to adopt the pet pooch after missing her canine companions while she was away on tour.

D’Arcy Johnston, chief executive officer of the rescue center, told People, “They spent a lot of time with the puppies. I was told that Selena was missing the mbwa that she has at home.

“I wasn’t expecting her to adopt a dog while she was on tour and has a busy schedule. Baylor probably would have had a bad life au a very short life. But he got rescued and brought to our shelter and is now going to live a very good life.”
Reason 1:They're both celebrities: they can support each other!

Reason 2:Justin and Selena Have so much fun together!

Reason 3:Their mashabiki would like to be together forever ... and they upendo their fans!

Reason 4:Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez upendo to sing along!

Reason 5:Justin and Selena upendo children!

Reason 6:Justin is that Selena often make major donations to the needy.

Reason 7:Justin and Selena like to travel around the world!

Reason 8:They are both very rich ... not looking for a marriage for interest!

This makala Is My Opinion<333

Hope wewe Think Those Things Too & Hope U Liked It<33
posted by 1JUSTIN-BIEBER

Birth name
Selena Marie Gomez

July 22, 1992 (age 19)
Grand Prairie, Texas, United States

Pop rock, dance-pop, electropop

Actress, singer-songwriter, musician, fashion designer

Vocals, piano, guitar, drums

Years active


Associated acts
Selena Gomez & the Scene
Forever the Sickest Kids
Taylor Swift


Selena Gomez's problems 'healable kwa Taylor Swift'

Published: 8:20PM Sunday August 21, 2011 Source: BANG Showbiz
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Selena Gomez - Source: BANG Showbiz

Taylor mwepesi, teleka solves all of Selena Gomez's problems.

The two stars are close Marafiki and Gomez - who is dating teenage imba sensation Justin Bieber - knows she can always turn to the upendo Story hitmaker when she needs advice.

Gomez said: "Every problem I ever have is healable kwa Taylor Swift.

"What I upendo about Taylor is she believes in the whole upendo story...
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posted by dimipanou7
all we know that Justin and Selena are together.Now i will introduce wewe ME!!!!My name's dimi.Well read about my unusual dream about Justin and Selena.BEFORE wewe READ IT I'LL REMEMBER wewe THAT I CAN DO ANYTHING FOR SELENA AND I WILL BE VERY ANGRY IF MY DREAM COMES TRUE.
One day,Justin had gone to a trip.Selena went with Taylor mwepesi, teleka to the center to do shopping.They get into a duka and after a few dakika they get out of it.But Selena is very exciting and she runs to an empty mitaani, mtaa because she sees there are no cars.Well,a car comes with speed and hits Selena.From the car appears Justin(!!!!!!!)with a young very pretty girl.Justin sees Selena down and he says <<Selena!!!!>>.Then she answers<<Let her Justin.She is loser.Let her here>>.Justin says<<NO!!!I upendo HER>>.Then she takes a rope,tie Justin,puts him in the car,and disappears.So if wewe make selena sad........Look out!!
posted by 1JUSTIN-BIEBER

Birth name
Justin Drew Bieber

March 1, 1994 (age 17)[1]
London, Ontario, Canada

Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Pop, R&B, Teen pop[2][3][4]

Singer-songwriter, musician, actor, etc.

Vocals, guitar, piano, percussion,[5] trumpet[6, etc.

Years active

Island, RBMG

Associated acts
Usher and Justin Timberlake

Demi Lovato Confirms Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Happy
August 19, 2011 03:30 PM EDT
comments: 3
Demi Lovato is certainly speaking her mind and setting the record straight on a number of topics. The skyscraper, maghorofa singer is doing press for her upcoming album Unbroken and in several radio interviews has spoken openly about Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas and other friends.

In a hivi karibuni interview Demi was asked about her friends, power couple Justin and Selena. The 18 year-old nyota tried to shy away from speaking about them but after the DJ asked again she alisema "Bieber and Selena are really...
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 Justin and Selena have agreed to do a tamasha for the Beckham kids
Justin and Selena have agreed to do a concert for the Beckham kids

And Beckham will onyesha Justin a few soccer tricks!

The Beckham family and Justin Bieber are friends. Some time zamani Victoria put up a picha on the Internet of her hubby with a cardboard cutout of Justin.

So, Justin and Selena have agreed to do a tamasha for the Beckham kids as long as David shows him some sport tricks!

It looks like the Beckhams are big fans. Can wewe imagine a private tamasha like this?!

Do wewe Like Beckhams

The reported had to almost force Sel to say it, but in the end she told the world how she feels as Justin's girlfriend:

Sel said:

"I am happy. I'm really happy. I just focus on my fans, music, uigizaji and the people that make me happy."

What she is not so happy about is all the pressure she gets now that she and Justin are together, she's no shabiki on the ongoing media coverage of the romance. "It's horrible," she said. "It's just horrible."

After the awards ceremony where Justin won Best Jaw Dropping Moment, the two went for a bite to eat at Sushi Dan in Studio City. They were in and out in less than an hour. "They were with their big bodyguard," a fellow diner reports. "It was just the three of them."

inayofuata up for Sel is a zaidi than two-month tour with her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene, and the July 1 release of the romantic comedy Monte Carlo with Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy and Cory Monteith.
Fans of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have seen pictures of their vacation to Hawaii and they insulted them, Read!

May 31, 2011 - Kika

Justin Bieber mashabiki of Selena Gomez and do not approve of their union and have expressed on several occasions, but once the paparazzi have placed online picha of their romantic holiday in Hawaii, the disapproval of mashabiki has grown even stronger and zaidi explicit.

The deployment anti-Selena was the first to be heard some time zamani and the teen nyota was the victim of actual death threats: read the makala shows that the insults of beliebers!

Here we have two examples...
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