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[Kanye West]
I upendo it though
I upendo it though

Uh put your hands to the constellations
they way wewe look should be a sin, wewe my sensation
I know I'm preaching to the congregation
we upendo Jesus but wewe done learned a lot from Satan
I mean a n**** did a lot of waiting
we ain't married but tonight I need some consummation

[Kanye West]
may the Lord forgive us
may the Gods be with us
in that magic saa I seen good christians make rash decisions
oh she do it, what happened to Religion?
oh she lose it
she putting on her make up
she casually allure
text message break up, the casualty of tour...
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Kanye West
my beautiful dark twisted ndoto
muziki video
full length
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posted by greenpeace1125
well everyone knows what kanye west did to taylor swift.some ppl still don't want to forgive him. but he does wish that he never did that and apoligizes and asks for forgivnes. i think we should all forgive him cause it happens sometimes and we all make mistakes right. and the purpose for mistakes is so we can learnfrom tem right? well i just hope everyone can agree with me and just accept his apolligy. he reallly wishes that everyone just gives him the oppurtunity to be the regular ka nye again. i mean alot of ppl upendo his music, and others upendo him for his looks (like mua for both) but just give him another sekunde chance:) plz for the better for all of us. thnx.
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