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a shabiki made version of ATLA ,Where zutara is endgame :) for the Zutarians.
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Katara lay awake on her bed, trying to get to sleep but she just couldn't, her mind raced with thoughts.

Katara: Tomorrow Aang is going to propose, we did kiss but still am I ready for this?

(Katara hears foot steps and Suki walks in.)
Suki: wewe okay Katara? I heard some rustling...

Katara: Sorry...I just can't get to sleep.

Suki: What's wrong?

Katara: It's just, Aang's going to ask me if I want to go out with him tomorrow, I mean we did kiss... a lot but I like being Marafiki and what if are friendship is ruined?

Suki: (Climbs on Katara's bed) Well wewe want to.. right?

Katara: Yeah, but if I do it's...
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