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Kick wanna proofs that he's a true daredevil au some kind of stunt man to Brad and the others so he decided to do it in the Dead Man's Drop canyon, will he succeed?
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dead man's drop
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Well, how do I start? I've got an obsession with you, Kick since I first saw wewe and it seems it will never ends. I had lots of things to say about wewe and I guess now it's time to onyesha it. wewe catched my eyes kwa your white and red jumsuit and your cutie face! Now I'm really really into you, I think about wewe all the time and I just can't get wewe off my mind. I can't live without wewe and my loneliness is killing me. You've got something special that drives me crazy. I know wewe don't exist and that's very hurtful and I'm truly in upendo with you. But it's okay because wewe always exist in my heart....
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Alright, let me first go way back to 1983, my mwaka of birth! I always knew I had a thing for cartoons, I remember watching Ducktales and Winnie The Pooh on weekend mornings, my first cartoon crush was Jessica Rabbit. In the 90's I moved on to Sonic The Hedgehog and mostly everything Disney and Warner Bros. I liked Princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot from Sonic, those dames were kick-ass!! Then in 1997 i saw the movie Space Jam, wewe know the one with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, and I was blown off-chair kwa one girl. Lola Bunny! Wow, "what a babe", I thought! I knew I was in love! Now,...
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"WOOHOO!" I'm going on vacation! Gunther yelled. He packed his things and literally fell down the stairs.
"Ouch....." After whipping the door open and running out the door, Kick was riding around on Ol' Blue outside. Both of them crashed into each other.
"Gunther, are wewe okay?"
"Yeah,......... Ooh,'chicken wings!" Gunther saw a garbage can filled with moldy, uneaten chicken wings and ate them.
"Gunther, what are wewe doing?"
"Eating chicken wings someone's trash. They're actually very tasty.....
......zzz..........zzz" It was 5:00am at the time.
Waking up Gunther and pulling him kwa the wrist,...
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Kick ran in front of Gunther to stop him from limping away. Gunther couldn't stand standing up any longer, and fell onto the hard cement.
"Gunther, I need to know. Are wewe the crook of Food'n'Fix?" Kick gave Gunther that steely gaze.
"Oh my gosh! Look! Wacky Jackie's coming!" Gunther yelled, lying. Suprisingly, Kick fell for it that time and Gunther continued to limp to his house. That didn't keep Kick from chasing after him for long. Gunther tripped over a rock in the way with his twisted ankle. His twisted ankle was now a broken ankle.
"Okay! Okay! I did do it. I didn't...
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"Hey, Dillweed!" Brad yelled with a smirk. Kick stared at him with his steely gaze. Gunther was skipping right inayofuata to Gunther when Brad picked up Gunther and gave him another wedgie. Denise slapped Brad across the face really hard, making him drop Gunther on the hard ground.
"Gunther, are wewe okay?" She asked, with a worried look on her face.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Gunther made a growling sound at Brad. Brad started
giving Gunther a dirty look like he wanted to kill him. This made Gunther timid.
"Stop being stupid, kids! We're here!" Denise yelled. Kick was bummed that they weren't out in the wilderness..........
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"YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE, COPPERS!" Sparky was stealing food- again. Sparky, however, was no ordinary girl- she was a Lightopian alien. She had light purple fur, red miniature dragon wings, an machungwa, chungwa fox's tail, and two grey antennas with machungwa, chungwa tips, which had electricity running between them- since she had electric and lightning powers. "Not again, Sparky!" alisema Monica, Sparky's best friend, as she scooped her up. "You must have the wrong one..." Monica lied to the cops, "For the millionth time, we raised her since she was a baby!" The cops finally left, in tafuta of a made up "Lillian...
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Kick was walking up the hotel stairs to the elevator with Gunther skipping behind him.
"What are we gonna do now"? He asked in the elevator. Kick just stood there, giving Gunther his steely gaze.
"I know your probably mad about what I did......... and I'm sorry about it." Gunther said. Kick didn't even care if Gunther apoligized au not. Either way, he was still mad at him for being stupid. He just ignored Gunther. After Kick walked into the hotel room, he forgot Gunther was following him and accidentally slammed the door in his face.
He didn't realize it until he heard Gunther say "Ouch....."...
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Kick was preparing for one of his stunts.
"I don't know about this Kick..." Gunther said, worried.
"Oh please, Gunther. What could possibly go wrong?" Gunther had an extremely worried look on his face. Kick was about to bolt down a huge ramp, over a pit full of toxic waste and extremely hungry grizzly bears.
"Where do wewe even get this stuff from?" Gunther asked, confused. Kick didn't reply. Just after Gunther asked, Kick darted down the ramp, not with enough speed. Something went horribly wrong.
"Kiiiiiiick!" Gunther yelled, timid.
kick buttowski
kendall perkins
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Chapter 9: Faithful?
 Dear Jess, 
You wouldn't believe the kinds of things Scarlet and I have been doing! Shes one of the best Marafiki I could ever ask for! I know it seems one letter a mwezi is little conversation. But remember, there's no place I wouldn't go to find you. I'll be back soon enough, just a few months, hang in there babe. It won't be too long.
Dear Kick,
I can wait a while for you. I would follow wewe to the ends of the earth. I'm happy wewe guys are having a good time, for Gunther and I life has been moving pretty slow.  It's...
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"Don't worry, Gunther. We'll find a way back home."
"No we can't! We're stranded! We have no money, no food! And to make even worse, we have no place to live!" Gunther yelled. Kick found $10,000 laying on the ground.
"We have money now."
"Whhat are we gonna do with it?" Gunther asked.
"We're gonna buy everything we
need to survive out there."
"You mean we're gonna-"
"We're gonna go home."
"I don't know about this Kick. I can already tell something bad's going to happen."
"Nothing bad's going to happen. Stop worrying so much."
"I always tell him something bad will
happen, but if course, he doesn't listen to me! Then something bad DOES happen!" Gunther mumbled, angry.