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A: Always has the best quotes

B: Bad temper about simple things

C: Cocky

D: Dances like a dream

E: Eyes can grow adorably huge

F: Funny

G: Girly scream

H: Hot

I: Intelligent

J: Just sings like world-class baritone

K: Kowalski. Even his name catches the eye

L: upendo escapes him

M: Masquerades as the Throbbing Cerebellum

N: Nerds, who doesn’t upendo them?

O: Overly risky with his experiments

P: Plans the perfect options

Q: Quite fatherly to Private

R: Really shows-off

S: Single; because Doris doesn’t upendo him...

T: Tall

U: Utterly awesome

V: Voice like a symphony

W: When he is stupid, he is even zaidi funny

X: X-tremely logical

Y: wewe could get Lost in those blue eyes...

Z: Zealous for candy
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