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Basic Information

Name: Hidaka
Nick-names: Hida-chan
Alias: "Ookami" (wolf god).
Letter: "W" (for the wolf)
Age: 16
Family/Guardian: None


Hair: Long, brunette
Eyes: Reddish-brown
Height: 5'2"
Other: Hidaka has a scar from her lower back to the front of her stomach, a burn on her right hand, and a large wound from just above her right eyebrow down to her cheek. <---- People usually stay away from her because of that. She also has pronounced incisors.


Personality: Hidaka is very mischevious. She is one who will prank anyone just for the hell of it. She's definitely a rebel; she will...
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The young white haired boy sat on the dark green carpet in the big room. He look no older then five, and was fixated upon a plain white jigsaw puzzle at his feet. Without looking up at L, he alisema "You must be L, I'm Near." L was amazed at how fluently he spoke Japanese, for he thought he would have to speak English around him. "Are wewe really L," Near said. "Or are wewe just one of his fakes." What did Near mean kwa one of his fakes? Oh yes, he had forgotten about the many times he had sent people out to pretend to be him. But how did Near know about this. "Yes, I'm L." he alisema "but wewe can...
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