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 wewe and I.
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This Lady Gaga screencap contains boater, leghorn, panama, panama kofia, baharia, skimmer, kofia majani, kofia ya panama, kiparara, and kofia ya majani. There might also be fedora, waliona kofia, homburg, stetson, trilby, kofia feli, wamevaa vizuri mtu, suti, suruali nyayo, pantsuit, mtu wamevaa vizuri, suti ya suruali, mwavuli, sunshade, and parasol.

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“A source” says Gaga’s new dude Taylor Kinney is not too stoked on her inability to separate her real, everyday self from the character she plays. “Gaga started living and breathing her character 24/7 because she felt her mashabiki wanted that,” alisema the source. This hews pretty closely to the gripes voiced kwa Gaga herself (dressed in drag as Jo Calderone) at the VMAs this past fall: “I want her to be real, but she says Jo, I’m not real. I’m theater! And wewe and I…this is just rehearsal.”

I can see how this would be annoying for someone who cares not just about the made-up character...
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A lot of singers are sluts and write about sex and are obsessed with it! I do not see anything wrong with this but do wewe really think thats a good image for young people and teens to look up to?
Lady ga ga is a brilliant singer but she is a slut she is a nice person and I do like her I just think she is obsessed with sex and I don't see anything wrong with that there is a difference between calling someone a slut and hating them I think she is a fantastic singer and I know uandishi songs about sex doesn't make wewe a slut but sleeping with loads of people and boasting about it is slutty and iresponsible...
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