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posted by owllover911
I ate my first delicious rattlesnake. "Yummmmm..." I alisema dreamily. "Gylfie, don't eat the rattle, that's what wewe plat with young'un." My mum said, between soft churrs. "Oops, sorry mum." I alisema and yarped out the rattle and shook it like a maraca. "Gylfie, time to sleep, sweetheart." Da preened my soon-to-be primaries. I yawned and closed my eyes as First Light came in magnificent colors. I was warm in the sun light and mum's downy-feathers. I slept soundly. The inayofuata moon I checked my feathers and sighed. No primaries. Mum and Da was out hunting and my brother, Krono, was still sleeping....
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guardians of ga hoole
posted by gylfie
~ gylfie~
hello, my name is gylfie, wewe may know me as the beloved navigational ryb of the great ga'hoole tree. many of wewe probably have not heard of my life before being chicknapped kwa the evil saint aegolius orphanage, during these new newspapers in the great tree, i will give wewe a new makala every week, first, my story starts in a cactus hollow in the desert of Kuneer. my brother, Galano was hunting right outside the hollow...

" ohhh!!!, come out wewe little pest.." yelled Galano
" what is wrong Galano? panya got your tongue?"
" oh be quiet gylfie, wewe wouldn't know, wewe can't even fly yet!"...
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