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posted by Domilie4ever
Original timeline ... Hurley, Sun, Jack, and Frank have just arrived at the Man in Black's camp.]

LOCKE: Hello, Jack. I was hoping you'd come.

[Hurley hands Locke his torch.]

LOCKE: I think we have some catching up to do.

[Jack walks up to Hurley.]

JACK: Hurley. This was your idea. wewe alright with me talking with him alone?

HURLEY: [Handing Jack a gun.] It's all you, dude.

JACK: [To Locke] Alright, let's catch up.

[Jack and Locke walk away. They arrive at a clearing. Locke sits down on a log. Jack remains standing, facing Locke.]

JACK: Look just like him.

LOCKE: Does it bother you?

JACK: No, what bothers me is I don't have any idea what the hell wewe are.

LOCKE: Sure wewe do.

[Jack kneels.]

JACK: Why John Locke?

LOCKE: Because he was stupid enough to believe that he'd been brought here for a reason. Because he pursued that belief until it got him killed. And because wewe were kind enough to bring his body back here in a nice wooden box.

JACK: He had to be dead before wewe could look like him.

LOCKE: That's right.

[Jack nods.]

JACK: Who else have wewe looked like?

LOCKE: Jack, what do wewe really want to ask me?

JACK: The third siku we were here I saw... I chased my father through the jungle... my, my dead father. Was that you?

LOCKE: Yes, that was me.

JACK: Why?

LOCKE: wewe needed to find water. This may be hard for wewe to believe, Jack, but all I've ever been interested in is helping you.

JACK: To help me? To do what?

LOCKE: Leave. But because Jacob chose you, wewe were trapped on this Island, before wewe even got here. Now Jacob's dead. We don't have to be trapped anymore. We can get on an airplane and fly away anytime we want to.

JACK: If we can just fly away whenever we want, why are wewe still here?

LOCKE: Because it has to be all of us.

[Jack looks momentarily emotional.]

LOCKE: What?

JACK: John Locke was the only one of us that ever believed in this place. He did everything he could to keep us from leaving this island.

LOCKE: John Locke was not a believer, Jack. He was a sucker.


[Flash-sideways timeline ... Locke is in an ambulance.]

EMT #1: [Talking into a radio.] Sinus tach at one-thirty. BP dropping. Last read was sixty-two over thirty possibly due to internal bleeding.

MAN ON RADIO: Any signs of neurological damage?

EMT #1: No response in lower reflexes.

BEN: That's because he's a paraplegic.

EMT #1: wewe know this man?

BEN: Yes, he's a substitute teacher at my school. His name is Locke... Mr. Locke. I don't know his first name, but he uses a wheelchair. Where is it?

EMT #1: Smashed to pieces. That thing probably saved his life.

BEN: I saw the man that did this... the, the hit-and-run driver. He, he was at our school--

EMT #1: When we get to the hospital wewe can talk to the cops. Do wewe know anyone we can contact for him?

BEN: I have no idea. Like I said, I barely know him.

LOCKE: Helen.

BEN: What did wewe say?

LOCKE: Helen Norwood. I was gonna marry her.

BEN: Well, you're still gonna marry her 'cause you're gonna be okay, Mr. Locke.

LOCKE: John. My name is John.

[An EMT opens the doors to the ambulance, magari ya wagonjwa and Locke is wheeled out.]

EMT #1: Blunt-force trauma victim. Late forties, male. He needs a CT scan.

[Sun is being wheeled out of another ambulance, magari ya wagonjwa right inayofuata to the one Locke was just wheeled out of.]

EMT #2: We got a gun shot wound here. Female, entry wound. Upper right quadrant.

JIN: [Walking inayofuata to Sun's stretcher.] Baby! Baby!

EMT #2: Yes, sir, I understand. She's pregnant. We're gonna take good care of her. Five-hundred cc's, external blood loss.

JIN: Baby!

EMT #2: External blood loss.

JIN: Baby!

EMT #2: We're gonna do everything we can.

SUN: [In Korean] No...No!

JIN: [In Korean] Sun, what is it?

SUN: [In Korean] It's him! It's him! It's him!


[Original timeline ... Locke and Jack are walking through the jungle.]

[Locke hears something and they stop suddenly, looking into the darkness.]

JACK: What is it?

LOCKE: wewe can come out!

[Claire appears and approaches them.]

LOCKE: wewe following us, Claire?



CLAIRE: 'Cause he's my brother.

[Claire smiles.]

LOCKE: Looks like wewe two have a lot of catching up to do. I'll leave wewe to it.

[Locke leaves, handing Jack the torch.]

JACK: Claire, I'm... I'm so sorry th--

CLAIRE: Did he tell you? That he was the one pretending to be our father?

JACK: Yeah. Yeah, he told me.

CLAIRE: wewe know, I pretty much gave up hoping that you'd ever come back. Now that you're here...

[Clare pauses, sighs, then smiles.]

CLAIRE: It's... it's good to see you, Jack.

JACK: Yeah, it’s good to see wewe too.

CLAIRE: wewe know, I-I never really had much in the way of family, so it…really means a lot that you’re coming with us.

JACK: Actually, I haven’t-I haven’t decided if I’m coming with you.

CLAIRE: Yeah, wewe have.

JACK: What do wewe mean?

CLAIRE: wewe decided the moment wewe let him talk to you, just like the rest of us. So, yeah, whether wewe like it au not, you’re with him now.


[Original timeline Man in Black’s camp]

HURLEY: He’s got a submarine?

SAWYER [whispers]: Keep your voice down, damn it. Yeah, Widmore’s got a sub. We’re using it to get off this rock.

HURLEY: Are we gonna tell Sun?

SAWYER: Kate’s telling her now. I thought we might want to avoid huddles.

HURLEY: What about Sayid?

SAWYER: Sayid ain’t invited. He’s gone over to the dark side.

HURLEY: Yeah, but wewe can always bring people back from the dark side. I mean, Anakin--

SAWYER: Who the hell’s Anakin? Look, just keep your mouth shut. Don’t say nothing’ to no one.


HURLEY: Hey, Claire.

CLAIRE: Hey, Hurley.

HURLEY: wewe look great.

[Sawyer looks past Hurley and Claire embracing at Locke and Jack returning to camp.]

LOCKE: It’s so nice to have everyone back together again.

2[Flash-sideways timeline. Sawyer eating an apple and walking in police station.]

SAWYER: Want an apple?

[Kate doesn’t respond.]

SAWYER: Hey, Schaub, I’m the one who brought her in. Wanna give us a minute?

[Officer Schaub nods and leaves.]

SAWYER: Katherine Anne Austen. Wanted for arson, assault on a federal officer, murder in the first degree.

[Background indistinct police radio chatter.] Funny, wewe don’t strike me as the murdering kind.

KATE: That’s because I’m not.

SAWYER: wewe be sure and mention that to feds when they get here.

KATE: There something wewe wanted?

SAWYER: wewe remember me? From the airport? We were on the same flight from Sydney.

KATE: Yeah, I remember.

SAWYER: Well, don’t wewe think it’s weird--you and me being on the same flight, having that little meet-up in the elevator? And a week later--boom, of all the cars in Los Angeles, wewe smash into mine. Almost like someone’s trying to put us together.

KATE: Are wewe hitting on me?

SAWYER: [laughs] It’d never work, sweetheart. I’m a cop, you’re a murderer.

KATE: I already told you, I’m not a murderer.

SAWYER: Yeah, well, I’m still a cop.

KATE: So, why didn’t wewe arrest me?

SAWYER: I did arrest you.

KATE: No, in L.A.X., the elevator, wewe saw I was wearing handcuffs.

SAWYER: I didn’t see any handcuffs. All I saw was a pretty lady who needed the door held open for her.

KATE: wewe know what I think? I think wewe let me go because wewe went to Australia, and wewe didn’t want anyone to know wewe were there. Should I tell that to the feds when they get here?

SAWYER: Oh, I like you.


MILES: Jim, got a live one. Come on.

SAWYER: Sorry, duty calls.

MILES: We caught a multiple homicide at a restaurant. Victims were a lowlife named Keamy and three goons on his payroll. Korean female GSW at the scene, and her boyfriend witnessed it, but he doesn’t speak English.

SAWYER: Any suspects?

MILES: Yeah, an ATM surveillance camera grabbed this jaboney fleeing the scene.

SAWYER: All righty. Put a name to that face. [Security tape film shows Sayid leaving a building.] That’s our bad guy.


[Original timeline, Locke’s camp.]

[Kate and Jack are together looking at Sayid across the camp.]

KATE: He’s different now.

JACK [nods]: Guess we’re all different now.

KATE: So what did Locke say to you?

JACK: He alisema that he wants to leave, and we all have to go together.

KATE: And do wewe believe him?

JACK: I’m not sure yet.

[Sound of a bunduki cock as Zoe walks into camp.]

MAN: Hands up. Stop right there.

ZOE: Where’s the man in charge?

HURLEY: Who’s she?

SAWYER: That’s Widmore’s number two.

[Locke comes out of a tent and smiles at Zoe.]

LOCKE: What can I do for you?

ZOE: wewe took something from us, and we want it back.

LOCKE: I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

[Zoe reaches for something in her back pocket. Rifles cock.]

LOCKE: It’s okay.

ZOE [speaking into walkie-talkie]: Do wewe have fix on my position?

MAN: Roger that.

ZOE: onyesha them what we’re capable of.

[Whistling sound overhead, followed kwa a loud explosion. Everyone ducks, except Locke, who doe not flinch.]

ZOE: wewe have until nightfall to return what wewe took; au inayofuata time, we won’t miss. [Zoe tosses walkie-talkie to Locke, who catches it.] Call me when you’re ready for us to pick him up. [Zoe walks off.]

[Locke drops walkie-talkie to the ground and smashes it with the stick he had whittled.]

LOCKE: Well…here we go.


[Flash-sideways timeline. Claire enters a building and speaks with man at reception desk.]

CLAIRE: Uh, hi. I have an appointment with the Western Pacific Adoption Agency.

MAN: Fifteenth floor, and sign in, please.

CLAIRE: Sure. [Claire signs in. Looks up suspiciously at Desmond as he addresses her.]

DESMOND: hujambo there. How are you? Uh, we met at the airport. The, uh, the baggage claim.

CLAIRE: Oh, yeah, right.

DESMOND: Nice. I’m Desmond. Desmond Hume. Um, I never got your name. Uh…[looks at the sign in sheet.] “Claire Littleton.” So--So how wewe doin’?

CLAIRE: Um, I’m okay. Better now. I actually had a bit of a scare, ended up in the hospital.

DESMOND: Oh, no. I’m sorry. Are you…

CLAIRE: Oh, no. It’s all good now, so…Oh, kwa the way, uh, wewe were right. It’s a boy.

DESMOND: I have a nose for these things. Look, um…excuse me if this sounds a bit personal, but I couldn’t help noticing you’re going to an adoption agency….alone.

CLAIRE: Uh…yeah. You’re right. It is personal.

DESMOND: No, I just meant that wewe should have some--some legal representation.

CLAIRE: What, are wewe a lawyer?

DESMOND: No, no. But, uh, it just so happens that I’m on my to see one. wewe know, adoption contracts are complicated; and, wewe should be careful because wewe could find yourself in a situation that’s irreversible.

CLAIRE: Yeah, I-I don’t have money for a lawyer. [Desmond follows Claire onto an elevator, she presses 15th floor button.] What floor?

DESMOND: Um…I’m--I’m going to 15 as well. Look, this, um, this attorney I’m seeing--she’s excellent. Uh, wewe know, plus, she owes me a favor. So…why don’t wewe just come and meet her? wewe know, I think she could really help you.

[Claire and Desmond leave elevator.]

DEMOND: Look, I promise wewe it won’t cost wewe a cent. Please. It’d be my absolute pleasure.

CLAIRE: Uh, sure.

DESMOND: Great, this way. [Holds door open for Claire. They enter a law office and stop at receptionist.] Hi. Uh, Desmond Hume to see Ms. Verdansky, please.

RECEPTIONIST [types at computer]: Oh, yes, Mrs. Hume, she’s expecting you. Have a seat.


CLAIRE: Hey, um…thank you.

DESMOND: You’re very welcome.

ILANA [with an American accent]: Desmond! [They embrace and kiss on the cheek.]

DESMOND: Ah, Ilana. Uh, Claire, this is Ilana. Ilana, I’d like wewe to meet a friend of mine, Claire Littleton.

ILANA: Claire Littleton, um…

DESMOND: I was hoping you’d be able to help her, um….

ILANA: I’m sorry…Claire Littleton from Australia?

CLAIRE: Um, do I know you?

ILANA: No, but this is a quite a coincidence. We’ve been looking for you. Desmond, do wewe mind if I speak with Ms. Littleton alone for a few minutes?

DESMOND: No, absolutely fine. Go right ahead.

[Claire follows Ilana away from reception area.]

editAct 3[Original timeline. Claire walks into Locke’s camp and goes to Hurley.]

LOCKE: Listen up, everyone.

CLAIRE: Hey. What’s going on?

HURLEY: People are trying to kill us again.

LOCKE: All this is happening a bit sooner than I’d expected, but these people have forced our hand, claiming we aliiba something from them, trying to provoke us into a confrontation. Well, if that’s what they want, that’s what they’ll get. Gather your things, we’re going to the other island and we’re getting on that plane. James, I need your help with something. [They walk away as Jack watches them.] There’s a mashua moored just a few hours down the pwani from here. I want wewe to get it and meet the rest of us on the other side of these bluffs. [Locke shows James a map] We’ll all sail over to the other island together.

SAWYER: How come we’re not all heading for it together?

LOCKE: The bigger the group, the slower it moves.

SAWYER: All right. I could use another pair of hands.

LOCKE: Take whoever you. How about it, Freckles? Know anything about sailing?

KATE: I know enough.

LOCKE: Good. We’ll be waitin’ for ya. Sayid, wewe got a minute? [Jack watches Sayid follow Locke.]

SAWYER [whispers]: Give me a hand with something’? [Jack follows Sawyer] Listen up, ‘cause I’m only gonna say this once. We’re not going to that rendezvous point to pick up Locke. I got a deal with Widmore.

JACK: What kind of deal?

SAWYER: Just listen. First chance wewe get, double back, hoof it to this spot. [points to map] There’s an old dock. Grab Hugo, Sun and Lapidus. Kate and I will meet wewe there.

JACK: What about Sayid and Claire?

SAWYER: Sayid’s a zombie and Claire’s nuts. She gave up her ticket when she tried to kill Kate. And I ain’t gonna let that happen again. That’s Hugo, Sun and the pilot. Only them. Understand?

JACK: But, how am I supposed to get us away from--from Locke?

SAWYER: wewe figure it out. [Sawyer hands map to Jack and goes to Kate.] Ready to roll?

KATE: What was that all about?

SAWYER: Guy talk. [Kate looks at Jack as she leaves with Sawyer.]

[Locke and Sayid, away from camp]

LOCKE: I need wewe to go out to where I’ve got Desmond.

SAYID: I thought wewe weren’t going to give him back.

LOCKE: I’m not. You’re gonna kill him. And that’s not gonna be a problem, is it, Sayid? wewe do still want what wewe asked me for, right?

SAYID: Yes, I do.

LOCKE: Then, go do what I said. [Sayid walks away. Locke heads back to camp.]


[Sayid, gun in hand, walks toward the well. Points gun at Desmond, who is bloody and sitting in shallow water.]

DESMOND: So what did he offer ya? If you’re gonna shoot me in cold blood, brother…I think I have a right to know what you’re getting’ in exchange for it.

SAYID: He told me I could get something back I lost.

DESMOND: And what did wewe lose?

SAYID: The woman I loved.

DESMOND: And where is she now?

SAYID: Dead.

DESMOND: And what makes wewe think Locke can bring her back?

SAYID: I died…and he brought me back.

DESMOND: So, what will wewe tell her?

SAYID: What do wewe mean?

DESMOND: This woman--when she asks wewe what wewe did to be with her again…what will wewe tell her?


[Flash-sideways timeline. Sayid rushes into the nyumbani of his brother and Nadia. He grabs a bag and suitcase.]

NADIA [smiling]: Sayid. [Expression changes as she sees the suitcases.] What’s going on?

SAYID: Everything will be okay for wewe now. I took care of it.

NADIA: What do wewe mean? Where are wewe going?

SAYID: I have to leave.

NADIA: Did wewe hurt someone?

SAYID: Nadia, I’m leaving. And I’m never going to be able to come back again.

[Doorbell rings.]

NADIA: What did wewe do, Sayid?

SAYID [whispers]: Stall them.

[Nadia goes to the door.]

NADIA: Who is it?


NADIA: May I see some identification?

MILES: Can wewe open the door, please. [Nadia opens the door.] Mrs. Jarrah, I’m Detective Straume. I need to ask wewe some questions. wewe have a few minutes? [Miles sees the suitcases and looks at Nadia.]

[Sayid leaves through the rear door, but is tripped kwa a hose held kwa Sawyer, who points a gun at Sayid.]

SAWYER: That’s good, stay down. [Handcuffs Sayid.] Sayid Jarrah, you’re under arrest.

editAct 4[Original timeline. Sawyer peers out from the jungle to a mashua off shore.]

SAWYER: Thar she blows. [Sawyer and Kate walk onto the beach.] wewe ready to get wet?

KATE: Ah. wewe sure this is a good idea?

SAWYER: wewe see a bridge?

KATE: Going back to get Locke.

SAWYER: Of course not. It’s a terrible idea, which is why we ain’t doing it.

KATE: What?

SAWYER: We’re gonna ditch Locke. You, me Jack, Hurley, Sun and that pilot that looks like he’s stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie.

KATE: When were wewe planning on telling me this?


KATE: Wait. wewe didn’t say Claire.

SAWYER: She ain’t coming. The Claire wewe came back for is gone.

KATE: I promised I would bring her back.

SAWYER: That was before she started drinkin’ Locke’s kool-aid. She’s dangerous, wewe really want her around Aaron? Let’s go. We ain’t got much time.

[Sawyer and Kate swim to boat.]


[Locke leads his group through the jungle.]

JACK: Hey, Claire.


JACK: How long have wewe been with Locke?

CLAIRE: Ever since wewe left.

JACK: So wewe trust him?



CLAIRE: ‘Cause he’s the only one that didn’t abandon me.

[Locke’s followers are walking single file and go in the direction that he points. Locke looks down the line and talks to Sun.]

LOCKE: Sun. Have wewe seen Sayid? He was supposed to catch up with us about a half a mile back. [She doesn’t answer.] Oh, the silent treatment?

[She takes out a note pad from her bag and writes]: “You did this to me!”

LOCKE [scoffs]: I’m sorry, Sun, but I didn’t do anything to you. [Locke touches Cindy’s shoulder.] James should be on his way kwa now. Just keep everyone moving to the beach, I’ll catch up with wewe there.

CINDY: Where are wewe going?

LOCKE: I wanna make sure nobody got left behind.

[Jack watches Locke leave.]

JACK: Hurley, wait up.


JACK: Sun. [Sun and Lapidus go over to Jack and Hurley. Claire is observing.] We have to go now.

LAPIDUS: Go where?

JACK: There’s no time. We just gotta go. Follow me.

HURLEY: Um, I think we should stick to Sawyer’s plan, au he’ll be really pissed.

JACK: This is Sawyer’s plan. Let’s go!

[Claire angrily watches as Jack, Hurley, Sun, Lapidus trot away.]
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[Original island timeline - Jack is washing his face at a stream - he stares at his trembling hands.]

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