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This may seem confusing...
Lets say that all the Losties (Locke, Jack, Kate, Sawyer) where members of the Dharma in the past (as we have seen in a spoiler picha they are all dressed as them). Then lets say that the gas Ben used did not kill the Dharma but unstuck them in time causing their nose's to bleed when they got 'stuck' like Minkowski alisema 'I can't get back' maybe he didn't die but got stuck as his older self, so future him died but past him did not. Still with me.

So if the losties where Dharma perhaps they where send back in time au off the island au even mbele in time. If wewe look at the pilot Jack wakes up in the jungle much like Ben does in 4x09 after teleporting and he also has a batton like thing inayofuata to him (Right of screen)
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I started watching Lost ,when I was 8 years old,just a kiddo.I was zapping with my dad at Tv a Thurday night at February..I remember I hadn't school inayofuata siku so I was unti llate hours in front of TV.So with my dad we watched the first episode.It was very very important episode,all began from it but back that time i only cared to see Boone again so I decided to watch the show(lol)...And days passed..To let wewe know that 2 first years I watched LOST,I didn't even own a PC.I just watched the episodes and recoreded them with my MP3 so as to hear them again&again.I went to my best friend's house...
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Thank wewe very much, everyone who has voted for me! You, guys are great.

1. First, How did wewe got into Lost?
The very first scene of Lost that I saw was the one where Sayid, Sawyer & co encounter the polar kubeba in S1 Pilot. That was when the maswali started to come to my mind. “Who are these people?” “ Are they ever going to get off that island?”... Ever since watching that scene I got addicted to Lost. When I started watching Lost, season 3 already aired on ABC, so I purchased s2 and s3 DVD's. It was funny how I managed to watch 2 full seasons in about 3 days...xD

2. Favourite...
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First, I would like to thank wewe all of wewe guys for voting for me... I really upendo this spot and the people who are a part of it ♥

1. First of all, when and how did wewe get into lost?
Well, when I was in my senior mwaka in high school I have a few of my Marafiki all crazy about this new tv onyesha that had aired, even my mom was watching it.... well they talked so much about Lost that I started being curious about it.... But I didn't had the time because of the exams I had in the end of the year, then with holidays and with the start of college I let it go.... But in the end of my 1st semester...
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 J's Greatest Hits are slightly different
J's Greatest Hits are slightly different
Charlie isn't dead! Not only is this going to annoy Iain Lee, but this episode has made me like Charlie more. His 'Greatest Hits' orodha was brilliant, and whoever didn't vote for 'Meeting You' in the link clearly has a moyo of stone However, what's going to happen to Charlie now, two women with guns suddenly burst out and aimed at him, are they part of The Others/Hostiles, are they part of DHARMA? Perhaps some new set of people that we don't yet know about?

 Dude...you got some Artz on you...
Dude...you got some Artz on you...

Rosseau's obtaining of the dynamite from The Black Rock in The Brig's purpose was finally revealed....
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