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posted by MoniBolis
May 2010

"Give another one" Lucas alisema to the bartender.

"okay" The man served him another shot "But wewe better slow down. wewe don't want to end up passing out"

"That's pretty much my plan" the P.I. ansewered "I'm not an alcoholic au anything like that, but tonight I just want to forget this last year"

"A woman?" the bartender asked.

"Yep" Lucas took a sip and then sighed

"That bad eh?"

A couple started to fight. Interrupting the conversation
"You don't undertand!" yell the young woman.
"The hell I do!"
"Hey! Keep it quite over there au get out" The bartender warned them. Then he nodded at Lucas so he...
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3: Ruiny murów (Ruins of the walls)

Jeżeli chcieli zostać w domu, to zostawali. Jeżeli chcieli zamówić chińszczyznę, to zamawiali. Jeżeli chcieli gdzieś iść, szli. Związek ten był grą bez zasad, jeżeli jeśli jakiekolwiek istniały, to zaraz po ich pierwszym seksie zostały przełamane na dobre. Cuddy nie zastanawiała się nad tym, co wypada, a co nie, nie przeżywała pierwszego spotkania Lucasa z córką, tym bardziej, że nastąpiło ono niebywale szybko. W ekspresowym czasie w pełni się przed nim otworzyła. Nikt nikogo tutaj nie udawał, więc nie czekały ich pierwsze...
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English it's not my first language.

So it finally, we just didn't knew when.By the way kudos to the writters, producers and everybody on the onyesha for keeping it quite, unlike last year, but this isn't about them. It's about Luddy

My journey with Luddy started way back in season 5x03 "Adverse events". When I watch that episode I thougth to myself: "Wouldn't be nice to give Cuddy a upendo interest?" But nothing happened after that, until season 6 when they bring Lucas back.
I was happy, I didn't care about the hate that surround them. I upendo the reveal in 6x07 "Known Uknowns", I smiled...
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I wrote it in my native language, so it's in polish. Tells a story about how Lucas and Cuddy starts to dating, he's meeting Rachel, shows, that's zaidi than not-making-Huddy-happen: real story of real relationship between two people.

Więc, okej, były trzy powody, dla których się zgodziła.
Po pierwsze, nie była na randce od prawie roku i tyleż samo minęło od ostatniego razu, gdy uprawiała seks. Była poważnie sfrustrowana, całe jej życie zaczęło się zaś kręcić po orbicie dokumentacyjno - mlekowej. Mleko i kupki w domu, dokumenty w biurze. Początkowo, rzecz jasna, była...
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posted by MoniBolis
English is not my first language

Let's not kid ourselves. We all know that Luddy
is gonna end...sooner au later.

It doesn't matter if wewe ship Luddy because wewe want House to be with Wilson, au Cameron, au Thirteen au Chase (somebody out there wants the last one). au maybe wewe just genuinely like them.
In the end House and Cuddy will end up together. It's what the writters and producers had been seting up.

So knowing that; I have 3 wishes for the end of Luddy

1) Don't make Lucas evil.
I don't want to watch Lucas turning into a evil charcther (although they are getting close in "Moving the Chains"...
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“5 to 9” was an AWESOME episode. So I don’t have much left to say about it…
Anyway instead of uandishi about Cuddy and Lucas. I give wewe House and Lucas talking about Cuddy…sort of...
English is not my first language.

“You know? I had a $500 bet on the Colts” House alisema to Lucas.

“Bad luck”

They were at a stakeout. Sitting in Lucas car
“We have been here for 4 hours…When are we going to address the cougar in the room?” House leaned back. “See what I just did there? I changed tembo for…”

“I got it” Lucas looked at him.” But the age difference between...
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English is not my first language.

“Are wewe still angry at me?” asked Lucas when they got nyumbani from the hospital.

“I’m not angry, it’s just…” Cuddy stopped to think her words. “I don’t need wewe to ‘defend’ me”

“I know that, and I know that House, Wilson and wewe have a weird friendship. Sometimes they go too far, sometimes wewe go too far…But if wewe do something to House, wewe have Wilson to lecture wewe about it. When they do something to you, who is gonna tell them they are wrong?”

“But still…pranks? I already try that last year. It didn’t work”

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Okay guys, here is a OS I wrote few days zamani to let people know how I see the Luddy (quickie) sex scene from Ep 6x14...

Don't be afraid to tell me what wewe think ;)

So... now let's go :

Auteur : Volly (that's my nicknam lol)
Avertissement : NC-17
Contexte : Episode 14 de la saison 6...
Disclaimer : J'aimerais pouvoir dire que Lisa m'appartient, mais malheureusement ce n'est pas le cas... et il en va de même pour tous les autres personnages de cette fic.

Sept heures vingt huit.

Elle avait pris sa douche, s'était habillée, coiffée, maquillée.

Elle était prête. Belle.

Elle avait fait un dernier...
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posted by volle-terrienne
hujambo guys, sorry I forgot I'd started posting the fic here (thanks monibolis to wake me up! LOL)!

Here is Chapter 3, wrote kwa Josam (One of my inayopendelewa Huddy-Luddy fan-friend ^^)

Maison de Lisa Cuddy, 6.30am :

Le bruit du réveil la tira de son sommeil réparateur, elle n’avait pas
beaucoup dormi. Non. Le corps chaud à ses côtés et ses délicieuses
courbatures ne faisaient que confirmer sa courte nuit.
Depuis combien de temps n’avait-elle pas eu cette sensation ?
Elle se leva délicatement, prenant soin de ne pas réveiller l’homme à ses côtés.
La chaleur lui manqua aussitôt, elle attrapa...
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English is not my first language.


“So now we have the scan photograph…” Lucas stood inayofuata to Cuddy. They were in her office.

“Just click there to restore the image” The man pointed at the computer screen

“That was easy” Cuddy alisema with a smile

“I told you, putting back together pictures for evidence is something I do all the time” alisema the P.I. with confidence “We can make it brighter or…”

“No, I want it to look exactly as it was”

“Okay, exactly as it was before House ruined it”

“Lucas...” Cuddy spoke in a warning tone

“What? You’re upset about this!...
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English is not my first language.

Cuddy picked up her cell phone when she heard the text alert
To: Lisa
Just got 2 the hotel, in Portland.
I had a gud trip.
itz frEzN n here
To: Lucas
Pretty cold back here too.
What R U ^ 2?
To: Lisa
Planting some bugs, install camaras,
Transcript conversationts, the usual.
To: Lucas
wen R U comin bak?
To: Lisa
If evrtng goes right,
and the Russian mob doesn’t get involved…...
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English is not my first language
Spoilers...I guess. No wait; this for a 2008 episode!

Lucas was parking in front of Wilson’s apartment.
House told him to spy on his best friend, and that is what he was doing.
It was pretty boring, until Lucas saw her.
She was walking down the street, wearing a tight skirt, upindo and a red blouse.
Lucas stared at her. He couldn’t help but smile. She was beautiful. With dark curly hair and blue eyes.
He was gladly surprise when she knocked on Wilsons door.
“Hello Wilson” she said
“Hi Cuddy”
Lucas listened the conversation...
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English is not my first language
Spoilers...I guess
This is my inayopendelewa so far.

Cuddy arrived home.
“Wilson bought the loft” Cuddy took of her coat.
“I didn’t know he was looking for a new place” Lucas kissed her on the cheek
“Yeah well, he is moving in with House”
“That’s nice; they are like Bert and Ernie”
“I screwed up every personal relationship I ever had” Cuddy blurted out. Lucas just stared at her. “I’ve never been in relationship for this long. We have been together for 6 months, that’s a record for me!”
“Seriously?” Lucas raised an eyebrow
“Yes. And I’m...
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 Look at her smile
Look at her smile
English is not my first language

1.- Physical attraction.
Cuddy likes Lucas. He is a good looking guy and she is into him. It’s that simple
5x03 “Adverse Events” The scene at the diner.

2.- Lucas adores Cuddy
You can see how Lucas is always checking Cuddy out. He is not afraid to tell her how beautiful is to him. Also keep in mind that we didn't see how did Lucas wooed Cuddy.

5x03 “Adverse Events” With this dialogue
Lucas [to House]: I don’t want just do her
Lucas [to Cuddy]: I’m into wewe because you’re hot, and smart…

3.- Lucas understands Cuddy (and he has the...
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English is not my first language
Spoilers…I guess

Lucas had already set the table.
“Dinner is served” alisema the P.I.
“Thanks” Cuddy sat down.
Cuddy was Lost on her thoughts.
“You’re so gonna break my heart” Lucas said
“What did wewe say?” Cuddy looked up to him
“Nothing” Lucas stood up “Come here”
“What?” Cuddy gave him an uneasy smile
“Stand up for a second” Lucas hugged her. He held her tightly. She felt calm in his arms.
“What was that for?” asked Cuddy
“I just wanted to hold you”
“Right now?”
“Yeah, wewe never now when it will be the last time” Lucas...
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English is not my first language. All the mistakes are mine.
Spoilers...I guess

“Ready to go?” asked Lucas
“Let me put this files away” Cuddy responded
That night Lucas was picking up Cuddy from the hospital.
“You know Harry the security guard?” alisema Cuddy very casually
“The tall one?”
“Then I don’t know him” Lucas snooped around the office.
“Well he knows you” Cuddy put her kanzu, koti on “In fact, he saw you…on the fourth floor”
“Oh” Lucas was caught kwa surprise
“What were wewe doing?” Cuddy inquired
“I …I was trying to help wewe out”
“I didn’t ask for...
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English is not my first language. All the mistakes are mine.
Spoilers...I guess

“Was that really necessary?” Cuddy asked Lucas as they entered the hotel room
“What?” Lucas didn’t look at her
“That rambling about House’s hallucinations, I know wewe didn’t mean to do it…”
“Who says I didn’t mean it” Lucas said
“Why would wewe do something like that?” Cuddy crossed her arms
“It was awkward and I was angry” Lucas sat down on the bed
“Angry? At House?”
“No. I was angry at the situation that wewe created. wewe should have told him. Instead he walks in here at look at us...
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So I couldn't resist after watching Lucas with Rachel
English is not my first language, so all the mistakes are mine, but if wewe tell me what's wrong, I’ll change it
Yes, I have a soft spot for Luddy
Spoilers...I guess

Cuddy, Lucas and Rachel were at the living room.
“So I’m Lucas” the P.I. alisema to the little girl. Rachel stared at him and giggled. “I think she likes me”
“She’s 8 months’ old, she laughs at everything” alisema Cuddy with a smirk on her face.
Cuddy finally let Lucas met Rachel after 2 months of dating him. She finally trusted him enough. For her was a really important...
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Ever wonder what happened in season 5 between “Adverse Events” and “Lucky 13”?
English is not my first language, so all the mistakes are mine, but if wewe tell me what's wrong, I’ll change it
Yes, I have a soft spot for Luddy
Spoilers...I guess

“Hi there” Lucas alisema when Cuddy came back to her office “How wewe doing?”
“Fine… I just drug House” Cuddy alisema with a smirk. They both entered the office
“Because he was refusing to go to his father funeral”
“That makes sense” Lucas smiled at her “So… I was wondering if wewe want to have chajio, chakula cha jioni with me”
Cuddy sighed....
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English is not my first language, so all the mistakes are mine, but if wewe tell me what's wrong, I’ll change it
Yes, I have a soft spot for Luddy
Spoilers...I guess

It was early June and Cuddy felt numb with her life. Her daughter Rachel kept her happy and her job kept her busy. But she felt numb, emotional numb.
The last thing Cuddy wanted was a relationship, but she got one.
It all started when she went to an early meeting outside the hospital, on her way back she bought a cup of coffee on a stand. There is where she saw him. Lucas Douglas sitting on a bench kusoma the paper (or at least...
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