lumforever My First anime RP; Part #2

lumforever posted on Aug 29, 2011 at 02:41PM
Part #2

xXitachiXx said:
deidara: ...
hidan: aww did the good looking guy get hurt are you sad?
deidara: *blushes* what!! I shut up don't talking to me for the rest of the day
hidan: that fine with me..*looks at itachi* whats up?
itachi: the sky now please hush

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Sebastian please tell me I just killed this guy!

izbia150 said:
sebastian:no you didn't you have to cut his head off or something
ciel:getting slow sebastian?
sebastian*throws more knives at claude hitting him in the chest*
claude:*hits sebastian in the arm with sword*
sebastian:*throws 20 knives at claude hitting him in the arm leg and both feet many times*
claude:*hits sebastian in the leg making a big cut*
sebastian:*runs at claude with knives between his fingers and trys to hit claude but only making a cut on claudes cheek*
claude:*trys to stab sebastian but just making a cut on sebastian's side*
sebastian:*takes more knives and stabs claude in the back again*
alois:claude kill sebastian!!
claude:yes your highness*jumps at sebastian with sword*
sebastian:*takes claude"s sword and cuts claude's head off*now his dead
alois:you k-killed claude..i will be back*runs off*
ciel:you where to slow sebastian
sebastian:i am sorry*bows**stops bowing and turns around*now you hiding come out what do you want?

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Those guys again...
Arekkusu: Seriously, don't you ninja's have a life!
Jemuzu:(chuckles) Probally more of one than you do Arekkusu
Arekkusu: Shut Up!

xXitachiXx said:
deidara: this fight was good but I was expecting more
itachi: there demons they don't have chakra you idoit
deidara: they don't what a waste
sasori: well we better get going come on
itachi: right!

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Hold up! what do you know about the ninetails
Arekkusu: Yeah Jemuzu tell 'em!
Jemuzu:(To Arekkusu) Be quiet

xXitachiXx said:
sasori: how do you know about the nine tails?
deidara: these people got big mouths they need to shut up
hidan: look whos talking
itachi: mhmmm

izbia150 said:
sebastian: i will not use my true form if it's not needed but if you wish to know i have killed angels before but claude never did the fighting so he can't beat me
ciel:the ninetails became known a while ago
(i'm pretending ciel never lost his memory)

xXitachiXx said:
sasori: I see...what do yall want to know we won't tell you a lot though but why do yall wanna know about the nine tails?
itachi: true from mhmmm

izbia150 said:
ciel;*points to jemuzu and arkkusu*those two are hunting it and we're helping them
sebastian:*says under breath*you where better before you died
ciel:shut up!

sasori: mhmm hunting it what would they do with it?
itachi: thinking *maybe they could help us but when we get naruto im sure there not gonna just give him to us him there gonna want something out of we're gonna have to get rid of them some how it really depends they don't know what there dealing with

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: So now you know the plot Akatsuki... Which leaves you with a few options
Arekkusu: (In the style of a gameshow host) Option Numbah 1!
Jemuzu shakes his head at Arekkusu
Jemuzu: You can help us hunt the Ninetails down and kill him
Arekkusu: (In the style of a gameshow host) Option Numbah 2!
Jemuzu smacks Arekkusu across the back of his head.
Jemuzu to Arekkusu: Stop interrupting me.
Arekkusu: Aw c'mon lighten up
Jemuzu to Arekkusu: I'm gonna light you up in a second.
Arekkusu: Oh Alright...
Jemuzu: Or you can try to stop us and die in the process, or you can just stay out of our way.
Arekkusu: And stop spying on us, that sh*t's getting old
Jemuzu: So, (lights up a cigarette) what's it gonna be

xXitachiXx said:
sasori: kill him? you might get killed trying to kill naruto it not easy at all you people don't know what yall are dealing with!
deidara: die please do yall really think we can die with guns and knifes *smiles* im enjoying this.
itachi: no what about yall stay out of our way we're off you people don't know what your doing
hidan: haha good luck dying a** holes
sasori: we're off!
(thanx) :D

Jemuzu: Something tells me we'll see them again.
Arekkusu: Yeah true dat. but f*ck that I'm hungry as hell gimme one of them MRE'S
Jemuzu: I call the Pork rib
Arekkusu: Hell na I packed that one for me!
Jemuzu and Arekkusu start fighting over the MRE's

MRE- Meal Ready to Eat (U.S. Milatary field rations, with shelf life up to 25 years)

xXitachiXx said:
itachi: it annoys me how people don't know what there doing
sasori: I know lets go to the hide out and tell pein whats up
deidara: thanx god I can rest
hidan: you haven't been doing anything but running you mouth
deidara: thats something your known for
sasori: better hope tobi and kakuza are there.

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu: Im not eating that penne pasta again! gimme the ribs man!
Jemuzu: Dude there's a beef patty one too eat that!
Arekkusu: I'll make you eat my fist!
Jemuzu: That's a laugh!

izbia150 said:
sebastain:we're close to the phantomhive manor so you can come with us and eat it's about tea time anyway
sebastian:*picks ciel up and starts running to the phantomhive manor*

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu and Arekkusu drop the MRE they're fighting over
Arekkusu: He just said
Jemuzu: Manor
They both pause for a second
Jemuzu and Arekkusu: REAL FOOD!!!!!!!
Arekkusu grabs the ruck sack and they both take off towards the manor

izbia150 said:
sebastian:*stops at the gate to the manor and puts ciel down*
finny:young master!*runs over* where have you been?
may-rin and bard:*run over*
sebastian:we had some problems getting back
finny bard may-rin:o.o
ciel:*looks back*they're taking a while

Clutch13 said:
Just as Ciel says they're taking a while, Jemuzu and Arekkusu come running leaving a trail of dust behind them.
Arekkusu: Hold up! We're comming!
Jemuzu: Just tell everyone to be careful in the forest! We'll explain inside!

xXitachiXx said:
deidara: woot yay we made it im tired
sasori: don't get to comfortable we want be here to long
hidan: kakuza you here?
kakuza yea why are yall here
deidara: seeing whats up un!
sasori: were's pein
madara:he's on his way!! hey itachi did you know sasuke killed orochimaru
sasori: okay!
deidara: ohh yea i herd of that didn't think it was true un
itachi: *looks worried* were is he now?
madara: don't know
itachi: mhmmmm....*thinking*
deidara: all I know is i'm about to take a shower un
hidan: don't care
sasori: can i join
deidara: *blushes* what un???o.o!
sasori: im joking werido
itachi: all of yall creep me out!
(deidara is so kute..xD

ciel:*sigh*bard i'll let sebastian cook this time
bard:aw but-
sebastian:this way you won't blow anything up
bard:*is disappointed*
ciel:i have to do some paperwork i'll be down in a bit*starts walking to office*
sebastian:yes my lord*bows**stops bowing and turns to jemuzu and arekkusu*follow me*closes eyes and smiles at them then opens eyes and starts walking*by the way the people that work here don't know what i am so it's still a secret*takes them to the living room and shows them a place to sit*i will be back but i have to help my master and he will have to change then we will eat*smiles and go to his master*

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu starts looking around the living room getting a feel for the place
Arekkusu: Daaaaannnnngggg. This place is huge Jemuzu.
Jemuzu: Yeah, just don't break anything Arekkusu.
Arekkusu: What makes you think I'm gonna break something!
Jemuzu: I'm serious Arekkusu, you break something, you're paying for the replacement! (senses three people watching them)
Arekkusu: What's wrong now?
Jemuzu: Nothing *smirks* just some friendly curious eyes watching us (bard mey-rin and finny)

izbia150 said:
ciel and sebastian:*walks down stairs*
ciel:sebastian go get something for us to eat
sebastian:yes my lord*go's to get food**comes back*the table is set follow me*walks to the table*here please sit*smiles an closes eyes then opens them*
ciel:*sits down*what kind is it?
sebastian:it's earl gray is that ok or does it not suite your tastes today?
ciel:it's fine*drinks tea*

xXitachiXx said:
sasori: where's pein?
madara/tobi: he should be here by now mhmm don't know.
hidan: its so quite in here
itachi: maybe cuz deidara is sleep maybe thats something you need to be doing
hidan: itachi shut up and read a book..gosh
itachi: are you mad hidan *smiles*
hidan: shut up!!:P
sasori: well we can relax into he gets here enjoy it while it last
itachi: who died and made you the learder
sasori: no one but I think I do a better job than you
itachi: whatever I don't what do we a learder anyway but i'm about to lay down and get some rest I don't have time for this

Jemuzu and Arekkusu sit at the dinner table.
Jemuzu: I meant to tell you Ciel, On our way back we set some traps in the forest, nothing lethal but still, tell your servants to be careful.
Arekkusu: By the way Ciel, nice crib man! this place is huge!
Jemuzu takes a sip of tea
Jemmuzu: I have to agree with Arekkusu, you've done very well for yourself Ciel.

izbia150 said:
ciel:why would you do that? to keep the ninjas away?
sebastian:if your scared of them you"ll never catch the ninetails oh and young master*says in ciel's ear*ash is alive
ciel:*chocks on food*what!?!?! *stands up in chair*how could you forget to tell me that?!?!? how do you even know that?!?!!? thats the reason my revange was complate!!!!!!!!!
sebastian:*stands up*i'm not sure not even an angel should be able to not be killed by that
ciel:then why is he alive?!?!?!
sebastian:i don't know

xXitachiXx said:
sasori: were's pein its not like him to keep us waiting.
itachi: your right wonder what has happend
kakuza: what could happend he's pein he's even with konan what could go wrong?
deidara: *yawns* what..whats going on?
itachi: peins not back yet
deidara: Oh realy well good I have more time to do nothing
hidan: thats all you been doing the hole time we been here
dediara: and thats what im gonne keep doing into he makes it back got a problem slove it
sasori: well what ever has happend I hate being kept waiting
deidara: we know..
tobi: *gives evil smile*

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: By no means do I want to scare them away. I just want to talk to them more. Their information about the ninetails could be crucial to the mission, wouldn't you agree?
Arekkusu: (sees Ciel choking) Dude, you alright man? what's wrong!?!

ciel:how could you let this happen?!?!?
sebastian:i am sorry my lord
ciel:how are we ganna find him again?!?!?!? let alone kill him again!!!!!!!!
sebastian:it will be easier to find him now that we know who we're looking for
ciel:his an angel how would we catch him!?!?!?!?!?!?
sebastian:i am a demon it can't be to hard
ciel:it's been two years i think i got my revange then i find out his alive!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?*slaps sebastian*

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu: Who's alive!
Jemuzu walks to Sebastain and looks him in the eye.
Jemuzu: and as far as me being scared... I've seen action in Columbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, and a few dozen more I can't even tell you about. I've seen my wife wither away from cancer. I had to tell my children she was dead! That mommy wasn't comming home! I've been through hell on this earth, and I can sense the evil in you, hell, I can see it in your eyes demon. Tell me Sebastain do I look scared, cause I sure as hell don't feel it!
Arekkusu:(grabs Jemuzu's arm)Jemuzu c'mon man! It's alright.
Jemuzu: I don't feel it.
Arekkusu: You're alright Jemuzu. It's cool man.
Jemuzu: Let go Arekkusu, I'm fine, I don't need the pity, not even yours man. (goes to the next room over to have a cigarette)
Arekkusu: Listen guys he didn't mean to burst out like that. Every now and then he loses control of himself; but who got raised from the dead?

izbia150 said:
ciel:*walks to where jemuzu is*thinking your life is like hell and really going to hell are not the same me and sebastian have something in commen we'v both been to hell when i was 9 i watched my parints get burned to death then i was takin to hell i was crused and i was a slave and sacerfice my haterd for the ones who did it is what made sebastian come to me i made a contract with him witch is once i get my revange he gets my soul i'v been trying to get my revange for 2 years and for the past weeks thinking i had got'n it but turns out ash is still alive so i have to kill him again
sebastian:(to arekkusu)ash is alive he is an angel and the one my master needs revange on

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu:(to Ciel) It's funny (chuckles) Believe it or not, we have a lot in common. I'm not going to show you pity kid, You pretty much sold your soul to the devil back then. (closses his eyes and smirks) but I see you had a hell of a reason to do it. (Pulls out a flask of whiskey and pours some into 2 shot glasses) Here's to hard lives, (smirks) without it, we wouldn't have the will to live. (Drinks his shot)
Arekkusu:(To Sebastain) Wait a second, I'm confused man. How do ya kill an angel in the first place? Aren't they like immortal or something?

izbia150 said:
ciel:i don't drink and i think to pay for my sins i can at least give my soul
sebastian:(to arekkusu)so are demon but you saw me kill claude
ciel:it can't be*makes face of annoyence*
sebastian:well it appears undertaker has come to visit*walks to ciel's side*

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: More for me then (finishes Ciel's shot)
Arekkusu thinks to himself: Damn, Sunday School was bullsh*t all along.

izbia150 said:
ciel:why are you here?
undertaker:i don't know
ciel:then why did you come to my manor?!*looks really annoyed*
sebastian:hello undertaker
undertaker:hello mr.sebastian

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu's eyes widend and he smiled
Jemuzu: Ha ha! we got something!
Arekkusu: One of the traps!?!
Jemuzu: Yeah! Lets go Arekkusu.
Arekkusu nods and they quickly make their way to the forest.

Now where am I? I had no clue that the RP started so I was a little late... Keep reading!

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