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jessdeb posted on May 16, 2013 at 06:35AM
Hey All,

My name is Jessica, a third year student at the University of New South Wales studying a Bachelor of Media- Public Relations and Advertising.

For one of my subjects, Public Relations Discourse and Change, I have to analyse a corpus of texts from a campaign. I have chosen to do the campaign for Season 3 of 'Mad Men' because it is one of my favorite shows and I believe it highlights how 'sex appeal' still has an effect on audiences.

In order to do this assignment, I need to complete my own research. I was wondering, if by any chance, anyone could answer these questions regarding the Season 3 Campaign?
(I am focusing on the advertisement "sexiest show on tv", the Banana Republic line of clothing and the website including mad men yourself, party guide etc. I also may draw on the silhouette of Don Draper that is continuously used.)

1. What is the issue and purpose of these texts?

2. What did the producer want from the consumer to do?

3. In what ways did you interpret/use the text?

4. Do you think it was a successful campaign? How?

5. Did you buy or even look at the Banana Republic line? Why?

All of your information will remain confidential!


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