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posted by emaen
In the episode "Mobodoon", it is not only revealed where Manic and his siblings were born, but when. Manic points out that "on the sekunde even siku of the third mwezi when the moon is full, BAM it shows up just like clockwork", most likely meaning they were born on March 4th.
It is possible that Manic was named after the Radiohead demo tape Manic Hedgehog.
In the Episode "Sleepers", Manic's speaking voice is lower than normal.
Manic doesn't have any physical ability, but, in the episode "The Big Melt", he is shown doing a huge "Sonia Spin" with Sonic.
In the episode "Wedding kengele Blues", when the trio go to Bartleby's house, they pretend they are carpet cleaners; Manic looks a little like Mario(overalls), and Sonic looks somewhat like Luigi's overalls.
posted by emaen
Manic, along with Sonia and the Sonic Underground version of Sonic, appeared in the Archie Comics series in Sonic Super Special #10. In this special, the Underground triplets team up with the main Archie Sonic to battle Evil Sonic. While their Sonic teamed up with his alternate self to battle Dr. Robotnik, Manic and Sonia freed Evil Sonic from prison, only to turn him over to Zonic the Zone Cop, who placed him in custody. Manic, when introduced to Sonic Prime and told a little about Mobius Prime, was incredulous that his "brother" had a sidekick named Tails.

In addition, the character of Manik Acorn, the future son of Sonic and Princess Sally from the Mobius: X Years Later series, is named after Manic the Hedgehog.
posted by emaen
Manic, of course, plays the drums in Sonic Underground. He can twirl his sticks with his left hand (later episodes onyesha with his right hand), twirl both sticks in his right hand (shown twice), and throw them in the air and catch them like what most drummers do. His sticks are small, and "bend".

Manic's imba voice was done kwa Tyley Ross. His voice is smoother (in the French shows it was scratchy like Sonic's imba in the American), and can go pretty high in songs like "Working Together In Harmony" and "Fun In The Sun
posted by emaen
Manic plays the drums in the triplets' band. Like his siblings, he possesses a medallion resembling a drum kit that doubles as a weapon.

Manic's character is a pickpocket, placing him in the lowest role of growing up for the siblings: Sonic lived in an average home, while Sonia lived like a princess. When their mother was forced to separate them, his basket was stolen and brought to the thief, Ferrel, who raised Manic to be a thief. Though Sonia has a distaste for Manic's lifestyle (and his tolerance for sewers), his thieving skills and mastery with computers and machines is greatly needed....
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posted by emaen
Manic the Hedgehog is a green anthropomorphic hedgehog appearing in the TV series Sonic Underground. Here, Manic is the brother of Sonic the Hedgehog, on a quest with Sonic and their sister Sonia to find their mother, Queen Aleena Hedgehog.

Manic's spikes are shaggier than Sonic's and Sonia's, and he is green while Sonic is blue and Sonia is pink. He wears a red vest, black spiked wristbands, and an machungwa, chungwa fanny-pack, which he seems to fit anything and everything in, from his drumsticks to his lock picks to whatever he steals. He has brown eyes, and his left ear is pierced with two small dhahabu loop earrings. Interestingly, his shoes kubeba a striking resemblance to those of Miles "Tails" Prower, who is absent from the series.

Manic was voiced kwa Jaleel White, and his imba voice was provided kwa Tyley Ross.
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