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posted by adavila
I just wanted to share with the fanpop community the first time I smoke some pot.

It wasn´t long zamani when I smoke marihuana. It was this summer, a trip to Puerto Vallarta was the plan for the summer and all my Marafiki were going. So while we were packing everything I told my friend I wanted to try weed on the beach, he called another friend and told her if she was gonna take some pot to the beach, pwani and she affirmed it. So the first night in the beach, pwani came and I was drunk so I didnt wanted to smoke while drunk(reasons: I wanted to smoke sober, and my friend went to sleep because he was drunk and...
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posted by marijane420
i think its fucked up that ppl can sit and get drunk, au fucked up off pills... y cant mari b legalized.. at least its not crack. mari grows from the ground, its natural, so how can somethin that grows b illegal? does that mean u cant have flowers au other plants? wtf! at least legalize the drug tax stamp which allows u to have a certain amount of bud on u. i dont get y htey cant let us do our thing? we aint harmin no one. we mite b a lil bit slowere but not near as much as drunken idiots.. fuck the government and their fucked up way of thinkin.. vote for obama.. at least he agrees wit me
Proposition 19 - Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010

The basics?

-California statewide ballot proposition
-Voted on November 2nd, 2010
-Focus on legalizing various recreational Cannabis activities
-Allowing local governments to tax and profit from Cannabis sales

The law changes for individuals

-May possess up to 1 oz of marijuana on your person
-May use marijuana in private residences au licensed public establishments (not for public use)
-May grow marijuana in a space less than 25 sq ft for personal use only

The law changes for local governments

-May authorize the sale of up to 1 oz per sale...
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