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I wanted to tell everyone about my dream Maximum Ride cast was so here it is.
FANG- Robbie Amell.
MAX-Taylor Momsen.
NUDGE- Sydney Park.
IGGY- William Moseley.
GASMAN- Randy Shelly.
ANGEL- I can't figure anyone one out 4 this part.
DYLAN- Zac Efron.
JEB- I can't figure anyone 4 this part either.
ARI- Jeremy Supter.
This is my dream cast 4 Maximum Ride. Please maoni an tell me what wewe think. Also shabiki me and send me a message. I'm bye1 A.K.A kenna B. So please come to my profile.
Oh and if anyone knows when the movie is coming out please Sen me a message au post on my wall. If anyone gets any ideas 4 an actor 4 Angel au JEB.
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We where flying along our merry way when all of a sudden,
"Max can we stop? I'm tired." I heard Gazzy complain.
"Well thats not like you.." I was puzzled, but I had been flying to long to use the thinking park of my brain.
"Come on max, we have been flying to long!" Nudge complained.
"Fine," I wasn't going to tell them I was tired too.
We decended towards a bunch of trees that looked salama to hind in.
I sat down, no zaidi like flopped down onto a fallen log that looked nice and sturdy. I stretched my wings hearing them crack like fangs knuckles when he wakes up in the morning.
Suddenly a rustling sound...
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A shabiki Made book trailer of James Patterson's FANG
maximum ride
shabiki made
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Nevermore was an amazing book. All of wewe who are saying wewe hated it is unnecessary. wewe would like it if wewe understood it. I think James Patterson should make another book au 2 because if he's going to talk about an island and an Maximum Ride era he should carry that through. Maximum Ride is such an amazing book series no other can compare. Nevermore shows the strength that the flock has. James Patterson is a genius 4 coming up with it. Everyone should read it. Also go FAXNESS because there soul mates. Nevermore is a cool twist in the book. I couldn't believe the ending. I want to know what happens with the mutants on the island. So,everyone read Maximum Ride. Also if wewe like this inayopendelewa and shabiki me.
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