McLeod's Daughters Anyone who lives outside sydney, HEADSUP! SPOILERS!

The_Shizzali posted on Sep 11, 2007 at 10:15AM
Hey awesome fanatics. I have some big news.
So the other day, i was listening to sydney's radio station 104.1 2day fm, when i heard michala bansa being introduced. Naturally I jumped up and down a couple a times, but then I heard the gravest news of all... SHE'S LEAVING!
i LOVE kate, i'd hate for her to leave. She said she was leaving mcleod's daugters, and she would be doing something else, though she didn't know what. Since mcleod's is filmed 6 months in advance, kate will still be on australian television until early next year. SHE ISN'T GETTING KILLED OFF! just to verify.
anyway thought i'd infrom anyone who wanted to know!
cya and tl
shizzali xox

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