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Michael Talks To Oprah (February 10,1993) -(1)

This 90-minute interview was broadcast LIVE around the world from Michael's Neverland Valley Ranch in California on February 10, 1993. The live telecast attracted 85 million viewers in the United States alone, and was the 4th most watched TV event in history. It was the most successful ABC entertainment special ever.

[Introductory remarks:]
Oprah: You're invited to Michael Jackson's house...four dakika from now.
[Cut to clips of Michael as people make remarks:]
Boy: He's like famous. He dances good. And when he was a little boy he was imba so cool.
Young woman: I grew up with his muziki and I think he is extremely talented.
Man: This kid does a little bit of everything. He's just so different, so unique in his style.
Boy: His thing is his music. O.K. He's just himself, wewe know?
Young man: People would die for him. wewe see all those pictures of people crying and trampling over each other just to get a glimpse of him.
Young man: I think he is the ultimate live performer.
Lady: I don't know how he can dance like that.
Child: He's a great singer. I just upendo him.
Man: He's a genius.
Boy: He's the King of Pop.
Man: The man is just tremendous. And I am in my seventies and I upendo him, so wewe can imagine what my teenagers do.
Man: He's always been the greatest in my book.
Woman: I think he's a gift, wewe know, to people who upendo music.
Young man: I just wish that he would just kinda take down his walls and onyesha the world who he really is.

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