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looking around she started to feel excited. all of a sudden the lights went down and muziki started.then through the door swaggered a man dressed in blood red clothes. Tight red leather pants a silk re shati and red jacket. Dark hair in a braid and red lipstick. Jennine gasped when she saw his face. Holding a chair to steady herself she gazed in half terror and half lust at Michael Jackson. Oh my god she breathed great heaving gulps of air. the muziki got louder and the girls started dancing around Michael.That familiar voice that Jennine so loved came through the speakers. smoothly making his way across the room he came ever so slowly to where Jennine was standing. Locking eyes with hers he spun around on one heel and grabed Jennine kwa the waist. Jennine melted as his arms encircled her and he thrusted his hips against hers. tango style they danced across the room while Michael didnt miss a beat. imba perfectly whilst dancing.
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