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Michael Jackson
king of pop
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1. Mikegasm: An orgasmic sensation created kwa watching videos, tamasha performances, shabiki videos, au thinking sexually about Michael Jackson. During a mikegasm, one usually feels horny and lustful; and has an increased desire to have sex with alisema person.
Example: Oh, my God; everytime I watch Dirty Diana, I get a freakin' mikegasm when he rips his shati off! Damn!

2. Mikegasm: A particularly strong orgasm cause kwa watching Michael Jackson's sexiness. Frequently caused kwa the wewe Are Not Alone muziki video, where all he's wearing is a sheet.
Example: Michael: Hehehe... *grabs crotch and grins* Girl: Ooooh.. MIKEGASM!

I found this on one of the other MJ shabiki clubs. Lol
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[1st Verse]
It's Close To Midnight And Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark
Under The Moonlight wewe See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart
wewe Try To Scream But Terror Takes The Sound Before wewe Make It
wewe Start To Freeze As Horror Looks wewe Right Between The Eyes,
You're Paralyzed

'Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
And No One's Gonna Save wewe From The Beast About
wewe Know It's Thriller, Thriller Night
You're Fighting For Your Life Inside A Killer, Thriller

[2nd Verse]
wewe Hear The Door Slam And Realize There's Nowhere Left To Run
wewe Feel The Cold Hand And Wonder...
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Q: Michael, your mashabiki want to know your ideas about a first date!
MJ: On a first date, I like to bring a girl over to my house for a barbeque and a swim, especially on a warm summery evening! I know that some chicks get mad if wewe don't take them somewhere fancy and spend alot of money on them on a date, but I'm not interested in those kinds of girls. I want someone who I can feel comfortable with just sitting and talking to, au sharing a fun, casual time with! I'm not sayin' that we wouldn't ever go out. I upendo to go out to movies, concerts, and restaurants, but I think it's important to know...
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Michael and Frank all arrived at Virgin Megastore
and it was a mad house! People where lined up kwa the blocks, buildings across had people at their windows just waiting to catch a glimpise at the King Of Pop. The limo pulled up in the back and Michael quickly entered the building and got ready to onyesha himself to his fans. But before he did Frank pulled him off to the side "Now Mike remember its only for a couple of dakika and then back inside, wewe ready?" "Yes." Michael was completely used to the mass hysteria that it does not faze him anymore. He slowly walked out onto the platform; with...
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some of us mashabiki know about the relationship between michael and Madonna and how they were as a couple some of us know that they had a pretty good relationship between them

michael and Madonna did have a relationship but it wasnt as tight nip as some people thought it was Madonna and michael were daiting but Madonna was in upendo with michael but michael wasnt in upendo with her like she was with him he liked her very much but he just wasnt in upendo with her

madonna and michael would go out sometimes out to lunch it was madonna's treat so michael went with her and they shared a plate...
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michael is on tour at wembsley stadium imba the closing song of his onyesha man in the mirror as michael is looking at the thousands of mashabiki standing there in front of him looking at him in awe so amazed at this amazing onyesha as michael starts to glance over to zaidi mashabiki to the right and galces over to the left as michael looks to the left something catches his eye its a girl standing right there in plain sight right in the middle of the first rowe michael starts to smile cause he's so amazed at what he's seeing as he's staring at her she starts to stare back and smile as he is at her everybody...
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Over the inayofuata few days, I've been drawing out what my wedding dress should look like since my mom texted me saying that she'd make it the way I described it. Not only that, I've been thinking of names for mine and Michael's child. Well, actually, putting double gender names together to make the child's first and middle name. Yet, at the same time, Michael and I were helping Frank put Moonwalker together, adding on the special effects for Smooth Criminal. Michael had described what was to be seen and everything: a shooting nyota across the night sky (remember that it was actually filmed at night....
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The song was over and all wewe heard was the clapping of the judges, mostly Michael himself. I looked at him and smiled and alisema "Thank wewe so much." I was sweating like crazy, but it was worth it for Michael. Michael told me to go backstage and they were going to decide who he was going to be his girl in the concert. Me and the rest of the other girls were backstage waiting for the results and we were all nervous. The girl I rolled my eyes at came over to me and alisema sorry for rolling her eyes back at me and we starting talking about what our inayopendelewa songs were and what our inayopendelewa videos...
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A week soon passed and Rebecca was excited. Today was the siku Michael Jackson was signing his albums. She got up and went to her closet and searched through her clothes to find out what she'd wear. She took out her inayopendelewa black button up shati with a white stripe on the right arm and her black pants that went down to her ankles. Not only was it his album signing, it was also her birthday. She'd be turning 23. She changed into her outfit and thought about what she'd be doing today. "Ok, after the album signing, I'll go get something to eat. Maybe squeal my head off from meeting Michael Jackson..."...
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Weeks have passed, Michael is due to begain his 3 mwaka tour in a week. Michael is now getting last dakika things done before he is due to leave. Michael and Alicia are in his bedroom finishing packing.

"We're going on a trip..we're going on a trip...hey!" Alicia sung aloud to herself. "Please leave the imba and the songwriting to me please." Michael replied. "I was just getting into the spirit gosh...no need to be rude." Alicia alisema rolling her eyes. "Im not being rude...your just being annoying." Michael replied. "You seem uneasy about something...whats up?" Alicia asked. "Nothing..im...
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 what he wore dancing with Aislinn
what he wore dancing with Aislinn
The inayofuata morning
Aislinn woke up and saw no Michael, but heard the kuoga running. "Showering as usual. Hm...I think I'll see about scaring him. Heehee..." She found a white rose and her fake kisu that squirted out blood. She pretended to cut her throat and the blood squirted across. She did the same to her arms and placed the rose on her chest and acted like she was dead. Michael got out of the kuoga and changed and before putting his shati on, looked over at Aislinn. He was confused, but looked closely and saw blood. "Oh my god! Aislinn!!" He ran to her and was panicking like crazy. He shook...
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 History Teaser Picture taken probably 1994 au 95
History Teaser Picture taken probably 1994 or 95
ok so im hear this time uandishi a review on this album i would be willing to do a video but im bored so hear i go. HIStory and Blood on the Dance Floor (BOTDF) ERA is probably one of Michael's most maarufu eras even tho its alisema botdf isn't his most maarufu tho but he did get a reward for something diffrent which was not as maarufu REMIX'S yes remix's don't get as much popularity as the regular album its self. The album BOTDF got a reward for number 1 remixed album i don't know if it still remains number 1 but in the 90's it was cause it was something new MJ wanted to try out he also added...
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finally jimmy, hunitumia faye and ari arrived at the tamasha erea at the park inside the indoors mpira wa kikapu court jimmy, hunitumia had unfortunatlly didnt ourchase front row seats because they were all gone so the got around middle row.the moment the girls sat down michael arrived he wwent in through the back door and went behind the stage set up.the lights lowered and michael got on stage the crowd went wild for michael but michael was frantically looking for jasmine..but he couldnt wast time so he came back to focuse :michael:good afternoon new york!!!!! today i will be imba off the new album BAD and i...
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 Back cover of 'Thriller 25' album.
Back cover of 'Thriller 25' album.
Background Info
Written kwa Michael Sherwood, David Paich, and Steve Porcaro during the Thriller sessions and recorded in 1990 as a contender for Michael's album Dangerous, but it wasn't released at the time.

This song then surfaced on the internet towards the end of 2002.

Final version released on the Thriller 25th Anniversary Album.

Open this link in a new tab/window.

The Lyrics
Sun comes up on this new morning
Shifting shadows, a songbird sings
And if these words could have kept wewe happy

I'd do anything

And if wewe feel alone, I'll be your shoulder
With a tender touch, wewe know me so well
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