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January 1, 2015,

I looked around the hospital room and alisema "I'm so glad that I can finally go home! I didn't expect it to take that many days for me to be rehydrated enough to go home!" Kyle alisema as we walked out to my truck "what do wewe think your family is going to say when they find out that you're pregnant with my baby?" I alisema "you heard what the doctor alisema to me yesterday; I can't be stressed out and I can pretty much guarantee wewe that a few people in particular are going to raise my stress level once they find out I'm pregnant again! The whole reason I passed out in the first place...
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The inayofuata Day
I just woke up and saw that Michael was holding Kiara in his arms and playing with her. She was giggling and having fun, which was good. At least she would have some time with her daddy. She was already such a daddy's girl and it made me giggle. Yet it also made me smile because it was so sweet how Michael already adapted to being a father. I was expecting visitors today and Michael told me that it would be my family and his family coming to see us. Only thing is that his family would have to take turns, considering how big his family was. I didn't mind it at all. Although, I never...
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After about an saa and 30 minutes
Isis and Rebecca came upon Paul and Linda McCartney's nyumbani in northern California, near the border of Oregon. Rebecca was excited to see them again, because Paul was the one person she counted on to help her sing out when she was little. Isis parked the car and turned to Rebecca. "You ready to see them again, Rebecca?" She asked. Rebecca turned to her mother and smiled. "Always ready to see them again, mother." She replied. They got out of the car and went up to the door and knocked. The one who opened the door was Linda, and when she saw Rebecca and Isis,...
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 what he was wearing to chajio, chakula cha jioni
what he was wearing to dinner
The inayofuata siku michael was up ready for. After he got there he saw Jenifer, he walked over to her. Michael alisema to Jenifer why wewe here so earl, I decided to come here early to warm up. Michael gave her a wink. After Michael and his backup were done for the siku they went home. Michael was looking for Jenifer then as soon as he saw her he caught up to her. Jenifer!! Jenifer! Michael yelled. When she saw him she went over to him. hujambo are wewe going to ready tonight. Yeah Jenifer said. After they alisema good bye to each other michael went home. When michael got nyumbani he took a hot shower. After he got...
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Another week as gone by, Jake is now pulling up to miranda's home, he sits and waits for her to arrived nyumbani from grocecery shopping. He lights a cigariette while he waits..

As jake sat waiting for Miranada, ways on how to get rid of michael were flowing through his head. Jake thought until he came up with a plan. He smiled to himself as the thought of how things would be once michael was out of the way. Then Miranada pulled up. Jake sat and waited for her to carry her small arm full of groceceries into the house. Jake sat there for about 15 minutes, afterward he quickly flicked his cigeratte...
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Ileana sat stunned and confused as to what michael just alisema to her. "Ileana are wewe still there?" michael asked. "Uh....yea im still here." Ileana said. "Ok i just wanted to make sure i didnt...you know freak wewe out." Michael said. "Oh um..your ok wewe didnt freak me out..why would wewe think something like that?" Ileana asked. Michael told a deep breath, "Because all the woman that i once loved....i told them that..and...." Michael's voice trailed off. "And what michael?" Ileana asked trying to get him to finish his sentence. "Well to make the stories short, all of them left me for some bad...
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Michael, we remember and appreciate
as wewe gave happiness to others ...

He did not like everything
He was alone in the whole wide world
He taught us to be kinder
He appealed to protect the planet.
Appreciate the love, doing good
contempt for revenge
forgave the insult, he loved life,
Preserved word of honor.
His eyes filled with deep
unearthly warmth
In his eyes concealed life
a hard life.
About him in the newspapers wrote
Just slander and lies
he wanted to humiliate,
What magazine did not take.
Michael is gone forever,
Nobody really does not return
He remained in the hearts
He's never in them will not die.
siku passes for the siku ...
I still want to find the answer:
Why do people appreciate
When they are no longer close?

I know Michael, your life is not in vain
wewe just wanted to give children the happiness
wewe tried to awaken within us human
You'll always be king of the 20 th century!
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 I upendo wewe SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
My beautiful Mystery Man
I know I'm your biggest fan
I don't ever have to ask
Who's that man behind the mask
While in this world wewe made HISTORY
But left behind a whole lot of mystery
People are still trying to belittle your name
But I know they're just jealous of your fame
They liked to play with your feelings like a toy
But I always loved wewe my precious boy
People tried to hurt wewe and I'd scream NO!!
Stop talking bad about my hero
I bet they all wanted wewe to come out confessing
But I'm glad wewe left them all guessing
I upendo wewe Michael you're FOREVER in my heart
wewe and I NEVER will we part!!!
I upendo wewe zaidi than all the stars in the sky.
I upendo wewe zaidi as each moment passes us by.
I upendo wewe zaidi with every breath I take.
I upendo wewe zaidi with each promise we make.

I need wewe like a maua, ua needs the rain.
I need wewe for wewe can wash away my pain.
I need wewe zaidi each siku
I need wewe for wewe are so wonderful, in every single way.

I miss wewe zaidi than ever now.
I miss wewe because I really need wewe somehow.
I miss wewe and your touch.
I miss wewe for to me, wewe mean so much.

I want wewe to caress my lips the way wewe always do.
I want wewe to look into my eyes and see my upendo for you.
I want wewe to hold me close to your heart.
I want wewe to know that I upendo you, need you, miss you, and want wewe
And I have for every single moment, right from the start.
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When they got to the studio, everybody turned to look at Breanna, wondering who she was and why she was with Michael. But they knew better than to ask their boss about his lady friend. Michael walked over to the dancers and started rehearsal.

Breanna sat down beside Quincy Jones and watched Michael as he worked. Watching him dance,literally took her breath away because he really gave himself over to his music. It was almost like he got high from his music.

As he worked, Michael could feel her watching him and he smiled. When the instrumental for The Way wewe Make Feel began to play,he beckoned...
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The answer was simply nothing. Nothing was wrong with him. I'm sure every shabiki has seen the "Living with Michael Jackson" documentery kwa Martin Bashir. Bashir called him undeveloped and childish and man who needed to live in reality. But reality, these days, is rather sickening. In the mornings, I turn on the news and see awful horror upon the screen and wish I hadnt. My generation looks upon people who understand nature as weird au crazy. Michael was one of those few who did understand. Michael was treated awfully and was accused of things he didnt do. I have spoken to people who were mulested...
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For chajio, chakula cha jioni they had mash patatoes,corn and meat..jasmine was the only one that knew michael wouldnt eat meat that wasnt chicken from KFC lol so before chajio, chakula cha jioni started she oreder some..finally it came and michael ate his KFC.during chajio, chakula cha jioni everyone talked but michael and jimmy, hunitumia had thier own side conversation :michael:jasmine u have a wonderful family. :jasmine:thank wewe michael hahah im very thankful now for them letting me stay..ive already rearranged my room.;michael:thankful now?..and kool really?may i see your room?Jasmine blushed she was a little embarassed to onyesha michael her room..after...
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People ask me how I make music. I tell them I
just step into it.It's like stepping into a river and
joining the flow. Every moment in the river has
it's song. So I stay in the moment and listen.
What I hear is never the same. A walk
through the woods brings a light, crackling
song:Leaves rustle in the wind, birds chatter and
Squirrels scold, twigs crunch underfoot, and
the beat of my moyo holds it all together. When
wewe jiunge the flow, the muziki is inside and outside,
and both are the same. As long as I can listen to
the moment, I'll always have music.
What about sunrise
Earth Song

What about rain
What about all the things
That wewe alisema we were to gain...
What about killing fields
Is there a time
What about all the things
That wewe alisema was yours and mine...
Did wewe ever stop to notice
All the blood we've shed before
Did wewe ever stop to notice
This crying Earth its weeping shores?

Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh

What have we done to the world?
Look what we've done.
What about all the peace,
That wewe pledge your only son?
What about flowering fields?
Is there a time?
What about all the dreams,
That wewe alisema was yours and mine?

Did wewe ever stop to...
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