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posted by 123pixie
The bad thing about the future is that wewe can never predict what gonging is to happen to some people it’s a new siku to start off with a clean slate but to me it could be the end of what never really started .well maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but somehow my birth destroyed two Families, one of which is a family of thief’s, murders and the most powerful people wewe will ever meet the other the other is a family of goodwill ,hole hole heartedness but yet not without imperfections the imperfections of not so average family ............................................................................................
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posted by mjjennine
August 29 came the birth of a boy
He would later fill the world with joy
The mwaka was 1958
This boy was going to be something great
the years went kwa he learnt to sing and dance
Anyone who saw him was put in a trance
"He is fantastic" they would say real keen
Never such talent had been seen
As he grew older he became zaidi beautiful
And everything he did was simply delightful
The man I speak of
The man I love
Was sent to us from up above
Michael Jackson is his name
Never will anyone have such fame
wewe are my Angel I will upendo wewe FOREVER
My moyo will leave wewe Michael NEVER×××××
posted by JanetJFan
I just wanted to tell everyone thank you. For what wewe may ask? Well For making me smile, making turn to this place when i am down. Thanking for everyone's support towards MJ & his family. I think The message on this Club is simple n its L.O.V.E.. Most of wewe remind me of my very own family, & I upendo wewe all like wewe are my family. I upendo wewe all very much , Your all amazing. <3

Now let's Go into MJ Omg is it just me isnt he the best,amazing,sexy,hotty, celeb to walk this earth! Omg i wish he was here, i miss him soo much but everytime i come on here i think "WOW he is the one, the one that brought us together, He did it he reached his message.L.O.V.E".. Please everyone carry on MJ's message n Contunie to Listen to REAL POP muziki and that's MJ Music!!{{Not saying every other pop artist is bad some of the pop muziki today is great, but MJ's was better}}
upendo wewe All-
Jacinda a.k.a JanetJfan
posted by paloma97ppb
A poem I dedicated to Michael .

I woke up one day, I found at wewe were gone
and now I'm sitting here listening to
this sad song.

When I look at the sky at night, I wonder
If I could see wewe one siku in heaven, I can
Feel your presence seven days a week, you’re
In my dreams, they seem to be real until I wake up
And my moyo is hurting

Wherever wewe are, I feel wewe close no matter
How far au how near

Why did wewe go? One siku I will know,
wewe never alisema goodbye,
There must be a reason why, that’s why I cry
LAPD detectives were on the hunt for Dr. Conrad Murray's communications with his baby mama, Nicole Alvarez -- a woman cops believe knows a lot about Michael Jackson's death.

According to documents just released, detectives obtained a tafuta warrant in November, 2009 -- 5 months after Jackson died. They searched a Gmail account belonging to Nicole Alvarez, the woman who had a child with Murray. She's the same woman Murray was staying with in Santa Monica up to the time Jackson died.

Cops wanted records from May, 2009 through September, 2009. So it's now clear -- detectives wanted to know what...
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posted by Jill_17
"They may have gone three months since his death, but appears to be of concern to us on time.
Shortly before the release of double album''This is it''on Oct. 26 and the premiere of ...

homonymous film on Oct. 28, Sony will release enaolokainourio single kwa Michael Jacksonstis October 12 ...

The new song of Jackson will not be released as a separate single disc, but will play on all radios from 12 October, two weeks before the release of the official album. Its title is''This is it''and to hear what the brothers do vocals Jackson King of Pop.

The new song''proves once again what everyone knows...
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I really think that June 25th should be Michael Jackson siku because he was the best entertainer who ever lived. He changed the way we listen to music, watch muziki video's, and he helped over 40 charities, and I just think he totally deserves a holiday dedicated to him. On this day, muziki channel's, such as MTV and VH1, should play his muziki video's all day, non-stop, and people around the world should honor the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. kwa having a "Michael Jackson Day," zaidi and zaidi people will learn about his awesome muziki and dance moves, and Michael will live on forever. Let Me Know What wewe Think about "Michael Jackson Day!" ;)
posted by Beatit
Every night she walks right in
my dreams
Since I met her from the start
I'm so proud I am the only one
Who is special in her heart

The girl is mine
The doggone girl is mine
I know she's mine
Because the doggone girl
is mine

I don't understand the way
you think
Saying that she's yours not
Sending roses and your silly
Really just a waste of time

Because she's mine
The doggone girl is mine
Don't waste your time
Because the doggone girl
is mine

I upendo wewe zaidi than he
(Take wewe anywhere)

But I upendo wewe endlessly
(Loving we will share)

(Michael & Paul)
So come and go with me
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i hope wewe quyys like my newestt video :] i upendo all 3 of michaels Beautiful children BUT, blanket is my faveeeeeee<333333
Michael Jackson
king of pop
bbygirlsamaim701 blanket
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Michael Jackson
king of pop
Songs Performed: The other half of wewe Are Not Alone, and some Jackson 5 songs.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
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