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posted by mjlover88
Beep beep beep went my alarm clock, “Oh crap! I have to get up” I moaned, and then I abruptly sat up and alisema “I have to impress Michael”. I ran to my closet and grabbed a one strap aqua blue dress. “I hope he likes it” I alisema putting it on, I grabbed a black pair of high heels. I looked at the clock, it alisema 12:55. I grabbed my mfuko wa fedha, mfuko and keys and went over to Michael’s apartment. *I knock on his door* “one sec” he answered, *he opens the door* “Hi Cat how ya… whoa, wewe look great” he said. “Thanks, wewe too” I alisema smiling. “So what do wewe want to do?” I asked,...
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posted by mjlover88
I’m new at this so let’s say I’m 24 and MJ is 25, this story takes place during MJ’s Bad era.
My name is Kaitlyn aka Cat I have Lost everyone in my family due to murder, the killer is still out there and I am the target. I don’t know who it is yet, but I have my suspicions. I live in a fancy hotel called the Lafayette in Los Angeles, CA, the hotel is owned kwa my close friend Kaying who let me stay there so I would be protected. I originally lived in North Dakota, but since no one I knew lived there, there was no point in staying. Kaying also gave me a job there, and that was to privately...
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posted by 2468244
Deceitful eyes, she's got those come get me thighs
She only knows how low that she can go
She speaks the lines that can control my mind
Wherever she goes I know my eyes follow
She blew me a kiss, I swear that it was meant
Only for me, then spoke with her body
Her only goal is just to take control
And I can't believe that I can't tell her no

That girl I can't take her
Should have known she was a heartbreaker
That GIR I can't take her
Should have seen right through her she's a heartbreaker
That girl I can't take her
Should have seen it coming heartbreaker
That girl I can't take her
Should have seen right through...
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posted by 2468244
Now I'm just wondering why wewe think
That wewe can get to me with anything
Seems like you'd know kwa now
When and how I get down
And with all that I've been through, I'm still around

Don't wewe ever make no mistakes
Baby I've got what it takes
And there's no way you'll ever get to me (Come no now)
Why can't wewe see that you'll never ever hurt me
'Cause I won't let it be, see I'm too much for wewe baby

You can't believe it, wewe can't conceive it
And wewe can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable
And I know wewe hate it, and wewe can't take it
You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable

Now wewe can't stop me even...
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They say I'm different
They don't understand
But there's a bigger problem
That's much zaidi in demand
You got world hunger
Not enough to eat
So there's really no time
To be trippin' on me

You got school teachers
Who don't wanna teach
You got grown people
Who can't write au read
You got strange diseases
Ah but there's no cure
>You got many doctors
That aren't so sure
So tell me

Why wewe wanna trip on me
Why wewe wanna trip on me
Stop trippin'

We've got zaidi problems
Than we'll ever need
You got gang violence
And bloodshed on the mitaani, mtaa
You got homeless people
With no chakula to eat
Wtih no clothes...
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She Always Takes It With A moyo Of Stone
'Cause All She Does Is Throw It Back To Me
I've Spend A Lifetime Looking For Someone
Don't Try To Understand Me
Just Simply Do The Things I Say

Love Is A Feeling
Give It When I Want It
'Cause I'm On Fire
Quench My Desire
Give It When I Want It
Talk To Me Woman
Give In To Me
Give In To Me

You Always Knew Just How To Make Me Cry
And Never Did I Ask wewe maswali Why
It Seems wewe Get Your Kicks From Hurting Me
Don't Try To Understand Me
Because Your Words Just Aren't Enough

Love Is A Feeling
Quench My Desire
Give It When I Want It
Takin' Me Higher
Love Is A Woman
I Don't Wanna...
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Jackson means Jack's son

Joseph Walter Jackson-Joseph mean "He Will Enlarge" and Walter meaning "Ruler of the Army"
Katherine Esther Scruse-Katherine meaning "Pure" and Esther meaning "Star"

Maureen Reillette "Rebbie" Jackson-Maureen means "Uncertain, Maybe Bitter"
La Toya Yvonne Jackson-Toya meaning "Peach mti and Arrow" and Yvonne meaning "Yew"
Janet Damita Jo Jackson-Janet means "God is Gracious"

Sigmund Esco "Jackie" Jackson-Sigmund means "Protector"
Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson-Tito means "White Clay, White Earth"
Jermaine La Jaune Jackson-Jermaine means "Brother"...
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It is morning in a Manhattan disco, and Michael Jackson — who owns perhaps the most scrutinized face in America — is smiling warily for a roomful of strangers. Jackson has come to New York for two weeks of near–continuous hubbub, which will include three sold–out concerts at Madison Square Garden and highly anticipated appearances on the thirtieth annual Grammy Awards program (his first televisheni performance since the 1983 Motown 25 show) and at a benefit chajio, chakula cha jioni for the United Negro College Fund. This morning, though, he is performing the one chore that he reportedly dreads most —...
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Lovely is the feelin' now
Fever, temperatures risin' now
Power (ah power) is the force the vow
That makes it happen
It asks no maswali why (ooh)
So get closer (closer now) to my body now
Just upendo me 'til wewe donŐt know how (ooh)

Keep on with the force don't stop
Don't stop 'til wewe get enough
Keep on with the force don't stop
Don't stop 'til wewe get enough
Keep on with the force don't stop
Don't stop 'til wewe get enough

Touch me and I feel on fire
Ain't nothin' like a upendo desire (ooh)
I'm melting (I'm melting) like hot candle wax
Sensation (ah sensation) lovely where we're at (ooh)
So let upendo take us...
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posted by Beatit
She always takes it with a moyo of stone
'Cause all she does
It throws it back to me
I've spent a lifetime looking for someone
Don't try to understand me
Just simply do the things I say

Love is a feeling
Give it when I want it
'Cause I'm on fire
Quench my desire
Give it when I want it
Talk to me, woman
Give in to me
Give in to me

You always knew just how to make me cry
And never did I ask wewe maswali why
It seems wewe get your kicks from hurting me
Don't try to understand me
Because your words just aren't enough

Love is a feeling
Quench my desire
Give it when I want it
Taking me higher
Love is a woman
I don't wanna...
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