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I don't know if you've already heard, but this is certainly news to me. Two days zamani my sister and I (who are both huge MJ fans) were messing around on the internet. And then this screen came up:
Michael Jackson Is Alive - Secret Message In This Is It
I was confused. I didn't understand. Then in some maoni it read, "Use the muziki programme Audacity to play This Is It reversed and wewe will hear the message". So we did so. And this is what we found:

And I'm just the one in it all
Who is laughing?
Who is laughing?
I hope wewe are
And I'm not dead
They wanna believe
That I live on and
I'm just the one...
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A 19 mwaka old Michael caressing German audience members with his newly unveiled soft feathery high tenor imba voice on the hit muziki TV onyesha Der Musikladen, January 25, 1977.
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Source: Disney / Sylvie
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