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 Michael Jackson~(niks95)
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This Michael Jackson picha contains tamasha. There might also be gitaa, gitaa mchezaji, and mchezaji gitaa.

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 Lisa and Michael
Lisa and Michael
It was in the HIStory tour. I was there because in the past I never got to be in his other tours. After another concert, in Spain, he went off to his dressing room.

I wanted to see how he was doin. When I got to the dressing room door, I heard arguing. It sounded like Lisa. "I'm going now!" She anncouced. "I heard that!" She said. Then she openned the door.

"What do wewe want?" She asked meanly. "Not you." I said. Then she walked away. I went in his dressing room. "How wewe doing?" I asked. "Fine." he said. "In a little bit we're going to the hotel we're reserved in for now. wewe better get ready."...
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posted by Waterwhip
We all remember the siku we dread most. For me and many others, that June 25th, 2009 which kwa the way if getting closer kwa the second. I dont know if I'm ready for all of it. Living in the area I do, the hate people have for Michael is already unbelieved. I'm not ready for the sighns around town saying "Happy 25th of June! Little boys can sleep salama once more!". I'm not ready for the greiving of my Marafiki and partys around town with people wearing anti-mj shirts. I'm just not ready. I do hope I am not the only one. We need to be there for eachother on the days we dread most.
posted by PrinceLover1999
Ever, since I Lost Michael it has been so, hard for me. I kinda drop my grades in school a little bit, I cry at school and have to go to the Consular for a while. I take my anger on other people, of when I think of him. Also, I also scream at my poster's of Michael, and I say harsh things like, I hate wewe why did wewe did this too wewe could have been stronger, I don't want to hear from wewe again. Then sometimes, I just sob until, I go to sleep and other times, I don't eat at all. I also notice something, I don't smile anymore, unless some one cheered me up. Why, did he have to go? In, my head...
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Michael Jackson
king of pop
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