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This Michael Jackson picha contains tamasha. There might also be gitaa, gitaa mchezaji, and mchezaji gitaa.

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 Tania Jackson
Tania Jackson
Wife:Tania Jackson 25 yrs born December 2nd Husband:Michael Jackson 40 yrs August 29th
Son: Joseph Jackson 16 yrs January 1st

Michael Jackson woke up early in the Morning (8:30)to see that he was late for work. He got out of kitanda and went straight to his closet to find some clothes to wear. He found a white T-shirt and a pair of gray pants. He then went to his drawer to get underwear and socks. He Went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. He got in the bathroom and started undressing to go in the shower, he walked in the kuoga and took a bar of soap and washed himself, then he took some shampoo...
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1)Every night, I cry very hard and listen to the song "You Are Not Alone". I miss Michael so much because the world was so cruel to him and hardly anybody understood what a tough life he had starting from childhood. He was abused mentally all his life and many people showed no respect for him even though he was an Angel on Earth.
2) When I was a little girl around age 2 my sister made me a CD with Smooth Crimninal on it and I loved that song. It was one of my earliest memories. I used to go around saying "Im going to meet the person who wrote this song. Ill see a tamasha one day. Youll see"...
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(Why don't wewe give me some time)
(Won't wewe give me some time)

Pretty baby
Kisses for your loving
I really get it when you're
Next to me yeah yeah
I'm so excited how wewe
Give me all your loving
I got it coming and it's ecstacy

Streetwalking baby

Cause everyday I watch wewe
Paint the town so pretty
I see wewe coming in and off
On my thought yeah yeah
You don't believe me then
You can ask my brother
Cause everyday at six
Home alone

Baby I upendo wewe
Baby I upendo wewe
Baby I want wewe
Baby come upendo me
Baby I need wewe
You're so satisfying

I hear wewe walking
Cause your body's talking to me
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Michael Jackson
king of pop
upendo it ♥
Michael Jackson
billie jean
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Michael Jackson
muziki video
give in to me
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