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This Michael Jackson picha might contain suti biashara, biashara suti, picha, headshot, and closeup.

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posted by asya10wooten
its been over mwaka since I've been on fanpop and I think it's time for me to come back I've been through a lot this mwaka I had my good times and my bad times and very very bad times well uandishi up here gives me a chance to let out my feelings but in story format so I'm coming back with new and approved stories and try finishing up the rest of the stories please go check out my stories there also on my page and I guess this will be start of new stories for wewe guys and me and I hope wewe like and leave a maoni on a few i"ll be starting of with a new story au ndoto however wewe wanna say it called "titanic" so i hope wewe will enjoy the story i will be on here zaidi often so kasha pokezi any ideas for stories


looking around she started to feel excited. all of a sudden the lights went down and muziki started.then through the door swaggered a man dressed in blood red clothes. Tight red leather pants a silk re shati and red jacket. Dark hair in a braid and red lipstick. Jennine gasped when she saw his face. Holding a chair to steady herself she gazed in half terror and half lust at Michael Jackson. Oh my god she breathed great heaving gulps of air. the muziki got louder and the girls started dancing around Michael.That familiar voice that Jennine so loved came through the speakers. smoothly making his way across the room he came ever so slowly to where Jennine was standing. Locking eyes with hers he spun around on one heel and grabed Jennine kwa the waist. Jennine melted as his arms encircled her and he thrusted his hips against hers. tango style they danced across the room while Michael didnt miss a beat. imba perfectly whilst dancing.
The inayofuata siku Michael arrived bright and early back at the theater for the first siku of rehersals. When he arrived he noticed that Ali was the only dancer that had arrived.Ali was sitting on the stage stretching. Michael walked onto the stage. "Ali what are wewe doing here so early?" Michael asked. "Gee wewe like to ask alot of maswali dont you?" Ali alisema rudely. "Ok seriously what is your deal??? i was only asking wewe a swali theres no need for wewe to go all bitchy on me...i just asked a simple question." Michael alisema sternly. "So your calling me a bitch, kahaba now?" Ali said. "No! i didnt call...
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posted by mrsmjj20
“I’ve got to go. Michael will be here soon. I will talk to wewe later.” I overheard my wife of 2 years say as I walked into the room. She hung up the phone and turned to greet me with a kiss.

“Who was that?” I asked.
“Oh, nobody just a bill collector.” she alisema casually. How did your recording session go?”

“It was great.” I replied, kissing her.

“That’s great, baby.”

“Happy anniversary.” I said, handing her a box.

“Ooooh, what is it, baby?” she asked, clasping her hands together.

“Open it “, I alisema with a smile.

She opened the box and gasped. “Oh, Michael! I...
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A little later I was walking down the dirt road at Skywalker Ranch and I saw a moto Engine coming down the road and it’s bells were ringing and it’s horn was blowing, so I moved over closer to the ditch, thinking they needed zaidi room to pass by, since it was a narrow road, and to my surprise, they blew the horn again and when I turned to look back at them I saw Michael hanging out the passenger side of the truck and waving excitedly, so I looked behind me thinking he was waving to someone else, but no one was there, so it suddenly dawned on me that he was waving to me. So I smiled and waved back, and he seemed to be as excited as a kid would be riding in a moto Truck for the first time.
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