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Miley Cyrus is a good role model because she keeps it real. She doesnt try to be fake. She says what she thinks. I would say she is my idol because I think we think the same. After kusoma her book, which SHE wrote herself, I found that we like the same stuff. All those Miley Haters might say shes a liar and a cheat , but I dont think so. I think shes the most amazing person ever . ALL Miley Haters need to start realising that. Ok I get that they are entitled to their oppinion, but please make a new club for it. Im sure us Smilers dont want to hear what wewe have to say on this club. fanpop is supposed to about making Marafiki not about making people angry. Sometimes I feel as if people are just saying these things just to be controversal. Thats not right. Miley is cool and I have realised that. Shes not perfect and I do get that some people dont like her. I mean I dont like Justin Bieber but I wouldnt go on the fanclub and start saying horrid stuff about him. Its not right. Thes people are doing what they enjoy for a living. If they have mashabiki they enjoy it even more. Miley Cyrus has brought joy to my life and thats why I think shes a good role model. She may have grown up, but I dont think it was all her fault. The people sha hangs around with could have influenced her. So please stop saying horrible things about Miley. In my oppinion she doesnt deserve them.
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