Milo and Hayden is wewe have a Youtube what do wewe think

symone posted on Feb 09, 2008 at 06:31PM
so heres my story if you like it would you make it if not id love to here your input
Peter and Claire are married but peter has been cheating on Claire with Caitlin. Claire doesn’t know. Coming home from work peter gets in to a car crash and falls in to a coma. Claire is there all the time .she quits her job just spent more time with him. About four months later Claire meets Caitlin and finds out a bout him cheating on her and leaves to talk to peters mom. Mama Patrelli loves Claire to death and was devastated to hear what her son did to Claire. Nathan goes to see peter when his doctor comes in (i.e. Simone) and tell them that peter I showing no improvement and that he could be in this coma for a couple of years. After 2 years Claire has enough and moved to Texas with her uncle (her dad in the series) since she spent all the money she had on peter. She meets this guy West and falls in love with him. Forgetting about her still being married to peter she stared to date west. Peter wakes up from his coma but cant remember any thing .his mother comes in and has him remember Claire not catlin .he remembers every thing (even him cheating on Claire). He goes to find her and she was so mad yet to happy to see him .she makes him dinner just like before. Being together an again must have lit a candle because they began to kiss. West sees them kissing and gets very mad and argues with Claire. So they break up. And peter and Claire live happily ever after well until I come up with more or you id love you help.

Milo and Hayden No majibu