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// The inayofuata Morning //

Knock knock knock
Me: I'm coming shoot people need to calm they nerves
*opens door*
Me: t'f what is this a DVD wait lemme play it first

On the DVD
T: Jennifer are wewe watching porn
Me: No ain't nobody got time for dat *sweet brown voice*
T: lemme see
Me: why wewe so hyped wewe watch porn
T: No I don't
-gives him the laptop-
T eyes all like: 0.0
Dayumm that girl gotta big punda b-(gco)
Me: give me my laptop!!
T: wait w-w-wait
Me: Fine
-walks upstairs-
5 dakika later
I go back downstairs
Me: o. O T what .. are wewe masturbating
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posted by TtRr
Ok so I am new at all this so plz don't judge me 😌😜😝😛😍😋. So it's about a girl named violet and she has a friend the she is going to the dance with.

(2 days before the dance 😜)

Violet: Oh my gosh it 2 days before the dance and I still need an outfit.
Jenet( this is not the friend shes going to the dance with): I know right me either
Teacher : violet would u like to share what u and jenet were talking about that was so important that u had to interrupt class
Violet : Um for your info I'm not as open as u r with that ugly shati
Teacher: Fine jenet u tell us
Jenet: um I ... she...
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posted by irreplaceable
hujambo yall! i'm baaaaaaack!!!! and let me just say i missed yall the reason i haven't been on is because my internet would not work for s__t so it's been a painful mwezi without internet but here's a story for yall soooooooooooo TURN UP!!!!!!!!

aj pov
so i woke up in the middle of the night cuz.. wewe know a niggas gotta pee and i was thirsty.
me:*walks downstairs*
so i went downstairs and and used the bathroom then i went to the jikoni and turned on the lights..... i'm afraid of the dark....... don't judge me. i got some water then i switched off the light and bolted up the staris.... ha! you...
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 Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Character Plot
Craig Crippen Jr as himself(18)
Chresanto August as himself(18)
Rayan Lopez as himself(18)
Jacob Perez as himself(18)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown) as himself(23)
Rita as Teddy Ariel Brown "daughter of Chris Brown"(16)

Introduction:Teddy Ariel Brown is a new girl in Academy Arts HighSchool now everyone knows not to f*ck with the new girl everyone except Chresanto August himself a18 mwaka old player who f*cks every broad who wants him.What happens when Teddy begins to fall in upendo Chresanto?Will he change his ways au break Teddy's heart?

Eye Color-Chestnut Brown
Weight-100 pounds
Secret Crush-Chresanto August
inayopendelewa Websites-Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr,and Kik
 Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
 Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
 Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
 Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown)
 Rita Ora as Teddy Ariel Brown(Daughter Of Chris Brown)
Rita Ora as Teddy Ariel Brown(Daughter Of Chris Brown)
posted by irreplaceable
i'm gonna do these scenes one scene per chapter so just know that wewe WILL get your scene

aj pov
these nasty azz freaks lol
me: before yall get it in the pack and i are going into the woods and we're gonna hunt do wewe want us to get yall some meat
them: *not paying attention* yea sure whatever

///lexi and prince///
prince and lexi were having a heated makeout session
"papi" lexi moaned as prince was sucking on her nipples. he went lower planting small kisses on body till he reached her clit. he slowly pulled off her panties and started eating her out. he stopped then put in two fingers and pumped...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Layke POV

I sat there in the corner .. I finally got up and noticed Michael wasn't in the room.. so good news there is a window in his bedroom .. it was about sunset so I ran and grabbed the latches that opens the window...

M: -grabs my waist-
You didn't think wewe would be able to get away that easy.. did you?
Me: -kicks him in his stomach-
M: -grabs my leg and slammed his elbow in my leg-
Me: -grabs my leg and fell on the floor-
M: Jason ... ! Come here
J: wassup
M: meet your new trainee
J: alright I got this
M: -leaves-

J: stand up
Me: -still sat on the ground-
J: -puts on a gas mask-
Me: wait .. why.....
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posted by mb_rules
 Rayan was wearing exactly this *That is Rayan lol*
Rayan was wearing exactly this *That is Rayan lol*
-Episode 15 "She want that Cake" *If ya nasssstee*-

//Friday 1:21pm Tay woke up then walked downstairs to eat breakfast
Jenette: Why are wewe waking up so late?
Tay: It's none of your business.
HerMom: Well anyway Taylee, remember that dance class wewe used to go to with Rayan? It's having a grand opening today, I thought wewe might want to go there.
Tay: Oh. Probably I guess. I'll go mention it to him now actually.

//She walked out to inayofuata door. Rayan was outside playing with KayKay because it was her birthday
KayKay: Hi Taylee! (She gave her a hug)
Tay: Happy birthday Kaelisha!
KayKay: I'm gonna go see...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
-8 Months Later-
Prod: *Walks In Kitchen*
Prince: Morning Mo-Hawk
Prod: Shut up!
Roc: Where your baby momma?
Prod: Sleep........
Lana: Her boobs got BIG!
Shaniah: ALANA!
Lana: Im NOT kidding they did
Ray: She look like a baby kubeba to
Prod: -_____- Enough!
Diggy: *Laughs* He's getting mad
Jacob: Awwww.....Prod are your feelings getting hurt?
Prod: My names not Prod.....
Star: Then what is it.....?
Prod: Aggravated man!
Lana: *Laughs* That's funny
Makailah: *Laughs* Im mad that's your name....with that vain in your neck
Justin: Let's stop making Prod mad
Janae: Baby....you mean aggravated man?
Beauty: wewe kiddos...
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posted by irreplaceable
aj pov
i can't believe i'm telling them this

ray: are wewe gonna tell us already?
cece: ray apparently it's hard for them to tell us *turns to me* go ahead aj take all the time wewe need
me: i um we um we're........
diggy: wewe want me to tell them
trey: maybe twist au myles should
me:no i got this
roc: we're waiting
lexi:why don't wewe just tell us tomorrow
me: i'm okay with that
myles: no aj tell them now *stern like he's my dad*
me: nigga wewe ain't my daddy
trey: aj listen to myles
me: *growls*
prod: did wewe just growl?!
me: can i just tell yall already?!
eb: sure
me: so yall promise not to be...
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posted by prettygirlny
Back to were I left off .Prince n Jenna in the backroom .

Prince: (Goes over to the door n locks it )
Jenna : Come on Prince ! Wat the hell! Y are wewe lockin h damm door ?
Prince: So none of dat shit wit Roc n Shay will happen !
Jenna: Wateva I don't care . Come ON !
Prince : (Throws Jenna on the bed.)
Jenna:(Takes off her shati and starts kissing Prince's neck.)
Prince: (Stops and whispered)Are wewe sure wewe want to do this ?
Jenna: ......Wha......Wat are wewe saying ?
Prince: Because I have a secret .
Jenna :Naw Prince stop playing ! So wewe got me out of my freaken shati all turned up and ready to go...
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 bila mpangilio Pic
Random Pic
This is my first time uandishi a story about MB so plz kubeba with me.
OK here we go.
-IN My Room-
Me:my mom is so awesome
Me:Brittany she bought us ticks to the concert.
Britt: oh yeah
Me: sometime i worry about you
Britt:why im fine i got a check up yesterday and the doctor gave me an iCarly sticker
Me:i don't understand how wewe passed the 9th grade.
Britt:well i did *smiles*
Me:well anyway wat are wewe wearing to the concert
Britt:clothes.........*says under her breath* idiot.
Britt:oooooh im sorry....
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hi so my name is chy and i upendo mindless behavior so much(princeton).and i just wanted to say that they are a real talent group.and also i think i`m princeton number #1 girl because i`m pretty,smart,thankful,condient,and i upendo to speard the peace.and also i upendo mindless behavior because they belive in thereself and they are really funny and fun.and ladie`s they are (hottttttttt).right ladie`s.and don`t u guys want to be there babe`s.and all i have to say princeton u is so sexiiiiiiii.

so be a shabiki of me and do comment`s

thank u!!!!!!!!!!
posted by avanzant12
nyasi, nyasi kavu it is summer time and me and my girl Marafiki is at one of the mindlessbehavior concert.

so we all out there have good time and everything so the boys got throw sing there last song for the day. they came over were we was they alisema "hay richara what wewe doing here." she "wat do u guys think."then they stared laugh.so princeton ask who is your friend over acking shy. she said" that my girl Alexis." I alisema "uhh wewe want something." he alisema yea you.

He alisema "alexis wewe is looking cuteing in dat summer dressed."HE alisema " do wewe and your nyumbani gurls want come two our beach, pwani party we is haveing to day."I alisema sure we will be there.

So i told my girls boute it then we left to go and get ready for the party.oo as we was leaving he gave me a hug. so we got ready for the party and everything.then we went to the party.
 Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Character Plot
Craig Crippen Jr.(Prodigy) as himself(18)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal) as himself(18)
Rayan Lopez(Rayx2) as himself(18)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Priceton) as himself(18)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown) as himself(23)
Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom) as herself(16)
Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi) as herself(8)

Introduction:16 mwaka old Blossom Ariel Brown used to be in upendo with Mindless Behavior until she began to realize they hid somany secrets from their fans.You might say once wewe go Mindless wewe may never turn back but Blossom does whatever the h*ll she wants.When Blossom visits Mindless Behavior for her little sister Bambi Ariel Brown will she change he mind au will she hate Mindless Behavior even more??

Name-Blossom Ariel Brown
Eye Color-Hazel Brown Eyes
Race-African American
Height-5'0 feet tall
Weight-100 pounds
Dislikes-Mindless Behavior
inayopendelewa Websites-Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr and Kik
 Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
 Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
 Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
 Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi)
Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi)
 Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom)
Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom)
 Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown,Father of Blossom Ariel Brown and Bambi Ariel Brown)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown,Father of Blossom Ariel Brown and Bambi Ariel Brown)
posted by shayshayball
well i what to meet mb for real life but how will happyed to meet then real but my fav is rayray because he cute and smart and funny and be a happy siku to meet rayray i will be happy to meet him but they are happy and funny but upendo sing and make ever boby happy and upendo to dance an my songesha that no one no about and that one i will be happy and loveing to meet rayray .os than we go to the sinema an make cookie an be beat friend an but one siku we will be good friend but one siku we be boyfriend and girlfrind well no how i like upendo him
at the house
Ray Rays P.O.V.
mia: hujambo babe what cha doing
me: nothing
mia climbed on my lap and started kissing me and I rubed her thighs then she reached down and took off my shati then I took off hers we kissed a little zaidi then I unhooked her bra she unziped my pants and pulled down my boxers I kissed her neck she took off her short shorts I stuck my little friend inside her and went in and out slowly she groned and I went a little faster
meanwhile at the store
Kate's P.O.V.
me: hujambo babe go get some oj
Prince: but that's all the way across the store
me: just go please
Prince: fine
ok that should keep...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
 ( @MindlessSwagged )
( @MindlessSwagged )
So here are the results for my new story ...

Name: Kesha
Age: 21
From: L.A.
Personality: fun.. cool outgoing .. but don't get on her bad side...

Name: Leah
Age: 19
From: L.A.
Personality: tough, aggressive, but still nice..

( @MindlessSwagged )
Name: Kayla
Age: 21
From: Philly
Personality: sweet but ain't afraid to put her hands on you

Name: Nazii
Age: 21
From: Dayton Ohio
Personality: loud mouth loves to dance and drink also loves to twerk .. but will beat yo punda if necessary

Name: Aj
Age: 19
From: L.A.
Nice but won't back down..if wewe step up to her

Name: Jalisa
Age: 21
From: Miami
Fashionable likes being different but don't get it twisted she will beat wewe t'f up..

So sorry if wewe didn't get in but wewe know first come first serve!
Oh I am so sorry I haven't been on I've been busy..
 ( @Avanzant12 )
( @Avanzant12 )
 ( @SwaggerQueen )
( @SwaggerQueen )
 ( @irreplaceable )
( @irreplaceable )
 ( @rocsboothing )
( @rocsboothing )
 ( @MBsuperfan )
( @MBsuperfan )
 bila mpangilio character
random character
 My Dress
My Dress
So it was my birthday I was turning 18
Ahh finally legal I decided to throw a party

Me: Everyone Get Up!!!!
Jessica/ Ray: Jennifer it's 7:00 am
Jessica: -wide awake- wewe throwing a party
Me: u mean a partay
Jessica: yeah
Me: wewe betcha
Jessica: YAY!! time to get my twerk on
Me: me too!!

// Party Time //
Me: Jessica wewe know how to ubunifu for a party gon girl do yo thang - laughs-
Jessica: ayye thanks but guess what
Me: what?
Jessica: ITS TIME TO TURN UP!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Jessica your a little to turn't up bring it down
Jessica: okay

// Party //
Do my dance came on and...
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posted by prodigywife99
shanies and her Marafiki amber,shaquorya,mizzkiwi and mizzniya wuz walkin nyumbani then outta from skool then outta nowhere princeton,prodigy,and rayray came out and wanted go out on a tarehe with them princeton aske shaquorya,prodigy ask mizzniya then rayra ask amber,they all alisema yes all of them ran back 2 their houses and pick out their outfits they knew wut there inayopendelewa colors were so they picked out there fav colors so princeton,prodigy and rayraycame and knocked on the door they were so excited until baby_carter14 came up behind mb(my fav band eva) anyway um baby_carter14 alisema girl u betta...
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posted by angel_songz
Mindless behavior oh what a group with Prodigy,Princeton,Ray ray and Roc Royal wow they are cute.
Prodigy-he is a mohawk swagger lead singer hottie
Princeton-he is a afro puff swagger cool cutie
ray Ray-he is a two braided swagger cute factor hottie
Roc Royal-he is a cute haired hat lover swagger cool cutie

now most people are quite obssesed with them because if one of the members lyk roc royal gets a girlfriend people would threaten that girl but not all of wewe MB mashabiki and those who do that just stop it your time will come hopefully for one of the MB member to upendo you.

MB upendo yall thanx for da gr8t music
1-4-3 yall