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Watch I Am Number Four Online free au see it on the big screen. If wewe are a shabiki of Alex Pettyfer au the pretty face of Glee, Dianna Argon, then wewe should definitely not miss to watch this movie on both. I for one have seen the movie on our local theater and I can truly say that the experience is so worth it than to see the film online eventhough it is free.

But then again, since I upendo the movie so much, I crave to Watch I Am Number Four Online daily thus I tafuta the net regularly for the best sites that offer free online viewing of sinema without doing any surveys that has hidden charges. So if you'd ask whether I have found some site that lets me watch the movie for free, I would definitely say yes. Where then? Check out the link below.

Actress Ren Hanami has been turning in some versatile performances lately, including her upcoming role an FBI Profiler on the witness stand for the Lifetime movie, “Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer.” Premiering on the inayofuata work this Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 at 8/7c and previously titled “Presumption of Innocence,” the film stars Michael Nouri (“Flashdance”) and chronicles the return of a serial killer.

Ren also transforms herself into the spunky Grandmother Fa for the premiere professional stage production of Disney’s “Mulan,” currently playing at the well-known Tuacahn Hafen...
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posted by Windrises
Hi. I recently watched a new film named The Comedian. The Comedian is a comedy film that stars Robert De Niro. The film also has Leslie Mann, Harvey Keitel, and Danny DeVito. The film has gotten mostly bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but I decided to check out the film.

The Plot:

In The Comedian Robert De Niro plays Jackie Burke. Mr. Burke is a former sitcom actor who has a rough work life as a comedian. Although Mr. Burke is good at getting his audiences to laugh he has anger problems. Also Mr. Burke gets a into a relationship with a woman who also has work problems.

The film's plot is actually...
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 Jake Gyllenhaal will be replacing Tobey Maguire
Jake Gyllenhaal will be replacing Tobey Maguire
Coverage of HUGE News siku 2008.

link reporter Hugh Jass has the big scoop on the title of X-Files 2. fox, mbweha wanted “X-Files: Curse of the Werepeople” but Chris Carter was holding out for “X-Files: Full Moon Rising.”

JoBlo broke the news that Jake Gyllenhaal will be replacing Tobey Maguire in the inayofuata Spider-Man movie.

/Film reports that the Siegel family have signed on with Marvel Studios to make a 3D Superman vs. Spider-man movie to the big screen in 2012, directed kwa Bryan Singer and Sam Raimi and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and a computer generated Christopher Reeve.

Illegal Movie Torrent...
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posted by BellatrixCissy
here's all of the sinema i saw and liked not in any order lol

New Moon
Harry Potter and sorcer stone
Harry potter and chanmber of secrets
harry potter and prisoner of azkaban
harry potter and the goblet of fire
harry potter and the order of the phoenix
harry potter and the half blood prince
corpse bride
nightmare before christmas
sweeney todd the demon barber of fleet street
willy wonka and the chokoleti facotry
charlie and the chokoleti factory
little mermaid
finding nemo
alice in wonderland 2010
These are some of my inayopendelewa romantic moments. In no particular order:

1. Little Women Friedrich and Jo

Jo runs out to thank him for her book. He proposes, she accepts, then he says- "But I have nothing to give you. My hands are empty." she puts her hand in his with the reply, "Not empty now."

2. The Family Stone Ben and Meredith

Parked in the car he talks about this cute dream he had about her. Then they simply just sit in comfortable silence.

3. Persuasion (1995) Wentworth and Anne

Seeming to forget his umbrella he brings a note to her attention giving her a hopeful, nervous expression (and it's...
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Just in time for Valentine’s Day…the new traditional romance film “Old Fashioned” is hitting theaters.

Actress Anne Marie Nestor hopes to heal her broken moyo in this new indie from writer, director and nyota Rik Swartzwelder. “Old Fashioned” tells the story of traditional courtship between a former frat boy, who gives up his reckless lifestyle, and a free-spirited young woman with a restless soul.

I recently caught up with Anne Marie to find out more.

Tell us about your role in “Old Fashioned.”

ANNE MARIE: I play the role of Kelly, the lead character Clay's (Swartzwelder) college...
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posted by goatfacewwe
 the Vampire Diaries becomes an acdemy
the Vampire Diaries becomes an acdemy
Here's what would of happened if Vampire Dairies was a movie during the end of season 4 and start of season 5.
Elena Gilbert: where are we?
Rose Hathaway: St Vladimir's Academy
Caroline Forbes: Really? How did that Happen?
Bonnie Bennett:We got completely taken out of mystic Falls? who did this?
Rebekah Mikaelson: I did Bonnie bloody Bennett
All three girls: Rebekah, Didn't u leave?
Bekah: Yeah but I heard u guys are in college now and u guys needed some place to be so here u all are. The worst College in the entire world Enjoy.
Rose: Don't believe Her(suddenly Bekah sinks her teeth in to rose and kills her).
Bekah: Time to make your guys life a living hell oh kwa the way I'm in charge Here.
All three: oh no we gotta stop her.
Hayley Marshall; I don't think so Bekah left me in charge of watching u three.
 The former lead
The former lead
 the new head bitch, kahaba in charge
the new head bitch in charge
 The new female Leads
The new female Leads
 the girls Protector/ master
the girls Protector/ master
We enjoyed many great sinema in 2013. Among all the sinema Iron Man 3 earned highest revenues of $409 million accompanied kwa Despicable Me 2, with mauzo of $365 million. On third spot is Man of Steel with earnings around $291 million. Monsters chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha is ranked fourth with earnings of $268 million.
On fifth spot is Fast & Furious 6 followed kwa Oz the Great and Powerful on sixth spot. On seventh spot is Gravity, a very innovative movie. I must say the biggest thriller of the year.Ranked 8th in this orodha is nyota Trek Into Darkness and on number 9th and 10th spot are World War Z and The Croods.
We're the Millers shared the eleventh position.
chanzo info : link
posted by Persephone713
( in no particular order just listed)

1.Queen/Senator Padme Amidala-Skywalker & Princess/Senator Leia Skywalker-Solo ( her birth&married name)

2. Mrs.Potts & Chip( Beauty and Beast)

3. Mrs.Weasley & Ginny ( Harry Potter series)

4. Queen Athena & Ariel ( Little Mermaid 3

5. Donna Sheridan & Sophie ( Mamma Mia)

6.Auntie Em & Dorothy(mother figure)

7.Morticia & Wednesday Addams ( Addams Family)

8.Tess & Anna Coleman (Freaky Friday)

( Last Two-are Mother-Son relationships, the mothers are so protective they verge on scary)

9. Narcissa & Draco Malfoy ( Harry Potter series)

10. Pamela & Jason Voorhees( Friday the 13th )
 " she was very beautiful...but very sad"
" she was very beautiful...but very sad"
 " do still have to sleep in the cupboard?"
" do still have to sleep in the cupboard?"
 " Not My DAUGHTER, wewe Bitch!"
" Not My DAUGHTER, you Bitch!"
 " I may not remeber much about my Mother, but I know she wouldnt have wanted this!"
" I may not remeber much about my Mother, but I know she wouldnt have wanted this!"
 " MOM!, I dont care if wewe have slept with hundreds of men..."
" MOM!, I dont care if you have slept with hundreds of men..."
 " Dorothy Please, wewe always get yourself into a fuss over nothing."
" Dorothy Please, You always get yourself into a fuss over nothing."
 " Wednesday dear, that is being too polite, wewe need to be zaidi rude"
" Wednesday dear, that is being too polite, you need to be more rude"
 " wewe think my life is PERFECT?"
" You think my life is PERFECT?"
posted by karlyluvsam
Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over that rainbow
All skies are blue, oh
And where dreams
That wewe dare to dream
Really do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
And troubles melt like lemon, limau drops
Way above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly, oh
If birds can fly over the rainbow
Why, then why can't I?

Someday I'll wake and rub my eyes
And in that land beyond the skies
You'll find me
I'll be a laughing daffodil
And leave the silly cares that
Fill my mind behind me

Somewhere over that rainbow
Bluebirds fly
If birds can fly over the rainbow
Why, then why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?
posted by disney505218
10. Treasure Planet

I put this movie at number 10 because, while it's my 2nd inayopendelewa Disney movie, i don't really believe that it's a bad movie. I just feel like it's vastly under-rated. Maybe it's denial, maybe not. But I do know that not many people know about this Disney movie. It was made in Disney's minor slump of the early 2000's, around the same time as 'Atlantis-the Lost Empire'. Actually, I've always lumped those two sinema together, as forgotten epic movies. I'll admit this movie has it's fault, the whole premise is just copying a famous space! But I do think the story makes...
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 "INFINITY" - poster
"INFINITY" - poster
Filmmaker Randy Crowder has been making a serious impression on the indie festival circuit with his powerful new short film “INFINITY.” After establishing himself in Hollywood as an actor, Randy began building his knowledge behind the scenes working in numerous production positions which has lead him to creating this film and his directorial debut.

“INFINITY” has been earning ‘Official Selection’ status at numerous festivals around the country, including hivi karibuni screenings at the 2012 ITN Film Festival in Hollywood and the ON LOCATION: Memphis Film Festival. Up next, the film is set...
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[This makala was originally ilitumwa on the Animated sinema spot]

I recently realised that I have been missing out on many interesting animated movies. I am a true Disney shabiki at moyo and no sinema will ever be able to give me the same feelings that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Lady and the Tramp, Hercules, The Little Mermaid and many zaidi can, but I have realised that there are many other good animated sinema out there that are not in relation to Disney at all.

In this makala I am looking a DreamWorks traditionally animated movies, which only consists of five films: The Prince of...
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I first saw him in "10 things i hate about you" and i loved him, his performance was incredible. I loved it and him, since then i have been monitoring his career looking mbele to his inayofuata movies. Today when i read that he was found dead i was shocked. i could not believe how a so talented person could have died. i felt he still had so much to give, and could not but feel sorry for his family and friends. I do not know if he commited suicide au simply died someway, the truth is that life is special.

Life is life and life is a number of moments glued together. Happy moments, meaningful moments make a good life, and that is what we should all look out for. What matters in life is not the number of breaths wewe take but the number of moments that take your breath away. So i will urge people to keep living. . .

I will urge to keep living. . .
Keep living, cherish and value every moment they have.
posted by hitman11
I have always, always loved sinema and I still do so I thought I ought to talk about the films that blew my mind, the films that changed my movie watching forever. Now this isnt a orodha of my favourite sinema just the ones that were most fantasticly made and thought out, these are the sinema that made my jaw drop...

No.5- Borat
Probably the funniest movie ever, I laughed my head off even though I never laugh out loud watching films.

No.4- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(Remake)
I really cant even describe this film, it was an amazing adaptation of the horrifying true story.

No.3- Saw
No matter what people...
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posted by ultimatefan
 Damn it Hollywood
Damn it Hollywood
This is my first soapbox and hopefully not my
 "Ya,I'm Original."
"Ya,I'm Original."
last.As I upendo fanpop and it's members.Well down to the main point.I just want to point out that Hollywood is killing off the film industry.All today's films that get publicised are all recycled junk.Either Remakes au sequels au based on something.
Lets look at some of the films out now.
We have the Golden Compass,Hitman and the Mist.
We already have 2 based on vitabu and the other is based on a game.Now i can't talk much about the mist and it has not been slated kwa critics.The Golden Compass however I haven't seen this...
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posted by EdwardxBella4ev
I have to say right off that though Edward is totally sexy and has the perfectly gentlemanly like character, Bella is my inayopendelewa person in the Twilight Saga.

The reason why is powered at the end of every book. If wewe read carefully and really look at it, Bella is the real hero in each book, but she never acknowledges it, she gives Edward all the credit, she's endlessly selfless.

In Twilight, everyone turned out fine (except Bella, the real hero) because Bella went to the ballet studio and faced James. If she had never done that, out of being misguided au otherwise, then Edward would have picked...
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1.The fox, mbweha and the Hound

-There are two reasons this movie could make a person cry. First off, the ending. It's heartwarming, and bittersweet. The story between the two mbwa really is something that could make a grown cry. But not me. What did it for me was the song, "Goodbye May Last Forever". Honestly, what kind of a Disney movie is this that would make such a dead depressing song in it? And the faces of the old lady and Todd are heartbreaking. The old ladies face is of sadness and remorse, while the fox's face is just happy and curious. That is, until he realizes what is happening to him....
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posted by aloralaine
In "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," a great mythic movie cycle gets the ending it deserves. It is the third and final film in Peter Jackson's THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, finds Middle-earth on the cusp of great change. This is a movie that, purely and simply, has visions and excitement to blow us away once again. And we can finally see this stunningly completed film trilogy for what it is, one of the major achievements of film history.

"The Return of the King" and the massive 10-hour complete film that it now concludes become together a supreme adventure ndoto epic, a staggering...
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