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Well, when I first started MSP, my character's name was Popstargirlie 1. I loved playing her on the USA MSP!! I had over 100 Marafiki that became close to me, and I have 2 pets, a dog named upinde wa mvua and a boonie named Flower. But one siku at the end of August(can't remember if it was last year), my nenosiri got changed on me without me knowing it, so now I can't even get on it anymore! What's worse is that I'm Level 12 and I'm afraid that my pets have died since I'm not on that account anymore. But, I've made 2 other accounts on there: TuxedoSwagBoy 1 & Frozen lover 121. So I try to go to...
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lolsweetgirl123 on msp mailtime soon so start sending gift free time prob should be done kwa thanksgiving week
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MovieStarPlanet is a fun game,But there is a problem on on it.Here is the problem Loads of people talk about $exual behavior and swear a lot yes I know people ripoti but when them people that talk $exual behavior au swear banning is run out they just do it again and again so I think it should be stopped.
Now onto a different subject.
Theirs only 1 competition every week I think that there should be at least two au three competitions every week.
Well that's all for today,I'm chloe2k1234 and that's my Article
A few weeks ago, I got a Movie nyota Planet to test it out after seeing it on T.V. I don't know what other people think of it but, I've come to the conclusion that it is both a fun game but is on to high of a level for young children who see it like i did. I feel that the game should be 13+ due to the face that wewe can have a real relationship with a complete stranger.I would upendo to hear the maoni of the clueless parents the young children once they find out about this.In no form am i saying that it is bad,I'm just saying that the aging is wrong.
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well I keep seeing hackers on the login and I got hacked!! I logged in. :( who thinks we should stop hackers? i do! I paided 1 mwaka vip! just got it! IT IS NOT FAIR. one person did a $ex vid with me! i upendo the site please post a maoni if wewe agree :)