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posted by applejackrocks1
Back to the story.....

Brawny: Applejack, wewe stay here. I'll go get some money out of the bank. *swims off*
Applejack: *looks around* My, My...
*Suddenly, 3 other merponies swam to AJ, surrounding her*

MP1: I see that your a new loser here *laughs*
Applejack: Loser?!? Have ya looked into a mirror?!
All: Oooooo
MP2: Wait a sekunde girls! She's not one of us! She's an earth Pony!
Applejack: *sneezes*
MP3: *laughs* I see that your sick...It's better to let wewe go with the flow, shall we?
Applejack: What? *coughs*
MP1: We don't want wewe to die with pain, Sugarlame.
Applejack: *is weak* Please...Just leave me alone, I ain't that sick...
MP2: Bye! See wewe at heaven...but your probably going to hell.
MP3: *pops bubble that was giving air to applejack*
Applejack: *coughs* *coughs* *chokes* *turns purple*
MP1: *smirks* It's better for all of us.
Applejack: *closes eyes* *drowns to floor*
All: *laughs*
MP2: hujambo siku Light!
MP1: What?
MP2: Go distract Brawny, NOW!
MP1: *salutes* (swims off)

Applejack's body started to glow. Suddenly..She grew fins on her back hooves. She had turned into a merpony, but still blacked out.

MP3: WHAT?!?!
MP2: We gotta kill her..before she kills us!
MP3: *nods* (grabs AJ)
MP2: wewe guys didn't see anything! *looks at everypony* au ELSE!
All: *nods fast*

The two merponies swam to a deep cave, along with AJ still knocked out.

To be continued.....
 applejack becomes a Merpony
Applejack becomes a Merpony
Twilight and zumaridi, zamaradi were in the everfree forest looking for Zecora. They finally found Zecora's Hut. Hello Twilight. alisema Zecora.
Zecora i need wewe all of gppony, pony ville has turned dark i can't see a thing! alisema Twilight. Oh but i can't help wewe wewe see that is nature once every 3 years the siku turned very dark no gppony, pony can't see a thing but after a while it turns back to light but it might turn dark again. alisema Zecora. But How am i going to read au see anything in the dark! alisema Twilight. Oh Twilight it will turn siku again au not!
(evil Laughs!) Zecora! says Twilight. But anyway just do not fear it will turn daylight again au not! says Zecora.

Come on zumaridi, zamaradi says Twilight.

Ok! says emerald.

To be continued.............
Dear Celestia, I'm starting to think you all don't appreciate my opinions! XD I am doing my top six favorites because of the Mane Six.

6.) Lyra and Bon Bon

Even though these two aren't canon as being friends, I see them together a lot during Season one. Nothing that I know of in Season two. Lyra and Bon Bon are seen walking together, talking together and basically hanging out. If these two weren't background characters, I think they'd be the best of friends.

 Lyra and Bon Bon
Lyra and Bon Bon

5.) Rarity and Fluttershy

I just love Rarity and Fluttershy! They are the best of friends! Can you believe...
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