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Seanthehedgehog Presents

The Adventures Of upinde wa mvua Dash

Based off the TV Show, Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog

Starring the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria, upinde wa mvua Dash

Her German sidekick, Pinkie Pie

The main villian, Discord

Discord's sidekicks: Screwball, Karl, and Kyle

Episode 3

Discorded krisimasi

Everypony was enjoying their holiday, but Discord had plans to sabotage them.

Discord: What do wewe know about christmas?
Screwball: I know that there's always a character that doesn't like Christmas, but towards the ending, they change their mind.
Discord: That was only in How Gilda aliiba Christmas. We need to think outside the box here. What can we do to destroy krisimasi for everypony?
Karl: Ooh, I know.
Kyle: I think I know too.
Discord: Yes?
Karl: Take them to an amusement park, destroy the rides they're on, and then they're six feet under.
Discord: Hmm, yes. Six feet under all that rubble, then kwa the time they get out, they won't be able to celebrate christmas.
Kyle: He meant they would be dead.
Discord: Oh, that works too.

Meanwhile, upinde wa mvua Dash and Pinkie Pie were relaxing kwa a fireplace

Pinkie Pie: This is so warm, but I still feel a little cold.
upinde wa mvua Dash: I'll get wewe a blanket.
Pinkie Pie: Nein *Hugs upinde wa mvua Dash* I found one.
upinde wa mvua Dash: *Sighs, then laughs*
Pinkie Pie: *Squee*

While Pinkie Pie was busy hugging upinde wa mvua Dash, they heard the sound of stomping hooves, as they saw ponies running past sugarcube corner.

Pinkie Pie: Was ist das? Why are they all running?
upinde wa mvua Dash: I don't know. Let's go take a look. *Leaves sugarcube corner*
Pinkie Pie: *Follows*
Discord: *Finishes building Discordland* Welcome everypony. I hope this amusement park that I made myself will help wewe enjoy your christmas.
Ponies: Sure. *Walk into amusement park*
upinde wa mvua Dash: Something seems fishy here. I think we better take a closer look at this amusement park.
Pinkie Pie: Ja.
Discord: Hello upinde wa mvua Dash, and Pinkie Pie.
upinde wa mvua Dash: What are wewe doing Discord?
Discord: What does it look like I'm doing?
Pinkie Pie: wewe can't fool us.
Discord: What are wewe talking about?

Behind Discord was a ferris wheel. The wheel fell off, and rolled away with screaming ponies.

upinde wa mvua Dash: *Points at runaway wheel* That. wewe see what I'm talking about?
Discord: Accidents happen.
Pinkie Pie: Maybe that wasn't an accident. wewe caused that on purpose.
Discord: How? I'm standing right here.
upinde wa mvua Dash: wewe could've made something loose, and it would fall off kwa itself.
Discord: No, everything on there was-
upinde wa mvua Dash: That's enough. Get everypony out of here, and close the park.
Discord: Hmm. Not happening.
Ponies: *On a rollercoaster* I think we might be going too fast. *Falls off*
upinde wa mvua Dash: *Flies to falling pony, and catches him before he hits the ground*
Pony: wewe saved my life.
upinde wa mvua Dash: That's what I'm hear for.
Pinkie Pie: *Stops rollercoaster from falling* And, that's what I'm here for too.
Pony: How did she-
upinde wa mvua Dash: Don't ask.
Discord: *Laughing* Enjoy trying to save everypony, if wewe can *Runs away*
upinde wa mvua Dash: Come on Pinkie Pie. We can save everypony if we work fast enough. *flies to log ride*
Ponies in logs: *about to go over loop* Is that possible?
upinde wa mvua Dash: *Pushes log very fast on loop*
Ponies in logs: Woohoo! Awesome!
Bonbon: *Falls off tower*
Pinkie Pie: I shall save wewe *Jumps up in air, and catches Bonbon*
upinde wa mvua Dash: Only one zaidi gppony, pony to save.

Another rollercoaster was heading towards damaged track, and would fall off.

upinde wa mvua Dash: *Gets in front of rollercoaster*
Ponies: Get out of the way!
upinde wa mvua Dash: *Slowing down rollercoaster* Slow down before I fall off. *stops rollercoaster*
Ponies: *see broken track* upinde wa mvua Dash saved us from falling off. YAY!!

Back at Discord's base.

Discord: What? Why didn't anypony end up... How many feet under?
Karl: Six.
Discord: Why didn't anypony end up six feet under?
Kyle: wewe saw everything. upinde wa mvua Dash, and Pinkie Pie saved them all.
Discord: Then, we need a plan to kidnap Dash's german friend, and execute her. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

The end
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 The mane six
The mane six
In order from my inayopendelewa to least favorite:

1.) upinde wa mvua Dash- She is just... well she is just awesome. I like her personality and I think kwa watching her be all loud and such, I have been zaidi confident and less shy than I used to be. Plus she can fly which is just like the coolest thing ever. Her mane is pretty cool too. I mean its a rainbow. What could be better than a upinde wa mvua mane.

2.) Pinkie Pie- I do find her to be annoying somtimes thats why she isnt number one, but the 25th episode in season 1 I think really shows her personality. I think it also may have something to do with her childhood...
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All I saw was black. It took me a sekunde au two for me to realise that I had my eyes closed, I tried to open them. I couldn't. I heard a voice though so I listened; "Sissy! This is my room! Get out!" "Dinky what the nyasi, nyasi kavu is under your blanket?!" "Umm... Nothing" "Dinky Hooves! Don't make me get your mother in here!" "Sparkler! Nothing under here I swear!" "Dinky..." "Alright! It's a princess!" "Don't lie!" "It is! I found her in the ever-free forest! And and she has wings and uh horn so she's a princess!" "In the ever-free forest! Don't tell me wewe went in there!" "Sparkler it's true I'll show...
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I have no soul
my little gppony, pony
My Little Poney
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The pink gppony, pony looked down at the ground, "Guys I gotta say something." she alisema remorcefully. The others stopped, "What do wewe want Pinkie Pie?" asked upinde wa mvua Dash. "I did something horrible, the only reason I didn`t tell wewe was because I was trying to forget about it." They paused for a moment, "Don`t be afraid Pinkie Pie, we are your freinds wewe can tell us." Twilight said.

Two hours earlier

He trotted over to the griffon lying fast asleep on the makeshift kitanda of waste and grime. He looked up at the two mares standing beside her with sad expressions on they`re faces. "She`s ready, at least...
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