Natsu x Lucy What Are Your Reasons To Think That Natsu And Lucy Like Each Other?

yoshiko posted on Jul 03, 2011 at 02:18PM
i've already written in the article

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Miya3 said…
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-they care for each other when either one is hurt in battles
-Natsu cried at the thought of Lucy leaving Fairy Tail (its first season\forgot which episode)
-Natsu likes to go to her house to party at random times without her consent
(that means he likes hanging around with her)
-Lucy get self concious when she suspects Natsu likes her
(in episode 50 'watch out for the guy you like!')
-in the omake episode 73 'Rainbow Sakura', Natsu was the only one
(along with help of Happy) that worries Lucy won't able to see
the festival cuz she was sick, so he dugg out the whole sakura tree and use a boat
to row it along the river outside of lucy house so she could see it.
-in manga special 'Natsu's House!'- Natsu has been keeping all the items he went for the jobs, including Lucy's maid outfit and a message 'This was the first job I went with Lucy'. so Natsu has good thoughts about Lucy.