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Hidden Leaf Village morning, when the sun is shining up and good. Naruto and the others go off to a mission which leaves off to team Guy, in the leaf village. Lee and Guy sensei had to do something else for Lady Tsuande which was to go to the Hidden wingu Village and take order to take the princess attention and steal the scroll that the princess took from Tsuande, it's not easy and simple as it sounds. Sooo...

"Neji,there's like nothing else to do. I bet we could train au do some targets or...I dunno something that will keep us up." alisema Tenten

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"Guys","I need to talk to you" alisema Might Gai as he walked up to them. Lee was the first to respond. "What is it Gai sensei?" he asked. "Well actually Lee","I mainly wanted to talk to Neji and Tenten" alisema Gai as he looked over at them. "Was is it Gai sensei?" asked Tenten sweetly. "I'm going to train Lee","While I'm at it I want wewe and Neji to team up and train together" alisema Gai. "OK" alisema Tenten with a big smile. "This is just a waste of time" Neji muttered. "Well wewe guys need it","Not me" alisema Gai. So he and Rock Lee jumped away together. "So what do wewe want to do first?" asked Tenten....
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Sorry 4 the long wait u guys but I was VERY distracted. My boyfriend and sister being the two main reasons. Blame them. Anyways I'ma stop talking and let u guys read. Comment. Give me props. I luuuv heshima and bekum a fan. Those r the 3 things I luv. Tootles. Enjoy...mwah!

Nejixtenten=love part 11

My pov

Tenten breathed in and out. "He who. He who."
"Tenten are wewe okay?" Neji asked softly.
"Does it look like I'm okay?" she glared over at him before breathing in and out.
"Tenten wewe being angry at me solves nothing."
Tenten grabbed Neji kwa his collar, alama and yanked him towards her. "How 'bout wewe switch...
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Nejixtenten=love part 7

Neji's pov

I was on my way to Tenten's house when I heard I faint 'transform.' I waited and saw who came from out the alley. It was Sai. I glared at him as he got closer. What is he doing using a transform jutsu this time of night. Sai looked at me with evil in his eyes then walked away. He looked like he was coming from Tenten's house. I walked faster then started running. I knocked on the door franticly.
"Tenten!" I yelled then tried the knob. It was open. I ran in and up to Tenten's room. She was balled up on the kitanda crying. I ran to her. "Tenten. What happened."
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Guy Sensei- Great job everyone!
Tenten- Guy Sensei, we've train for 6 hours staright, don't wewe think we should take a break?

Neji- huf,huf,huf. Not to mention we should.
Lee- Noo!! I don't wanna! Training will be my destiny!

Guy- Someone has the power of Youth! Ah-ha-ha-ha!!

Tenten- * whack*
Neji- * pow*

Lee- Unh.
Guy- Ouch.

Tenten- Your pointless. A shinobi needs some rest too!! I'm gonna take me a break! So,see ya!

Neji- ....She's right.

Tenten- I'm going to the Hot springs. Neji, wewe can go too.

Neji- I might as well.

Tenten- alright. See ya!

* puff* ( used somke bomb)

Tenten- Ah. Hidden Leaf...
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