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NejiTen are made to be toegether! There not stupid. There is just so many way's that they shoukd go toegether. I toatlly admire them and i hope Masashi Kishimoto will put them toegether. No arguements about them, just let Neji have a smile with Tenten. Neji can be seroius at all times, but sometimes there's got to be a change to that. Is to make them upendo and care for eachother. Tenten can train with Neji when she wants to make him stronger but there's
a way that she can make him upendo him. She doesn't even hangout with Lee nor Guy. Just Neji.
If it was NejiHina sure that will help the Hyuga Clan save the bloodline but, it's Masashi Kishimoto who is uandishi the whole stroy just to see what happens to Naruto and the rest of the Leaf shinobi. Even if MAYBE Neji and Tenten won't be toegether. Maybe .... there is ONE... way to put them toegether.
 neji and Tenten
neji and Tenten
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Neji asks Tenten on a tarehe
Tenten: Ahh that was nice. I hope Neji and Lee are ok through, they take sparring so seriously

*knock knock*

Tenten: Who is it?
Neji: it's me, lee and gai are discussing the mission with Genma right now let's go!
Tenten: give me 10 min
Neji: in that case please let me in, it's burning hot out here!
Tenten: ok

*Tenten opens the door

Neji: [blush] waah Tenten, your in a towel!
Tenten's mind: OMG he's right gosh I didn't notice. "[blush] umm... That's cuz I just got out of the kuoga :p"
Neji: uh..ok.

Neji walks in as tenten goes back in her room and puts on some clothes. 15 min later they set out to find...
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Sorry 4 the long wait u guys but I was VERY distracted. My boyfriend and sister being the two main reasons. Blame them. Anyways I'ma stop talking and let u guys read. Comment. Give me props. I luuuv heshima and bekum a fan. Those r the 3 things I luv. Tootles. Enjoy...mwah!

Nejixtenten=love part 11

My pov

Tenten breathed in and out. "He who. He who."
"Tenten are wewe okay?" Neji asked softly.
"Does it look like I'm okay?" she glared over at him before breathing in and out.
"Tenten wewe being angry at me solves nothing."
Tenten grabbed Neji kwa his collar, alama and yanked him towards her. "How 'bout wewe switch...
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