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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 12
"The Mystery of the Hasty Fish"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo, Hoho and Tolee in the front yard of the palace, playing a game of Go Fish.]]

Hoho: Rintoo, do wewe have a six in your hand?
Rintoo: Hmm. No, go fish. How about you, Tolee?
Tolee: I don't think so. Unless I've looked really hard. [[Tolee looks really hard at the stack of cards in his hands. He then notices a six in his stack.]] As a matter of fact, I do.
Rintoo: I'd realize that.

[[Tolee lays the card down on the pile.]]

Royal Advisor #1: Emperor Rintoo! We have a very big problem.
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A black cat named Wildcraft walks to Kai-lan and speaks to her.
Wildcraft: Kai-lan. wewe are buring your toast... again. i can smell it from the streets.
Suddenly, burnt toast pops out from the kibaniko, mashine ya kubanika mkate into the air and a westie terrier named waggles pop up and the toast lands in her mouth.
Kai-lan: ugh! burned it again then waggles ate it. maybe that pizza makes good breakfast.
a cat named Flaky looks at goldfish and tries to feed it hot mbwa but they dont eat.
Flaky: ummm Kai-lan
that pizza looks good but youre not gonna like the taste.

Kai-lan takes a bite out the pizza and runs to the bathroom....
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Kailan: sorry, petunia did that to the title. Anyway Pinkerton is ill and HOLY 💩! Kai lan saw Flippy having sex with flaky. Flaky: so wet... Kailan eewwww! What are wewe doing? Pinkerton presses a button: I'Buttin:mmmm .... I don't feel good... Tolee: what's wrong Pinkerton? Sickness Pinkerton presses a button. Kailan: Did wewe see that Tolee? I saw Flippy f***ing flaky! Tolee: they are just trying to get kids. And yes I saw it. I saw Pinkerton feeling unwell. So I sat inayofuata to him maybe that applesauce supu might- Kailan: there goes pup academy again wewe don't just upendo pandas... wewe love...
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It's Kai lan's birthday, and then someone rings the doorbell. Kai Lan: I'll open the door. Kai lan opens the door and she sees Pinkerton at her door with a gift and a miss wewe card. Kai lan: Pinkerton? What are wewe doing here? Aren't wewe supposed to be with Kenleyfox? And why is this a miss wewe card instead of a happy birthday card.Oh well, I will read this card. Card : dear Kai lan, I could not come to your birthday party because I had to go back to Canada because my species are going extinct and there, my species will reproduce. Please take care of Pinkerton for me. Your best friend, Kenleyfox....
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 6
"It's Gettin' Cold in Here"

[The episode begins in the palace playroom, where Tolee and Rintoo, laughing hysterically as they look at some very funny videos.]

Rintoo: Hey, hey, check this one out.

[The video they are looking at involves a baby bata who somehow finds his way out of the pond, and takes a bite out of a cake from the snack shack.]

[Rintoo and Tolee laugh once again.]

Rintoo: How does he do that?
Tolee: I have no idea, but it is hilarious. wewe can actually see the frosting on his lips.
Rintoo: [laughs louder] I know, I can't believe he did that!...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 2
"Xin Xin and Tain Tain's Bogus Journey"

[The episode begins moments after the aftermath of the last episode. Kai-Lan and her Marafiki are in the royal playroom, drawing pictures.]

Kai-Lan: Boy, I hope we don't end up in a situation like that anymore.
Rintoo: [laughs] wewe alisema it. I couldn't think of anything we could do if we did get kicked out the palace.
Kai-Lan: Enough of that. Check out what I just drew.
Rintoo: What is it supposed to be?
Tolee: I think it's supposed to be some sort of truck.
Kai-Lan: You're right, Tolee. It is a truck, but it has a...
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