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posted by ZoeyMalik28
I looked around,checking for the blonde boy. Harry followed me as he held onto my hand tightly. I shook my head as Little Lady kwa Ed Sheeran and Mikill Pane started playing from some girl's phone. It sort of explained my story besides the point that I'm still alive.
"Perrie??" I heard an Irish accent ask from the corner
I sped to where I clearly heard the accent,"Niall??"
Strong arms wrapped around me,engulfing me in a Horan hug,"Perrie,where the hell have wewe been?!"
Harry coughed,"Niall.."
Niall released me,"I know wewe guys are together. wewe both were holding hands..."
I stared down at the floor,"Niall,who is this girl wewe brought with you?"
"OHMYGAWSH! IS THAT PERRIE!?!" A girl screamed from the other side of the restaurant.
"What??" I panicked slightly,holding onto Harry's arm,my hands wrapped around his muscular arm.
Harry took one of my hands,leading me to the booth where Niall's tarehe sat at. I went in before Harry. He handed me a menu as soon as he sat down. We opened the menus and covered our faces. I sort of got used to hiding myself after going out with Harry.
"That's not Perrie Edwards,you dumb bitch" A squeakier voice alisema
I raised an eyebrow questionably. They thought I was Perrie from Little Mix?
The screaming girl scoffed,"No,dumbarse,Perrie! Perrie Perrie who went out with Harry!"
"YOU SAW HER?!?" The squeaky voice girl screeched
"Yes! I'm going to kill that moron. She fucking deserves it. She's slutty. Almost as slutty as Danielle and Eleanor" The screaming girl cackled
I let a tear fall from my eyes down to my cheek. I tried wiping it away before Harry could see it.
Harry narrowed his eyes. He put the menu down.
"Excuse me?" He said,his voice strong and mean
The girls started screaming and jumping up and down,"OHMYGAWSH,IT'S HARRY.STYLES.FROM.ONE.DIRECTION!!!"
"What were wewe saying about Perrie?!" Harry barked
The squeaky voice girl winced,"Um,you heard what we said??"
"Yes. And wewe alisema Dani and El are SLUTTY?" Harry asked,scoffing at the girls
The screaming girl instantly started crying,"Ohmygosh,Harry,we didn't mean it. We're just..i don't know. We hate anyone that goes out with wewe guys!"
Niall stood up as well,"Please,don't talk like that about Perrie,Dani,and El"
"Shut up,you cunt!" The screaming/crying girl screamed
I stood up,knocking down the menu,"YOU DON'T TALK LIKE THAT TO NIALL! Is that understood? wewe don't fucking talk to him like that. If wewe say one zaidi mean word about Niall,I will fucking kill you!" I screamed
Niall gaped,"Perrie..."
"Get out of our way." Harry and I alisema at the same time
The girls scurried away,crying. I shrugged it off. They had just called Niall a cunt. It matters in my world. Niall is like my bestfriend. Harry wrapped an arm around my waist,pulling me close to him.
I stared into his green eyes and slightly melted.
"Perrie,thank you." Niall silently muttered
I pecked Harry's cheek,turning towards Niall,"No,don't thank me. Those little bitches don't have the right to attack you"
My phone buzzed twice. I swiped it out of my pocket,checking what had happened. It was tweets. Shit. Shit. I checked quickly.
'@PerrieJCalder Omg,Perrie,That was so sweet of youu *-*'
'@PerrieJCalder wewe go,girl!'
I rolled my eyes,it was from mashabiki that had clearly seen the little dillema. Harry turned me to face him,crashing his soft pink lips to my lips. I gasped as soon as he pulled away.

The Girl Who Represents Perrie Now Is...CARA! Cara Delevinge
 ~Niall And Madison~
~Niall And Madison~
posted by MadisonFontenot
Aria POV:

We got off of school because of a snow storm. I was in my room when my phone started buzzing.

Unknown- Good choice!

I threw my phone at the ukuta and let out a grunt.
"Anger issues!" Ken alisema walking into my room. He is staying with me for a week au two, so his parents can go on there wedding anniversary vacation.
"I am just.... this week is not my week!" I covered my eyes with my hands.
"What?" He asked and I explained everything to him.
"It will be okay..." He kissed my head and left the room.

Niall POV:

"Guess what?! Guess what?!" I yelled running into the living room where all the...
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posted by SapphireCat22
"Belle, wake up." I swat at my sister with my hands. "Isabelle Jenkins, get up right now!" I open my eyes and yawn. "What is it, Ava?" I ask grumpily. "You have a very special British singer downstairs waiting for you. I suggest wewe get up and go meet him." I fly out of bed. "Tell him I'll be 10 minutes!" She giggles and heads down the stairs.

I whip open my dresser. Not a large variety. Mostly skinny jeans, T-shirts, and a few tank tops.
I pick out a pair of black skinny jeans and an old Rolling Stones T-shirt. I look at my hair, it's frizzy and a disaster! I quickly put it into a messy bun...
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Zayn's POV
The perfect girl, a.k.a Olivia Connelly, told me to eat chajio, chakula cha jioni with her. I joined her since i'm already hungry because of swimming. I thank Marchelo for bringing me clothes.
It's still 7:30 p.m. Via is busy washing the dishes. I can't help but think that we look like a married couple because we live in one roof, but I know this is just temporary. I went to the jikoni i talk to her while she's washing the dishes.
Zayn: i can help you.
Via: (washing the dishes) No. I can do this myself.
Zayn: Are wewe sure?
Via: Yeah. (cracks a smile that only heaven can make and continues to do her work)...
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Kiara's POV**

It was the end of a long siku and i was waiting for my mom to pick me up. Why was she always late. i was the only one left at school kwa now school ended an saa and a half ago. My mom doesnt upendo me. she doesnt care if she totally humiliates me kwa making me walk nyumbani and leaving me places forever.

Saxon's POV**

I told my mom i would call her when Kiara left so that she could pick me up. i just didn't want to leave her at school all alone. i walk around the corner and see her sitting down. she is so perfect. the way her braids fall and the way she doesn't try to impress people. if...
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~ Last siku of school ~
Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    I just couldn’t wait for school to end . I could be with Niall all summer long . Just him and I . After this kengele rings I will be free . The only sad thing about this was that violet will be leaving on August 31 . She will be back on krisimasi for about 2 weeks though . She is like my sister , that I upendo very much . Hopefully we can Skype , text , au call each other once in a while . I hope that September , October , and November go kwa fast so I would get to see her .
    Finally the school kengele rang...
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Jaylie's POV

I beat on his door with all my strength, begging him to let me explain. I stayed out there for hours, crying my eyes out. Mom and dad eventually came nyumbani and saw me laying in front of Zayn's door. Dad picked me up and carried me in and set me on the couch. It took me a few moments but I finally found the strength to tell them what happened. They had a long talk with Riley and told him never to talk about what he saw ever again. I wasn't mad at Riley. He's too little to understand. I really wasn't mad at anybody au anything. Just upset in general. Zayn had to let me explain. I couldn't...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Ruby's P.O.V authors note: ruby is me and madision fondenot is also in this story so don't hate au anything).

I was at the judges house imba nelly just a dream. When I was finished I was in the room my moyo beating fast. They called me back I was SOO nervouse. I went and I saw one direction I started fangirling in the inside. "alright well me and the boys think wewe are to talented so the boys decided to put wewe in one direction with them what do wewe think?" asks Simon. "OMG YESS IM THE BIGGEST FAN" I say smiling and jumping. After a dakika I calmed down. I saw Harry kept eying me I blushed...
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Via runs to the pwani and cries her moyo out... She shouts while crying...
Via: "Why are wewe doing this to me!"

More tears are now streaming down her face..

Via: I don't deserve this!!!

She stayed at the pwani for a long time .... she cried for hours.. She's been at the pwani for almost five hours...

The inayofuata day, Harry saw Via sitting on a hammock. Her eyes are red and puffy because of hours of crying.. Harry was about to approach her when Liam stopped him and said..
Liam: Don't, Harry..
Harry: Why do wewe care? (mad)
Liam: Because she's not okay.. Her moyo was broken three times throughout her life......
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