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We’ve all heard the advice to eat well, get plenty of exercise, and avoid smoking to help prevent moyo disease. But there’s zaidi to that heart-healthy equation than most of us know. Since the moyo is the kiti, kiti cha of ojas (the vital sap within us that gives us strong immunity, intelligence, compassion, and our “aura” au energetic body), any time we feel out of balance with our essential self in any way (through stress, through unhealthy relationships with others and/or the world around us), our bodies, and particularly our hearts, suffer. “As the moyo is an organ of emotion, emotional causes of moyo disease should always be considered first,” says David Frawley, mwandishi of Ayurvedic Healing. This is not just the stuff of philosophers; scientists and researchers have found direct viungo between what has typically been considered zaidi esoteric advice and moyo disease.