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Name: Silly Crusader
Age: 21
Gender: female
Special Power (if any): none
*Flight, Speed, au Power: Power and a little bit speed
family: Luffy Crusader (her dad), her annoying punda brothers that everyone hates, and her older sister Lilly

Silly was born into a family of pirates, and most of her life was spent on the family ship, named the Crusader with her father's crew, the Straw Hat's crusade. she has two brothers that are twins, Monkey and Brick. she has one older sister, who is now the captain of the Straw Hats, Lilly Crusader. Silly has excellent fighting skills, and is pretty good with a hand gun. right now, she lives in London, England with her friend Shadow DCE. Silly is be a member of the chaotix. her best Marafiki are Vector and Shadow DCE. as wewe might of guessing, adores sailing of any kind, au just being on a ship with the crew :)
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