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Doris please read this!!Anyone can read it too

The scientist's upendo has departed
As both of our worlds go by
Every single nanosecond
I think of wewe siku and night
In my moyo there is no that is second
You'll always be the apple of my eye

I'll tafuta the world
Near and far then high and low
My upendo will show
Just to hold wewe gently
Don't want to let wewe go

I need a moment in my life
To be with you, I'll be true
Without realizing our isolation
With upendo and Science
I am deeply torn kwa desperation

In every experimentation
You're an inspiration
Besides the problems and life collisions
Like Skipper alisema " You're a distraction"
Now we're inter-vented
And separated for good
Up to now my upendo has departed
But.. Still "I'm screwed"

We're like fragments that were split
au gas molecules, so far away
Now, I'm broken in tiny bits
But deep inside my heart
Your loving silhouette will stay
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