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The leopard muhuri roared angrily, and knock all the penguins off their feet with its strong tail. The muhuri gazed around its prey, and its eyes landed on young Private. It picked up Private with its teeth, and smashed him against the ukuta of ice.

With Private stunned, the muhuri pinned him to the wall. Private gave Skipper a look, a certain look that was full of all sorts of indescribable emotions. Skipper looked back at him, as the muhuri opened its deadly jaws, and went in for the kill.

“NOT MY SON, wewe B****!” Skipper yelled as he jumped on the head of the seal. The muhuri stopped trying to kill Private, and instead shook its head roughly to get Skipper off. Skipper had no weapons, so he pulled on the seal’s small ears, which, to his surprise, made the muhuri back up. He used the ears as reins, and pulled it to where he knew there would be ocean.

“Skipper!” the others yelled. Skipper replied in a rushed yell, “GET INSIDE THE CAVE! NOW!” The three looked at each other, and followed Skipper to where he wouldn’t see that they disobeyed his orders.

They followed Skipper and the muhuri to the edge of the ocean, where there was a colony of penguins. Skipper jumped off it and quickly tobogganed into the water. All the penguins that were fishing quickly jumped out of the water at the sight of the seal.

Skipper’s instincts kicked in as he turned his head around and saw the muhuri right on his tail. He flapped his flippers as hard as possible towards the surface and began hopping in and out of the water, side to side, to confuse the leopard seal.

Some penguins were cheering him on, and others had their eyes covered. They all watched as Skipper stopped, looked around, and when he looked down, he saw the muhuri with his jaws gaping wide, ready to take a bite. Before Skipper could move, he was being bitten kwa the seal. The muhuri jumped out the water, with Skipper in his mouth, trying to escape its jaws.

All of the penguins screamed, but the loudest came from Private, Kowalski, and Rico. When the muhuri went back underwater, Private jumped in, much to the other penguins’ yelling. Skipper, who was struggling in the mouth of the leopard seal, saw Private, he gestured for Private to get out.

Private ignored this and began punching the predator as hard as he could (underwater anyway). The muhuri stared at Private in the corner of his eye, and somehow managed to get them both in its mouth. It tossed them both high up into the air.

Everyone was screaming at the sight. At the last moment, Skipper moved Private on the topside of the two, so Skipper would take the full blow of the water. When they met liquid, the impact caused Skipper to become unconscious.

Private heaved Skipper onto land, where Kowalski and Rico were helping them, but they were all trembling in fear. Skipper awoke suddenly, and he was the only one who saw the muhuri slowly emerge from the water and onto land.

He got up, bleeding, and yelled at everybody, “Get back! Run!” All of the penguins ran and hid behind a boulder of ice. Well, all except Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico.

They got in fighting stance, and Skipper yelled, “You don’t have the guts to take us all on, do you?”

The muhuri got madder and licked its lips hungrily. It pushed itself quickly toward the quartet, and knocked them off their small feet. “Apparently it does!” Kowalski yelled.

They all jumped up, but the muhuri had one target: Skipper. It slid towards them and used gravity to push Skipper onto its nose. Skipper held on for dear life, not wanting to be crushed kwa its huge body.

The muhuri smashed Skipper against a ukuta of ice, and Skipper swore he heard every one of his ribs crack like a roaring fire.

The muhuri was about to use its death bite on the penguin, when it got hit in the back of the head kwa a snowball. It growled and let go of Skipper. Kowalski and Rico began running to Skipper, who was groaning in agony on the tundra, but the muhuri growled fiercely and glared at them.

They stopped, but Private threw another snowball, which hit the muhuri in the face. The seal, which was slightly injured and exhausted, heard the ice crack, and slid away quickly. The penguins jumped out of the way, but Skipper was immobile. Private, Rico, and Kowalski glared at the seal, which roared at them furiously. It accepted defeat when the three got in battle mode, and slid into the water.

They were about to start running to their leader, but the ice cracked more, and it began to fall. A stranger penguin, taller than Skipper, about Rico’s height, slid in and yanked Skipper out of the way just before the ice collapsed on the spot where Skipper was just lying.

Kowalski, Private, and Rico tobogganed over to the stranger penguin, auk that just saved Skipper’s life. He and Skipper were talking quietly, with the penguin, auk on his knees to hear Skipper better when they made it over there.

The penguin, auk stood up, and introduced himself, “Hello, gentlemen. I’m Daniel, a past friend of Skipper. I’m not sure if you’ve hear of me.”

The three introduced themselves quickly and rushed to Skipper’s side. Skipper was moaning in agony, and Daniel said, “Nice meeting you, and nice seeing wewe again Skipper, though not at the best time. I hope to see wewe again in the near future. Bye.” Daniel waddled away back towards the colony.

Rico hacked up bandages, and he applied them to Skipper’s torso to keep his ribs immobile. Kowalski alisema quietly, “We have to get back to New York. Skipper needs zaidi intensive care than a bandage.”
Silence 06.15.15

Note: This installment contains hurt/comfort Skilene. Ironically, since the first Skilene installment, every fourth one has contained it. That was not intentional.

— § —

“No . . . No, stop . . .”


“Stop! Let me go!”


“You’re hurting me!”



Marlene sprung awake in her kitanda in a cold sweat. Skipper was above her, gripping her arms.

“Marlene, it’s all right,” he alisema comfortingly. “It was just a nightmare.”

Marlene looked at Skipper as if ensuring she was actually awake. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck,...
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P: Oh look! A button! / S: Huh? Private, don't—! / P:*pushes button* / *penguins fall down* / S: Now, what have I told wewe about— / P: *pushes another button* Sorry, what? / S: Seriously? (XDD)
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Natilie Grant's a christian artist so obviosly this is a christian song. No like it, no comment.
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This video is made kwa this person who makes lyrics to different songs. I thought this one was funny 'cause it was 7 sekunde long with Rico saying "Fish" 3 times. You'll probably see my stupid maoni on my video.
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I found a bila mpangilio video of someone building a statue of Rico (2nd half of the video). Yay for Rico in a video game!
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Man, Private can kick butt. XD Also, THIS IS NOT MINE. I found it on Youtube. XD
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I upendo OWL CITY AND POM! So...yeah. X3 Poorly done-ish, but I still like it.
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