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Everyone was excited that they were doing something entertaining, skipper wouldn't stop talking about going to see the movie if he won, and Kat and Michelle wouldn't talk to each other, for they had a rival match going on.

Mitchell's: u might as well give up, because I'm gonna win and take Rico!

Kat: not if I win first!

Michelle and Kat continued to fight, then Phil walked in, and everyone went quiet.

Phil: alright! For the first round, we will do a upendo story play about a soldier who's going to the war, and his girlfriend doesn't want him to go.... I will pick the people to do this.

They all stood in silence, who would be in this play?

Phil: alright.....for the soldier....I want Rico to play him.

Rico: !! But...I can't front of--

Phil continued on with the cast list, ignoring Rico.

Phil: the narrator will be rainshadow.

Rain shadow:yay!!!

Phil:'ll play the instrument to have muziki in here.

Ivy: ok...I can play, lets do this!

Phil: skipper, you'll play the father of the soldier.

Skipper: oh grand.....

Phil: and'll play the girlfriend of the soldier.

Michelle quickly looked at Rico and blushed....

Phil: everyone else.... wewe will be watching this play, and just enjoy it.

Phil: alright, I'll give wewe your parts, and well do the real thing tomorrow. Good luck.

Phi lthen left the room, and everyone went to talking again.

Rainshadow: yay!!! I'm So excited!!! I'm going to practice right now! Kat! Come help me!

Rain shadow then grabbed Kat and ran out the room.

Ivy: well I better go pratice the piano...Kowalski, want to come watch?

Kowalski: sure...why not.

Ivy and Kowalski then left the room.

Skipper: ugh....private, help me with my part.

Private: sure thing skipper.

And then they left the room.

Marlene: hujambo julien, get Maurice and mort and lets go watch skipper....lets see how embarrassed he gets.

Julien: yes! And when he messes up, well laugh at him ha!

And then they followed behind skipper and private, leaving Michelle and Rico all alone.

Rico: u want to pratice?

Michelle looked at him, and alisema quietly yes, and begun thier parts, hoping that the play would go well, and Michelle would have her one dream not come a reality...a kissing scene.
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Operation: Good Deed - After seeing a kid perform a good deed (and preaching about it to an annoyed Alice), the Penguins are inspired to do good deeds themselves with the other zoo animals. In order to do that good deed, they must take part in a series of trades with the zoo animals, thanks to King Julien. Even if they are successful, does that mean that they are done performing good deeds for the day?

When the Chips Are Down - Mort wants his Cheesy-Bits! Even if it means trapping Private in the vending machine with him. After an almost-thorough tafuta of the zoo turns up nothing, King Julien...
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Arrogance in step, Kowalski enters the zoo after leaving Ester at the park. His "bad boy levels" are increasing, and thoughts of destruction and mad stunts entertain Kowalski's mind.

Kowalski's Thoughts: Maybe I should go "redecorate" the lemur habitat, onyesha 'em whose king in this zoo.

At The HQ:
Skipper: PRIVATE!!!! Hurry up!!!
Private: I can't find anything, Skippa!!!

Private scatters Kowalski's equipment everywhere, trying to find something labeled with a drawing of the antidote.

Private's Thoughts: What if I can't find anything to fix Kowalski? Oh dear!

Private trips on something lying on the...
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The battle was fierce and bloody. The muhuri had Private pinned against a ukuta of ice. He gave Skipper a look, a certain look that was full of all sorts of indescribable emotions. Skipper looked back at him, as the muhuri opened its deadly jaws and went in for the kill.


Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private trudged through the snow. The ride to Antarctica went very badly. A snowstorm knocked the penguins off course and caused them to crash their planes. None were badly injured, thankfully, just some scrapes and bruises.

Skipper stopped, looked around, and put on a happy face. He exclaimed, “I...
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OK, so I'm really bored, so I decided to just do something random. So I started rhyming. My poem is probably lame, I know. Whattaya gonna do? Well, here goes...

PoM is so rockin' & cool
It makes me laugh so hard I look like a fool
I think about it all the time
To not like the onyesha would be a crime

I think about it while I'm sleeping
I think about it while I'm awake
When a new onyesha doesn't come on I start weeping
How long do I have to wait?

Skipper, the leader, is really hard core
But he still has a soft spot
To him there's so much more
When he's in cognito he's never caught

Kowalski is the genius of...
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"Private....5 years zamani I worked with Yellymertington in secret as an assasain, I killed what my team told me to, I was good, really good, I had killed 294 people, I was tied with her: Yellymertington, she was always better, she killed one after I got to her level, we both were comtetitive, really competitive, in fact, if it wasnt that finally I was above her I wouldt had noticed..." Arlene stopped

"noticed what?" Private continued, deceptioned

"....That.....that....that I killed even a kid! all for fun! there was no reson for that,"

"Arlene, this doesnt answer my question! DID wewe HELP au NOT...
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Skipper wakes up later that night in a cold sweat. " That dream proved what I must do! Up and adam boys! Kowalski moto up the plane! Were goi'n to Antarctica! NOW!!!! Kowalski is the first to get out of bed. He really wanted to see Lilly, even though she was only gone for six hours. He got the keys to the plane and they were off!
Lilly was lying in bed, thinking. Just then she heard a loud ' BUZZ!!' She searched her room an found the wrist communicator Kowalski made for her lying on the chest at the end of her bed. She was so upset, she forgot she even...
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Private's private Google adventure, exposed.
Penguins of Madagascar
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A clip from the episode Brain Drain