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They all were eating Chinese food, except Sheldon who, for some reason was in his room. Suddendly, he came into the living room and said:

"Greetings my buddies"

"Greetings, Sheldon" alisema all they, a little confused.

"I must inform wewe that the Phisics Award is tomorrow and I invite all of you. It´s a gale so wewe all have to go dressed up. Goodbay"

He turn around and left to his room againg.


At the inayofuata night, they were all dinnering in the Award location in LA. They were having a good time. The awards winners were all so exited, but Penny...
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That afternoon, when Penny was going out of work, Sheldon went to the Chessecake factory to speak with her.

"Penny I need to talkk with you"

"I know. About last nigth..."

"That should not ever happen again"

"Yes, we were really frunk and I don´t remember a lot of what happened"

"Me neither. Please, Penny you´ll have to forgive me"


"I think it was my fault. I remember have taken wewe to my bedroom and then... wewe know. Sorry"

"It´s okay. We´re ok. We just have to make sure of never do it again"

"Ok" Sheldon was going out and then he said:

"Oh, Penny..."


"Stop calling me Moonpie"

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Penny and Sheldon went to a clothes store and she rapidily stared to pick some suits for Sheldon.

"Ok, honey, try these on"

"Penny, why are wewe choosing my clothes? Why can´t I do it?"

"Because you´re wearing a Green Lather T-shir"

"What´s wrong with that? My mother alisema I look handsome in it"

"Sure!" alisema she with sarcasm, something that Sheldon didn´t understood "Just tried these ones on and we´ll see"


The first suit had a lot of little squares in differents colors, it fixed horrible in Sheldon. The sekunde one was entirely white, so it just was ugly. But the third one, was black. It look...
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Sheldon was in his kitanda and Penny came in.

"Sheldon, honey. wewe don´t have to be worrried about that award." she said, trying to be conforting.

"Penny, people don´t go into my room"

"But you´re worried. Do wewe really wanna to be alone?"

"No matteer why I say, wewe still being here, rigth?"

"Yes, sweety."

"Then I don´t wanna be alone"

"Look. wewe are worried about loosing. But what If wewe win?"

"I´ll be happy. But if I lose, Kripke and Leslie will make fun of me"

"You don´t have to pay attention to them. I´ll be there for you"

"Thanks wewe Penny"

"You´re welcome"

They stayed looking at each other for...
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