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posted by P1kachu_Squad
By the way, PMD means Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, so don't mistake it for something else... plus this is my first story, so please don't judge.

Author's note: BEWARE: if wewe do not like to read long stories, this is just a very long introduction, really. This is just letting wewe know everyone and everything yada yada yada, so if wewe don't like to read long intros, then just skip to part 2.

The sun fell over the sea lines slowly, and Eevee watched it closely. Birds flew in the distance, and Eevee smiled.
For a moment, she pictured herself flying like the birds across the sea. She pictured herself free, not in a cage, without a real home. Always on the move...
Then she was back on the cliff edge, stuck in a forsaken place.
Why the forests were so dangerous, her brother, Umbreon, had said, was because they held Pokemon that weren't like us. They hold Pokemon that are far zaidi stronger and angrier than us, and far zaidi careless.
Eevee still didn't understand to this day. Why were the Pokemon careless, and angry? She sighed.
A silent tail closed around her. "What's wrong?" Pikachu asked softly.
Eevee smiled at him. He never saw things as bad. He always alisema they could be overcame, but with time. Eevee didn't know whether to believe her own brother au her close friend Pikachu.
"Something's troubling you," Pikachu stated. "Am I right?"
"No," Eevee lied.
"If everything's alright, why aren't wewe home?"
"Don't wewe remember what tomorrow is?" Pikachu asked calmly.
Eevee's ears perked up. "No, I don't," Eevee mumbled. At least they had gotten passed the subject before.
"Tomorrow wewe official jiunge the team!" Pikachu laughed. "How do wewe forget that?"
Eevee blinked. "What?"
"Oh lord wewe know nothing," Pikachu continued laughing. "Do wewe not remember when your brother explained it to you?"
Eevee tried to remember Umbreon explaining something to her the siku before, au even before that. "No, I don't," Eevee answered.
"About three days zamani Umbreon alisema wewe were going to be on the team shortly," Pikachu said. "I don't know how wewe forgot though..." Pikachu sat down inayofuata to Eevee on the cliff edge. "Umbreon is going to get worried about us, being out here late and all."
Eevee smiled at him. "Well we'll tell him we were doing something important while we were out here alone."
Pikachu jerked back suddenly, the spot above his cheeks turning bright red. "Uh..."
Eevee giggled. She put her hand on Pikachu's hand.
The cheeks turned a darker shade. Pikachu tried to knock it off kwa laughing slightly.
The inayofuata thing Eevee knew was that Pikachu was standing up, holding his arm in an awkward position. "Umbreon just told me to come and get you..." Pikachu said. "Maybe we should head home..."
Eevee got up from the cliff edge. "Let's."
Pikachu and Eevee walked past all the empty and closed stores slowly. Eevee attempted to stay inayofuata to Pikachu most of the time, but Pikachu would back away.
The two were deep in love, of course, but neither of them wanted to admit it. Eevee loved Pikachu zaidi than anything else, and Pikachu was just trying to keep his own space. Eevee wondered which one she should give him. Both were no longer children, and they could now do pretty much whatever they liked. But there was always a barricade for everything, and this time the barricade was Umbreon.
Umbreon never liked Pikachu and Eevee alone, but he always tried to keep that to himself. He didn't like the idea of Pikachu and Eevee together, especially since they had been living together for four consecutive years. It made him want to rip them both apart.
When Umbreon had found Pikachu, it took Eevee three days to persuade Umbreon to keep Pikachu. He was like a sekunde brother to Eevee, but she liked him.
When they reached the house, the sun was low under the mti tops. The deadly yellowish glow came from their house, and Pikachu grimaced. "Oh boy..."
"Eevee!" Umbreon suddenly barked from the house. "Where have wewe been?!"
Pikachu hugged Eevee's head against him. "She was just with me. She's alright."
"Pikachu," Umbreon breathed, looking down with his eyes shut, "you know what I've been worrying about in the last four hours. Eevee should have been home."
"She was just looking at the job board kwa the mail center," Pikachu lied. "She really wants to jiunge the team and start some rescues."
Eevee tensed up. "Pikachu," she warned.
"Quiet," Pikachu whispered. "I'm trying to save wewe from getting in trouble."
"Do wewe mind if wewe talk with me Pikachu?" Umbreon asked quietly. "Eevee, off to kitanda with you."
"But Umbreon, it's only seven thirty-"
"I alisema off to bed," Umbreon urged. "Pikachu and I have to talk."
Eevee grunted. "Yes brother," she answered. She walked past Umbreon and into the house, leaving Pikachu and Umbreon outside. When Eevee shut the door close with her leg, Umbreon's glowing circles shun through the wood door, brighter than before. She waited at the door for fifteen seconds, until the glowing had died down.
"Pikachu, I'm doing my best to tolerate the fact that when wewe take my sister out..."
"Sir, I didn't take her out. I found her kwa the mail center-"
"Pikachu, I don't want wewe lying to me. Please tell me the truth."
"I'm serious sir," Pikachu continued. His voice was still calm, but Umbreon's voice was rising. "I couldn't find her until I found her on the cliff edge."
Eevee heard Umbreon sigh. "Pikachu, I'm trying my best to hold my temper! I don't want wewe with Eevee!"
Eevee blinked behind the door. Umbreon had never yelled like that before.
"I don't think she's old enough for this kind of stuff! I think wewe should wait until she is older!"
"Umbreon, I'm sorry. I think she should have any kind of changes that anyone else would have."
Eevee grunted. Umbreon didn't answer, which would mean he was coming inside. She rushed from the door, running up the stairs. She flung herself on the bed, turning her back from her open door. Umbreon was getting closer and closer to getting rid of Pikachu. Eevee shut her eyes hard. It started to rain outside.
Besides, she needed sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a big day. Especially to Pikachu.
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