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 Rosalina aka Rocky
Rosalina aka Rocky
Author's Note: I just started this on the Pokemon spot. I'm actually uandishi this in a notebook.

Rosalina Bolder had just gotten up from her nap. She was about to have breakfast with her mom, Stella.

Stella: Morning, Rocky.

"Rocky" is Rosalina's nickname.

Rocky: Good morning mom. Where's Purrloin?

Stella: Oh, she's taking a nap near the laundry room.

Rosalina loved Rock Pokemon. Around the neighborhood in Nuvema Town, Unova, she was known as the tomboy.

While Rocky was eating her tasty cereal, Stella was packing Rocky's things in her brown bag.

Stella: *puts the bag on the table* There! All done!

Rocky finishes her cereal and when she does, she puts her shoes and hat on.

Rocky: Well, I'll be on my way to Professor Juniper's lab.

Stella: I'll miss you, Rocky. wewe know, I'll only have Purrloin with me.

Stella puts her short brown hair in a bun.

Rocky runs out the door to begin her adventure.
She already had some pokemon. Rocky throws 5 pokeballs out.

Dwebble, Roggenrola, Geodude, Relicanth and Aerodactyl come out of the pokeballs.

Rocky: Okay guys, were gonna go to Professor Juniper's lab and get a new friend for you!

Once Rocky arrives at the lab, she sees the professor talking to a guy with glasses.

Juniper: Alright! Enjoy your journey, Clark!

Clark: Thank you.

The professor walks towards Rocky.

Juniper: Hello! wewe must be a new trainer! Come, come we have to find wewe a starter pokemon!

They walk toward a meza, jedwali with 3 pokeballs on it.

Juniper: wewe can choose any of these 3 pokemon. First, a Water type! Oshawott!

Oshawott comes out of it's pokeball.

Oshawott: Osha! Wott!

Rocky: Hmmmmm... It's cute. But, what else?

Juniper: Next, Snivy, a nyasi type!

She throws the ball in the air.

Snivy comes out, confidently.

Snivy: Ssssss,snivy!

Rocky: Hmmmmm... Nice pokemon. It has great self-esteem.

Juniper: And lastly, a moto type. Tepig!!

Tepig: Te-pig!!

Tepig snorks loudly.

Juniper: So which will wewe choose?
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" Pika come here we have to get ready" I called

"" Pika! There wewe are I was worried sick!" I'm Ashly and Pika is

my Pokemon Pikachu she's a handful that's for sure I was

walking to Professor. Juniper when I saw the famous Professor.

Oak with a boy about my age 13 ish I've already got all the

badges in the Unova Region so a decided to go in " Hi

Professer. Juniper" I smiled.

" Hello Ashly you've heard of Professor. Oak right ?" she asked.

" Of course It's nice to meet wewe Professor. Oak" we shook

hands " This is Ash and Pikachu" Professor Juniper announce

and glanced at the boy. " I'm Ash" he...
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I arrive at a large Pokemon Contest Building with dozens of people surrounding it. "Looks like everyone's pretty excited about today's contest." I say to Snivy. "Vy! Vy!" Walking into the huge building, there are people left and right as far as the eye can see. "This is making me a little nervous." I can feel Snivy's small head nod behind my neck.

We get to a door that says: Dressing Room For Girls ONLY. Last time I checked, I'm a girl. "Let's go in!" I exclaim. "Snivy!" Opening the door with my arm, I see two girls putting their finishing touches on their hair. "Hmph." One with orange-red...
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"Okay, I choose you, Musharna!" Rosalie had sent out her newly evolved Musharna. Volkner chuckles. "Ah, a psychic type! Let me see your moves.." Rosalie smirks and commands kwa "Musharna, use psyshock!" A purple and pink fume covers Luxray and then automatically paralyzes him. "Lux!" He falls tot the ground but quickly gets up. "Luxray, quick attack!" Luxray swiftly hits Musharna kwa surprise. "Muu!" It flinches critically.

"Musharna!" Rosalie cries. Volkner says, "Things sure are getting interesting." Musharna weakly gets up and waits for its inayofuata order. "Okay, use hypnosis!" Musharna nods and...
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