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*Once upon a time theres a girl from Ripley, Ohio, one of the smallest towns in the USA. Im also discovered kwa Timbland the famous producer au whateva but i moved to california and found out that i have to go to buckeley school, man i do not know what im getting myself into hehe but i will soon find out:)


Mom-ok serena its your first siku of school get up!!!!
Serena- i'm sick(in a fake sick voice)
Mom-ok we are not going through this agian now come on and heres your uniform
Serena- ew red?
Mom-just get up huh(jesse off of full house voice)
-on my way to school-
serena- this school sounds...
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After dinner, me and Sammy went to her room. I'm helping her fix her room. Tommorow she is helping me. We were silent for a while.

"Do wewe think me and Jaafar would make a cute couple?" Sammy asked, braking the silence.

"Ofcourse! I saw him staring at you." I answered. I do hope they get together. She nodded and put the last poster up. No we have to fix up the closet. I, luckily, get to decorate. We may be freinds but i dont like touching other peoples underwear. Clean au dirty, i hate it!

Paris came in.

"Was up wit you?" She asked.

"Notin' much, you?" I answered.

"I'm bored so i came down...
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Can't erase the past
Can't change me
and I won't let change anything in me
I am what I am and I'm me
I'm only the things I see in myself not the things that see au want see in me
I have every good reason to be me
I'm just the smartest thing that was ever my fourtane to know
I think I'm sweet and perfect in all the ways can think of and if I'm not for thats ok too but I so to be for you
But if being for wewe means that I can't me I don't want be for wewe let me be ME. I just want to be me.

Just a poem
Dear Prince and Paris,

Prince, wow. That speech about your father was amazing. He was the true king of pop. His legacy will forever go on kwa his music, his loving spirit, and most, Paris, and Blanket....
I am so proud that wewe have brought yourself to talk of your father without breaking down. I know how wewe felt that night, your sadness.
Again, I am so very proud.

We loved your daddy too, Paris. The true mashabiki never thought of him as wacko jacko, au the freak. We loved his kind, childish spirit, that was damaged from people he tried to upendo and help. I upendo your spirit about your father how wewe can take the memories and think of them with pure father/daughter love...

Never forget the siku your father passed on, don't be sad, be happy that he still watches your from heaven.

upendo and Hugs,
posted by PMJLOVER101
hujambo everyone,

I'm planning to start a fanfic but i need your opinions. Here are my ideas and summary.

15 mwaka old Maddie and 16 mwaka old Prince have done something they shouldn't have. After Prince ends his realtionship with Maddie, she has to go through her unplanned pregnancy alone.

"Cause when you're fifteen,and someone tells wewe they upendo you, you're gonna believe them..."
wewe will Taylor Swift, until they hurt you.

-Maddie is pregnant
-Prince may seem like a jerk in this story
-Prince cheats on Maddie
-Prince's new GF is Natalie Adaams
-Maddie is starting a muziki career when she gets pregnant

THis story will be ilitumwa on
It will be called Don't Let Me Go.

Does this story sound good? I really need to know.

GUYS!!!! I need a stage name for Maddie!
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