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Ok so remeber how i alisema the inayofuata one was comin soon
hope this is soon enough

So Princeton returned and Jessie Was to scared to go back

So The inayofuata Morning....


Mom:JESS *knocks on the door*
Me:*still half asleep*uhhh
Mom:ur phone rang and a boy told me to tell wewe called
Me:*fully awake*whats his name
Mom:i think it was Jacob
Me:*thinks* Jacob??? oh him
Mom:would wewe like to explain
Me:mom im 16 cant i have friends
Mom:is he zaidi than a friend
Dad:*opens the door* who is he
Me:uhh hes a boy and a friend aand if u put that together wewe get
Dad:look i forbid wewe from this guy friend
Me: dad u dont even...
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Mya p.o.v
We were makin out passionatly until I heard sounds ….
Pr: man not again ray ray and nasha all over again
Mya: babe don’t worry about them ..
Pr: I’m tryna have moment and they ruining it ..imma go and eff them up I’m tryin to makeout!!
Mya: prince u hang out with me too much u turnin into me…
Pr: baby I knw wat u sayin is important but let me see watt happenin
Mya: obviously people havin boogie it involes two ppl men and women-
Pr: ok Stop I know I’ll be back …
( while he left I went on twitter on meh iPhone and I got a Dm from a mb shabiki tellin me to watch a video)
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